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by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

BlogTwitterific links are fed into the Writer’s Knowledge Base search engine(developed by writer and software engineer Mike Fleming) which has over 23,000 free articles on writing related topics. It’s the search engine for writers.

Freelancing–the Right Way to Write for a Living: @_RobbieBlair_

How To Bulk Up Your TBR List:  @stephauteri @ploughshares

Blood-Red Pencil: I Want to Write a Book…Someday

Choosing stronger nouns: @AJordon

Achieving Your Writing Resolutions: @krisneri @RMFWriters

10 Simple Productivity Tricks To Manage Overloaded Information @angee

Know Your Goals: Artist-Author or Professional-Author? @jamigold

Guest Blogging Is Dead—Long Live Guest Blogging: – Heidi Cohen @HeidiCohen

Tips for choosing a writing teacher or mentor: @caroldespeaux

Why 1 writer chose to write anonymously: @NikkiGemmell

Persuasive Writing – Emotional vs Intellectual Words: @amandaonwriting

11 Steps for Successful Query Submission to Publications: @ninaamir

What Are Those ‘Long Hyphens’ All About? @CSLakin

Think Like a Publisher 2014: Production and Scheduling | @deanwesleysmith

Why We Write @TrueFactBarFact @writerunboxed

Story patterns/structure of different crime fiction subgenres: @mkinberg

Authors: New Blog Topic Generator: @wherewriterswin

Stay Safe Online While You Build Your Platform: @EdieMelson

Hugh Howey and the Indie Author Revolt @markcoker

Why self-published authors should know and understand grammar: @CSLakin

11 Types of Magazine Articles to Write :

Publicizing a book? What to Expect… and When: @pubsmartcon

Creative Entrepreneur: Cultivating Raving Fans And Lessons From The Music Industry: @thecreativepenn

Getting Serious With Serialization: @BookWorksNYC @roncallari

The Cheater’s Way to a Viral Video: @amandaluedeke

Archetypes vs Stereotypes: @fantasyfaction

5 Voice Tools That Will Help You Write Better — Without a Keyboard: @thewritelife

‘My Writing Stinks!  (Or does it?)’ @kristaphillips

Writing video games: can narrative be as important as gameplay? @gshowitt

5 Ways to Make an Author Love You @YAMisfits

7 Quick Ways To Write Sentences That Sizzle: @jodierennered

10 Tips for Debut Authors: @hannahbeckerman

New Publishing Clashes with Old: @passivevoiceblg @JanetKGrant

Using Motivation To Shape Your Plot: @BookLaurie

Vook Acquires BookIR, Means Realistic Book Sales Data: @vooktv @Goodereader

6 Screenwriting Pitching Lessons from the Sharks: @scriptmag @jeannevb

Self-Publishers: Hold Yourselves to a Higher Standard: @gjjmcmahon

Book Reviews that Help: @EdieMelson

On Author Earnings and Author Yearnings: @jamesscottbell

Great literary husbands: The men who supported genius: @magiciansbook

The Introvert’s Guide to Book Marketing: @timgrahl

Vladimir Nabokov:  Writing, Reading, and 3 Qualities a Great Storyteller Must Have: @brainpicker

Creating an Indie Author-Bookstore Symbiosis: @smclaugh4

Why Traditional Publishers Should Surrender To Self Publishing: @eoinpurcell

The Best Place to Sell Books is Not a Book Store: @CoachJudy

Publishing – We’re All On the Same Side: @ramez

15 More Online Retailers to Sell Your Book : @111publishing

What tools do entrepreneurial authors need? Live chat at #EtherIssue with @Porter_Anderson going on now.

Author Earnings: The B&N Report: @HughHowey  @AuthorEarnings

More News on Authors Behaving Badly, Using Well-Known Authors’ Names as Pseudonyms @lorcadamon

Hugh Howey: When the People of Publishing Are Set Free: @HughHowey @Porter_Anderson

Serial Novels Get Second Life With Smartphones, Tablets: @nbcnews @kwagstaff

How to Find Creative Inspiration: @screencrafting

Mystery Writers–Who (or What) is Your Femme or Homme Fatale”?

