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I’m writing three different series–the Myrtle Clover mysteries, the Memphis Barbeque mysteries (as Riley Adams), and the Southern Quilting mysteries.


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What I’m working on now:

Currently, I’m writing  a Myrtle Clover story–A Body at Bunco, with an anticipated release date of spring 2015.

Available in audiobook: Body in the Backyard and Progressive Dinner Deadly , A Dyeing Shame Death at a Drop-In , and A Body at Book Club are all available as audiobooks.

Recently released:

September 9, 2014:  Myrtle Clover #7: Death Pays a Visit. DeathPaysaVisit_ebook_Final (1)

When psychic (and hubcap retailer) Wanda Alewine pays a late-night visit to Myrtle Clover, she urges the octogenarian sleuth to head straight to Greener Pastures Retirement Home. But Wanda doesn’t want Myrtle to consider the home’s dubious amenities–she wants Myrtle to prevent a murder seen in a vision.

Reluctant Myrtle investigates with sidekick Miles, who seems a lot more interested in Greener Pastures than she is. As the duo digs, they uncover more than just Sudoku and Scrabble—they discover a sinister undercurrent… with murder as its outcome.

Read Chapter 1 for free by clicking here. 

Shear Trouble  (Southern Quilting mystery #4–released August 5, 2014):

As the leaves begin to fall in idyllic Dappled Hills, someone puts too fine a point on a local

ladies’ man. Fortunately, the detective skills of quilter Beatrice Coleman are a cut above the rest….Click cover to pre-order.

The Village Quilters of Dappled Hills, North Carolina, are desperate to finish their quilts before an upcoming show. To help, fellow member Posy has opened the back room of her shop, the Patchwork Cottage, for everyone to use. But the ladies are less than thrilled when Phyllis Stitt and Martha Helmsley—members of their rival quilting guild, the Cut-Ups—ask to join them.

Phyllis is hoping to leave the Cut-Ups and join up with the Village Quilters now that Martha’s dating her ex-fiancé, Jason Gore. She’s not pleased when he visits the shop and even more upset when her new shears disappear. After offering to search for them, Beatrice discovers Jason with the shears buried in his unfaithful heart. Now she must sharpen her sleuthing skills to find a killer before someone else’s life is cut short.…

A Body at Book Club (released March 31, 2014): A Myrtle Clover mystery.ABodyatBookClub_ebook_Final

When octogenarian sleuth Myrtle Clover discovers Naomi Pelter’s dead body during a book club meeting, the other members seem shocked.  But Myrtle can read between the lines. Naomi had riled everyone up by flirting with other people’s husbands, arguing with neighbors, and generally making a nuisance of herself. Murdering troublemakers is the oldest trick in the book.

The book club members seem too sweet to be killers, but Myrtle knows better than to judge books by their covers. Myrtle’s investigation into the murder will take a more novel approach than her police chief son’s by-the-book methods. Can Myrtle and her widower sidekick uncover the killer…before he writes them off for good?

Read Chapter 1 for free by clicking here. 

Third Southern Quilting Mystery is Quilt Trip, which released December 3, 2013.

Quilt TripAs a quilter, retired folk art curator Beatrice Coleman likes to have all the
seams stitched together—but her plans keep getting tangled up in unexpected

Beatrice has never crashed a party but now her fellow quilt
guild member, Meadow Downey, is driving them to a Victorian mansion in the mountains beyond Dappled Hills, North Carolina. Muriel Starnes, an elderly
eccentric, has organized a meeting of quilters to pick someone to administer a quilting scholarship. The fact that the Village Quilters weren’t invited isn’t enough to keep Meadow from speaking her piece.

But once the quilters arrive at the mansion, it seems they may never leave. An ice storm sends an old tree crashing across the driveway, leaving them stranded for the night. And by the next morning, they are one fewer—for Muriel has been sent to meet her maker.
With everyone in the house a suspect, it’s up to Beatrice and the Village Quilters to figure out who has a guilty conscience before someone else gets tied
up in knots.

Coming Spring 2015: A Body at Bunco, Myrtle Clover #8ABodyatBunco_ebook_final

Octogenarian sleuth Myrtle Clover has never heard of the dice game Bunco.  Regardless, she steps in as her daughter-in-law’s sub and reluctantly puts her game face on.

Bunco turns out to be child’s play.  But when a body is discovered, Myrtle realizes another game is afoot.  Before long, she’s playing cat and mouse with the killer.

Can she track down the murderer before the game is up?  Or, with the killer playing hard to get, will it end up being “no dice?”

The fifth Southern Quilting mystery (June 2015): Tying the Knot:TyingTheKnot_FC

Wedding bells are ringing in Dappled Hills, North Carolina.  But when the festivities take an unexpected turn, quilter Beatrice Coleman must get crafty and catch a killer wedding-crasher…

Everyone loves a wedding, and with the sister of Beatrice’s beau, Wyatt, about to say “I do,” Beatrice and the Village Quilters are pitching in to help with the nuptial plans.  They’re hard at work making everything from wool boutonnieres to a quilt-shaped wedding cake. And all the talk of love and marriage has Beatrice thinking seriously about her own budding romance with Wyatt.

But after she stumbles across the body of the best man on the church steps, Beatrice needs to stop threading her needle and start collecting clues.  She, along with the Village Quilters, will need to turn all their attention to solving a murder before another victim gets cut out…