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by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraigBlog

Twitterific links are fed into the Writer’s Knowledge Base search engine(developed by writer and software engineer Mike Fleming) which has over 23,000 free articles on writing related topics. It’s the search engine for writers.

Americans can get confused writing for Canadians, unless they write in French: @mnmarcus

5 Things a Writer’s Yoga Practice has Brought to Her Writing Practice: @elephantjournal @KimHaasWrites

3 Most Common Complaints About Agents by Scriptwriters: @ChadGervich

What To Do When You Have Writer’s Block: @thoughtcatalog

Is Hybrid Publishing Always the Best of Both Worlds? @jamigold

Even the biggest and smartest publishers still have a lot to learn about digital marketing: @MikeShatzkin

How Libraries and Patrons Can Beat Publishers at Publishing: @msd2020 @pubsmartcon

‘I Write Because I Love, And My Love Is Writing’: @thoughtcatalog @vallarigupte

Before You Publish: Amazon’s Requirements: @infolitetech

What Do Agents Like to See When They Google Writers? @carlywatters

Dollars & Sense for #Writers – how to tell which books to buy and which to borrow: @EdieMelson

Starting Your Own Publishing Business: @111publishing

In Writing, There Are Rules, And Then There Are “Rules”: @ChuckWendig

There is no perfect: @lisajanicecohen

5 Things You Should Know about Working with Beta Readers: @byondpapr

The Neurological Similarities between Successful Writers and the Mentally Ill: @thoughtcatalog @Delistraty

Ebook Piracy: – A Writer’s Perspective:  @gregorybarron

Must a Writer Go Hybrid for a Higher Income?

Writers on How They Deal With Criticism : @imjasondiamond @flavorwire

#EtherIssue discussion: book and publishing start-ups:  11 a.m. ET / 3 p.m. London GMT (now) @Porter_Anderson

Finding Your Author Voice: @novelrocket @rachelhauck

A Bookseller On Changes in the Profession and Love for the Job: @WSHUnews

Maybe the distractions and chaos of our lives are fuel for the writing fire: @megrosoff @writerunboxed

Missing persons in crime fiction: @mkinberg

So you want to be a game writer? Top 10 tips: @technorati

Are You Writing the Right Story? @janice_hardy @diymfa

Use This Screenwriting Technique to Break Your Copy Down into 4 Easy Steps: @mktgcopywriter

6 Steps to a Strong Cover: @pubsmartcon

Tips for faster writing: @DebbyGiusti

Creating Your Map to Successful Authorship: @ninaamir

What Penguin Random House isn’t doing: @thefuturebook @passivevoiceblg

Querying: Sending Nudges: @ibelieveinstory

Shotguns and Rifles 101 for Writers: @fionaquinnbooks

Harsh Early Reviews of 20 Classic 20th-Century Novels: @mental_floss @sseeeaaann

Are You Publishable or Not? Reading the Tea Leaves. @writerunboxed

Telling the Truth About Client-Agent Problems: @jodyhedlund

Forensic Trace Evidence: Hair and Fur – Info for Writers: @FionaQuinnBooks

‘We haven’t hit what epic fantasy is capable of yet’: @BrandSanderson

What’s your End Game? @M_Richmond21

Stories Don’t Expire – Don’t Rush to Publish @susankayequinn

Writing and publishing platform “Hi” releases (and a look at other start-ups for writers): @Porter_Anderson @craigmod

How a Focused, Limited “Baby Edit” Can Help Improve A Writer’s Style : @vgrefer

Do you have a 3-year plan? @loriculwell

How To Write A Romantic Suspense:

Confessions of an Outlier: @HughHowey

5 Ways to Jump Start a Stalled Story: @EleriStone

4 Simple Reasons Why Many Writers Don’t Succeed: @grammerly @bang2write

How To Use Social Media To Get Your Underdog Film Made: @nofilmschool @robmockler

Refusing To Review Books Marketed To One Gender Is Counterproductive: @lilitmarcus @thefrisky

Writing Faster: Breaking the 10,000-Word-Day Barrier and Composing a Rough Draft in 2 Weeks: @goblinwriter

The death of the Western – again @JohnRosePutnam

Don’t explain away the magic: @TheGrahamMilne

10 Tips for Writing a Short Story: @LynHornerauthor

20 Ideas for Creating and Marketing Your EBook: @jeffbullas

There Are No Mwuahaha Villains in the Artistic Life @Jan_Ohara @writerunboxed

Creating a Fantasy World: Names: @iulienel @fantasyscroll

Your book sucks: are authors being bullied with one-star Amazon reviews?  @hayleycampbelly

Worry About Your Writing? How To Fall Back In Love With It: @Jill_Jepson

Tips for Taking Your Reader on a Road Trip:

Active Setting and Why it Should Matter to You: @MaryBuckham

Why we don’t need (and shouldn’t want) a publishing deal: @chrisrobley

A New Voice in the Book World: The Author: @Porter_Anderson @thoughtcatalog

Blogging: Focus on the Discipline, not the Results: @ryanbattles

6 Steps to Becoming a Successful Indie Publisher: @1106design @GutsyLiving

1 writer’s process for editing as she goes: @authorterryo

Amazon for Authors–Tools and Thoughts: @Wordstrumpet

How to Publish With Your Own Imprint: @PeaceNicole

Murder in the library–examples in crime fiction: @mkinberg

How to Develop Your Plot With Three-Dimensional Conflict @EmilyWenstrom

How to Find a Critique Partner and Set Ground Rules: @JeriWB

Handle synonyms with care: @Roz_Morris

Romance E-Book Bundles: A Blight or a Bonus? @EroticRomNews

Seasonal Writing Disorder @lydia_sharp

The Changing Role of Agents:  Read Before You Query (or Self-Publish): @ForewordLit @annerallen

Killing the Top Ten Sacred Cows of Indie Publishing: Can’t Get Indie Books into Bookstores? @deanwesleysmith

5 Reasons to Talk About Your Writing: @MGMinded

How dense is too dense? @ventgalleries

10 Best Things About Being A Writer: @joannegphillips

How to Know Your Book’s Audience: @JanetKGrant

Catch the Reader’s Attention: @noveleditor

Writing A Novel: Finishing Well: @lindasclare

How To FOCUS on Writing: @PatrickLenton

Writing For TV: Trial Scripts/Shadow Schemes: @scriptwritinguk

Freelancers: Your Editor (Probably) Didn’t Steal Your Pitch. Here’s Why. @contently @rkaufman

Your Writing Doesn’t Have to Be Good: @danasitar

The Science of Literary Criticism : @joshuarothman @newyorker

SHAKESPEARE system for helping authors figure out self-publishing: @sffworld @passivevoiceblg

How to Make Your Book Popular: @literaryeric @pshares

40 Things An Author Absolutely Must Do To Succeed: @kevparsons

6 Tips For Getting Your Work Discovered: @JessGrose @fastcompany

Why It’’s So Hard To Get Published (And It’s Not Amazon’s Fault) @lucyleid @thoughtcatalog

The Writers Alley: Exposition: What Is It? What To Do With It?

Using Emotional Discharge to Power Up Your Story: @writingeekery

Free Collaborative Screenwriting App Adds Intuitive Outlining Tool: @bartondeepwood

Do spoilers for books actually improve them? @guardianbooks @carmitstead

Writing A Murderously Good Mystery: The Importance of the Murder Victim: @woodwardkaren

4 Ways to Improve Your Writing: @kmweiland

Going to Battle with the Inner Voices: @Jodi_Kendall

Telling Tales on the Publishing Industry: @thexmedic

Interesting and Unusual Ways to Sell Your Book: @heavenencounter

Writers at Work: Cathy Pickens: @hank_phillippi

A message to publishers about book marketing: how to rise above the din: @JonnyGeller

How I Write: David Baldacci: @thedailybeast @davidbaldacci

Small publishers are benefiting from changes in the industry: @guardianbooks @passivevoiceblg

When The Old Ways Work (Discoverability): @KristineRusch

Scriptwriting: Should Writers Pay Up Front For Representation? @LeeZJessup @scriptmag

Was it noir, literary, or pulp fiction? @CalebPirtle

11 Ways to Successfully Promote Your New Book: @smallbiztrends

Write a thriller: Know the plot’s destination: @MattReesAuthor

5 Valuable Charts That Show How Publishing Is Changing: @Janefriedman

How to be a Good Critique Partner | Wise Ink’s Blog:

5 things 1 Writer has Learned from (almost) 4 Years of Publishing at Amazon: @TraciTyneHilton

Controlling How Much of YOU Appears in Your Fiction: @cateartios

An agent on ‘Does a writer still need an agent?’ @BFLAgency @alison_morton

Writing Prompts to Stretch Your Conceptual Skills: @ConnieBDowell

Why This Story? … Or 8 Questions They’re  *Really* Asking: @bang2write

10 Tips for Becoming a Better Writer: @EileenMaksym

The 3 Deadly Symptoms of Self-Doubt: @beccaquibbles

Why Authors Should Consider Graphic Novel Adaptations: @NAMartist @thecreativepenn

How to get self-published books on the shelves of local bookshops: @L1bCat

A Look at Ebook Subscription Services: @ninjadueces22

Sex Tips for Screenwriters: @BigBigIdeas @scriptmag

On Authorial “Frauditis”: @vgrefer

Creating Stunning Character Arcs: The First Act: @kmweiland

Why Crime Fiction Is the Most Popular Genre: @joelgoldman1

‘I Made the Mistake of Starting a Small Press and So Can You’: @passivevoiceblg

Recommended Resources from industry expert @JaneFriedman:

5 Things You Can Learn From The Colbert Report’s Head Writer: @heyitsopus

Book Reviews: The Good–The Bad–The Ugly: @eNovelAuthors

Daunted by Book Promotion? Don’t be. @CarolineSandon @womenwriters

Experimental Writing: It’s About More Than Looking Weird on the Page: @SequoiaN

A Self Publishing Success Story: @MJRose @MegWClayton

Why it’s time to stop thinking of writing as a profession: @damiengwalter

Authors: Warning Signs That You’re Being Scammed: @bookgal

3 Easy  Tips to Promote Your Book @lindasclare

Cover copy tips: @eNovelAuthors

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