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I’m the author of three different series–the Myrtle Clover mysteries, the Memphis Barbeque mysteries (as Riley Adams), and the Southern Quilting mysteries.

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Latest release for Myrtle Clover Mysteries: A Body in the Trunk

(Myrtle Clover mystery #12)

Sometimes taking a spin makes you crash and burn.

When a neighbor disappears, Myrtle and Miles shift gears and hit the road to search for him. They discover their neighbor slightly off the beaten track—murdered with a tire iron. Myrtle has no intention of letting the killer give them the slip. She and Miles buckle up for a race against time to find the murderer…before someone else hits a dead end.

Latest release for Southern Quilting Mysteries!  September 13, 2017

A Southern Quilting mystery called Pressed for Time.  Purchase here.  

As Beatrice’s wedding day approaches, murder finds a way to make her pressed for time. 

Beatrice and Wyatt’s days are spent planning their cozy, chapel wedding. Both widowed, they mean to keep their wedding an intimate, family affair.

But everyone in Dappled Hills still wants to celebrate the happy couple. Beatrice and Wyatt find themselves at dinners, picnics, and barbeques in their honor.

When one of the festivities goes deadly wrong, Beatrice must try to unveil the killer before making her vows.

What I’m working on now (Jan-Mar. 2018)

Rest in Pieces (Southern Quilting Mystery #9):

When Beatrice takes on a new case, she must solve it before anyone else rests in pieces.

Beatrice and her new husband, Wyatt, have started their life together.  Their first big event as man and wife is another wedding: that of Beatrice’s daughter. It’s a happy occasion and a beautiful ceremony—aside from the appearance of the odd and uninvited Ophelia. Ophelia argues with another guest, who is later discovered dead.

Beatrice must piece together the truth before the killer strikes again.


Coming in late 2018

Cleaning is Murder : A Myrtle Clover Mystery

Cleaning is Murder features a black cat on a kitchen chair in a blood-stained kitchen.

It’s easy for fellow citizens to get on your nerves in sleepy Southern towns like Bradley, North Carolina.  Particularly when one of the citizens is something of a cheapskate. Amos Subers isn’t one to tip waiters, pay back a loan, or behave generously with family.  When it’s discovered that penny-pinching Amos was actually quite wealthy, it hardly engenders goodwill in the small town … in fact, he’s heartily disliked. Octogenarian sleuth Myrtle Clover’s housekeeper is certainly no fan of his: Amos owes Puddin money for cleaning his house.

It’s not too surprising when Amos is later found, murdered, in his kitchen. Myrtle and her senior sidekick Miles resolve to track down the killer when Puddin becomes a prime suspect…and before the murderer strikes again.

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