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by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraigBlog

Twitterific links are fed into the Writer’s Knowledge Base search engine (developed by writer and software engineer Mike Fleming) which has over 23,000 free articles on writing related topics. It’s the search engine for writers.

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Sound in Novels: @livewritethrive

Writing combat in fantasy–10 tips: @fantasy_faction

5 tips on writing outside your genre: @LeagueWriters

The Myth of Daily Word Count: @cerebralgrump

Emotional Barriers in Fiction: Intro to Emotional Channels : @NakedEditor

Write the story you want to read: @BonnieGrove

How to keep rejection letters in perspective: @KarenCV

11 Ways to Doom Your Freelance Writing Career:

Why Every Writer Should Join a Writing Group: @writersedit

Myth–to sell, you must write what’s hot: @deanwesleysmith

4 Key Book Publishing Paths: @janefriedman

2014 Writing Progress Spreadsheet: @jamieraintree

Inside stories of memorable children’s books: @PublishersWkly

“Every scene should advance the story”: @gointothestory

Twisting your plot:

Tips For Marketing Your Novel On Amazon: @chgriffinauthor

Two books that help with the drafting and revision processes: @jamigold @beccapuglisi

Dear Video Game Developers, Hire Real Writers: @DragonsRDelish

5 Things to Know: @sfwa

The Wide Margin: Tell the Cat to Beat It: @scriptmag @KDelin

Formatting chapter titles and numbers:

On Writing Characters Who are Nothing Like You: @ava_jae

12 Secrets to Selling More Books at Events: @wherewriterswin

3 skills to make it in publishing: @forbes

“Minimum words, maximum impact”: @gointothestory

Cataloguing Your Influences: @chris_shultz81

Growing a thick skin: @womenwriters @katelaity

How writing affects our brain: @Sibbyy

Writing books that sell themselves:

The Editing Hit List: @JoshuaEssoe

14 Simple Steps To Ensure Success With Your Writing for the Next 12 Months: @nickdaws

3 Ways Commuting Can Enhance your Creativity: @nicolegulotta

“Test your story concept”: @gointothestory

Which profession drinks the most coffee? @ruethedayblog

Script To Screen: “Adaptation”: @gointothestory

The Everyday Author’s Guide to Establishing a Book Marketing Plan: @TMRadcliffe

This is How Huge Door-stopper Fantasy Novels Get Made: @tordotcom

14 things a screenwriter learned pitching in Hollywood: @TIMJOHN1

Think Bigger About Your Nonfiction Book or Writing Business: @schwerdtfeger

Elmore Leonard on the Mortal Sin of Dialogue Tags:

Write Outside The Lines of Your Book: @JosinMcQuein

Are self-published Authors guilty of sabotaging their trade? @twelvedaysjade

Not all small presses are equal: @author_sullivan

Omnipotence is Impotence: Or Why Control Freaks Make Poor Fantasy Writers:

10 things that fuel 1 writer’s obsession with a story: @mythicscribes

Too much vertical space in your manuscript?

Is Gaming Bad for Fiction Writers? @daycathy

Author website tip: keep your homepage simple: @bookgal

The bookselling brain: @thefuturebook

How Catching Fire Fixed All the Worst Mistakes The Hunger Games Made: @io9

Tax tips for freelancers: is it a business or a hobby? @lizstrauss

Have You Thanked Your Readers Lately? @loriculwell

Death and the Self-Pubbed Writer: @JAKonrath

Script Symbology: Symbol Systems: @scriptmag

The Difference Between Presume and Assume: @epbure

Fan Fiction: The Next Great Literature? @pacificstand

Time Block Projects to Stay Focused and Motivated: @RealLifeE  @CreativityPost

5 tips for writers from author Paul Harding: @PublishersWkly

1st draft blues:

How to Practice Writing Every Day: @WritingForward

8 ways to rev those writing engines: @JordanMcCollum

10 Key Terms That Will Help You Appreciate Fantasy Literature: @io9

“Each scene must be a drama in itself”: @gointothestory

The helpful reader–discoverability: @kristinerusch

How The Maltese Falcon inspired film noir: @Willjhodgkinson

Don’t Fall For Vanity Radio: @victoriastrauss

“25 Reasons I’m Not a Writer”: @jdiddyesquire

11 Ways to Level Up Your Writing: @DelilahSDawson

Outlining A Story: When Advice Differs: @randysusanmeyer

Writing in the internet era: @therejectionist @nathanbransford

Meet my metaphor: @pageturner

Should Readers Be Able to Modify Book Content? @BooksAndPals

Keep a Personal Account of Your Progress:

The Tricky Art of Pacing: @beccapuglisi

26 of Noah Webster’s Spelling Changes That Didn’t Catch On: @mental_floss @ArikaOkrent

Worldbuilding: Rituals for the Dead: @marshallmaresca

Your Novel’s Timeline: @lindasclare

5 Budgeting Tips for Freelancers Living on an Inconsistent Income: @UrbanMuseWriter

Your Individuality is Your Greatest Asset: Writing and Marketing as You: @cateartios

Helpful Definitions for Modern Authors: @nytimes

63 Character Emotions to Explore: @fictionnotes

A 4-step process for goal-setting for writers: @nickdaws

14 Publishing Predictions for 2014: @authormedia

2013 TED Presentations from Writers: @galleycat

How to Keep Your Writing Going for All of 2014: @deanwesleysmith

29 Plot Templates: @fictionnotes

Is Your New Year’s Resolution Killing Your Writing? @jacobkrueger

Writing resolutions–2014 and beyond: {lang} @chuckwendig

3 tips to meet our goals in 2014:

The search engine for writers: @hiveword

2014 resolutions–restoring emphasis on content instead of word count: @Porter_Anderson @DonMaass @chuckwendig

Tips for young writers: @aidylEwoh

804 SF themes, motifs, and terminology: @SFEncyclopedia @john_clute

The psychological progression of story: @camillelaguire

Examples of standalone mysteries in crime fiction: @mkinberg

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