7 Effective Ways To Quickly Improve Your Writing: @_allisonwrites

Literary prizes make books less popular, study finds: @guardianbooks

When Flaws Go Too Far: Avoiding Unlikeable Characters: @angelaackerman @writersdigest

The Long and Short of Writing the Middle: @mooderino

Narrative Setting: How To Build A World: @woodwardkaren

12 Surefire Signs You Really Are a Writer @ediemelson

It Takes The Time It Takes: @ChuckWendig

5 Ways To Write A Complex Female Character:

10 Common Mistakes from a Literary Agency Point of View: @jim_devitt


A character survey:

Bringing Tools of the Trade to Self-Publishing: @mattcavnar @fakebaldur @Porter_Anderson

How to Write a Query Letter for Magazines and Other Publications @ninaamir

Hiring the Right Editor: @miralsattar @pubsmartcon

10 Reasons Our Hero Needs Flaws @angelaackerman

Why You Shouldn’t Format Your Word Docs: @JWManus

Amtrak To Offer Writers’ Residency Program: @huffpost

Studying author earnings surveys: @jamigold

Becoming an Olympic Quality Writer: @jodyhedlund

How Point of View Affects Show Don’t Tell: @janice_hardy

Before the Query: Preparing to Submit Fiction to Agents and Editors: @WritingForward

How authors become mega-brands: @bbc_culture

9 Tips To Crush WriterÂ’s Block: @ADDerWORLD

13 Reasons You May Not Be A Successful Writer… Yet: @wherewriterswin

How to Show Instead of Tell: @KeytopServices

Is Binge Reading the New Binge Watching? @DennisAbrams2 @pubperspectives

Make a Post-It Note Countdown to Stick to Your Habit Plan:

4 Points To Remember When Writing A Self-Help Book: @writersrelief

The importance of preparing readers for shocking story events: @JacksBlackPen

Getting to the Heart of Character Development:

Blogging for Authors – Why 1 Writer Has Been Doing It All Wrong: @Windswarlock

Self-Editing–Common Errors and Easy Fixes: @SikesAaron

5 Big Problems Facing Science Fiction Writers and How to Solve Them: @Windswarlock

A Writer’s Voice Is All About Choice: @BookGeekConfess

Are You Missing Opportunities to Make Your Writing Stronger? @janice_hardy

Building a Book: Second Draft: @ShaunEHorton

7 Creative Lessons from Hemingway: @mbrianorme

Pros and Cons of writing a Trilogy:

How Minor Characters Help You Discover Theme: @KMWeiland

How to make a living as a writer: @jaltucher

3 Secrets To Power Charge Your Writing Motivation: @jameslrubart

How to Craft a Love Scene: @RConstantine14

13 Browser-Based Tools For Writers: @makeuseof

How to Become a Successful Travel Writer: @_allisonwrites

5 Strange Truths Authors Know About Productivity: @vgrefer

5 Apps for Copy Editing: @galleycat

Tips For Jingle Writing: @JamesDesh23

15 attributes of an effective query letter: @bookbaby

Balancing Character Agency: @mythcreants

Writing for the right reasons: @jeffgoins

Your Audience Is Unorganized: @DanBlank @writerunboxed

Top 10 Tips for Surviving Relationship with a Writer @MargoWKelly

Are You Too Glued To Your Writing Genre? @cateartios

Reviewing 101: @BooksAndPals

5 Simple Tips for the Writer’s Website: @losapala

Self-Publishing Isn’t Just for Authors: Video Game Developers Do It, Too:  @vqnerdballs @BookWorksNYC

Escapism vs. Reality Check: On Creating Honest Fiction: @RyanCaseyBooks

Writers Block Isn’t Real: Except When It Is: @FebruaryGrace

5 Ways to Use Dramatic Irony in Your Writing: @JulieEshbaugh

28 Simple Steps to Write, Raise Funds and Publish a ChildrenÂ’s Book: @TDMBAUncles @writersdigest

Great Character: The Geek (“Sixteen Candles”): @gointothestory

10 Benefits Of Rejection: @Author_JSWayne

How to write a query letter in 12 easy steps: @amandaonwriting

Google Tips and Tricks:  @melaniepinola

How Not to Develop Characters 101: @beccaquibbles  @diymfa

How to Finish Your Writing Projects (Even When You Don’t Feel Like It): @joebunting

Don’t Get Screwed: The Contract Provisions Every Creative Needs to Know: @jainspotting

Content Edits: @writedivas @larin20

How To Create An Inspirational Workspace For Writing: @writetodone

Questions for Literary Agent David Gernert: @jakonrath

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  1. Thanks Elizabeth! Sunday’s list is my “reward” for my writing work all week, appreciate all the links.

  2. There are truly a great many helpful links today.

    Say, what do you think of ACX taking 60% of the money from audiobook sales, while taking away the escalator clause? Added to its whispersync price of many audiobooks to $1.99 — that gives authors who paid $3000 for the book only 80 cents per sale! For those of us who chose Royalty Share, we only get 40 cents! Ouch! I guess that is Amazon’s not so subtle way of saying they do not unknowns — since they pay for the production of the larger names authors. Sigh. Another challenge to overcome for Indie authors.

    1. Roland–I was very surprised to hear it, and sorry to hear it! And also glad that I didn’t sink an investment upfront–I did the royalty share option. I hope this doesn’t bode ill for ebook royalties in the future…

  3. Thanks for the inclusion. :-) It’s nice to know I’ve written and posted something people find helpful and insightful enough to be worth sharing.

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