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by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraigBlog

Twitterific links are fed into the Writer’s Knowledge Base search alengine(developed by writer and software engineer Mike Fleming) which has over 23,000 free articles on writing related topics. It’s the search engine for writers.

And a happy Easter to all who celebrate.

It’s Only A First Draft: @slynberg

For Soon To Be Published Authors: @RLLaFevers @writerunboxed

Do Big Publishers Make Sense Anymore? @wherewriterswin    

Tips for avoiding Stupid Character Syndrome: @janice_hardy

5 Free Amazon Services That Will Help You Sell More Books: @pjrvs

5 Reasons Reporters Make Good Writers… Most of the Time ­ @write_practice

11 Stories You Can Start Telling By Dinnertime: @SeanPlatt

A writer on reading her bad reviews: @sarahbessey

So You Need A Celebrity Book. Who Ya Gonna Call? Ghostwriters. @gabrieman @npr

ISBN: Every Novel Needs One: @wvancamp

Can Your Small Press Book Get a New Life with a Big Publisher? |

5 Bizarre Scenes You Wouldn’t Expect in Classic Books: @LaurenSarner

Query 101: Research, Research and More Research:

Best Hashtags for Authors to Use:

How to choose & work with a cover illustrator of self-published books: @IndieAuthorALLi

6 Ways for Writers to Overcome Perfectionist Tendencies: @jeffgoins

Why “Balance” in Fiction Rarely Means a 50/50 Split: @vgrefer

‘I’m in Love With a Writer’: A Survival Guide: @AKellyAnderson

Why You Want An Agent Who Reads: @carlywatters

The 10 Commandments of Social Media Etiquette for Writers: @annerallen

7 Suggestions for Crafting Sound Scenes: @AuthorMaureen

15 Ways To Improve KDP – Progress Report: @DavidGaughran

Word of Mouth and Blurbs for Indie Authors: @stapilus @BookWorksNYC

Publishers Are Warming to Fan Fiction, But Can It Go Mainstream? @Wired @RaeBeta

Screenwriting: The Catch-22 Agent Problem: @scriptshadow

2 Ways To Revise Your Novel (And When To Use Them): @fictionnotes

When and why is violence necessary in a good piece of fiction? @seanhtaylor

Writing picture books: Tips from the top: @childbkauthor

Will Printed Books Disappear? Stephen King Has His Say: @jonathangunson

The Complete Guide to Query Letters: @Janefriedman

Writers, stand up for yourselves: @kristinerusch

On Email and the New Age of Biography: @nnimhaoileoin

Can we make our own luck in publishing? @Porter_Anderson @writerunboxed

A Brief History of Choose Your Own Adventure: @mental_floss

Creating Characters Readers Care About: @JulieEshbaugh

Should Authors Have to “Market Themselves”? @kristenlambtx

Motivating Your Inner Writer: @mooderino

Creativity is about facing fears: @tannerc

Quit Your Day Job—Become a Freelance Writer: @livewritethrive

How Book Advances Work: @writersdigest

Post-Apocalyptic Clichés to Avoid:

Resources for finding an agent:

It’s Not Just a Book; It’s a Business: Do You Need to Incorporate? @HelenSedwick

How Writing a Novel is Like Running a Marathon (and 1 example how it really isn’t): @matthews_mark

Facebook for Writers: @rsquaredd

5 Dual-POV Writing Tips: @ava_jae

Grammar expose–—using ‘they’ for third-person singular: @victoriamixon

The difference between blogs and newsletters: @jim_devitt

29 Networking Tips for Live Events: @trainingauthors

Fail Up: On Creative Resilience: @JordanRosenfeld

How to Buy a Top Spot on the New York Times Bestseller List: @pubperspectives

39 Synonyms for Run: @writers_write

The Secret to Surviving Non-Writing Days: @JessBaverstock

Does Facebook Marketing Work? @SketchStone

Beat Sheets: For Plotters, Pantsers, and Technophobes: @jamigold

Is There Such A Thing As A Book That Belongs To Only One Genre? by Peter Higgins

WordPress: Simple, but Effective Author Websites: @fictionnotes

Critical Plot Elements -The End of the Middle: @Aimeelsalter

Tips for better plotting: @johnhornor

Are You Ignoring This Simple Platform-Building Tool? How to Comment on a Blog: @annerallen

Plot: Five Key Moments: @TheScriptLab

Kill or Cure: Medicine and Healing in SF/F:  @SteffHumm

Tips for Outlining Your Story: @SHalvatzis

10 Ways To Up Your Word Count: @Figures

Tips on Recording Your Short Stories: @NathanielTower

Literary Agents are Still a Good Idea . . . Sometimes: @fictorians

First know how to write, before worrying what to write: @VeronicaSicoe

Top 10 Central Themes in Film: @thescriptlab

The Writer’s 8 Tools of Pitching: @carlywatters

Why do we like hateful characters? @KenLevine

Live conversation on #EtherIssue: the current status of publisher-author relations (11 a.m. ET / 4 p.m. BST–)–Now.

5 writing tools: @dottotech

How to Use Foreign Languages (Real or Imaginary) in Your Novel: @JulietteWade

The Pit: Where Creatives Fall Into Despair: @joulee

The Art of Lyrical Lying: @billycoffey @SouthrnWritrMag

Author’s Earnings: Mid-list Print Sales: @author_sullivan

5 fanfic writing techniques that will help make you a better storyteller: @BothersomeWords

Ad Copy Writing Techniques: @StephenHise

Why Should Writers Work With Literary Journals? | Foreword Literary: @BookaliciousPam

Weak Writing: @beccapuglisi

8 ways to know if you have a good agent: @nathanbransford @passivevoiceblg

Tips for writing historical fiction: @guardianbooks

Indie Author Facebook Tips: @AuthorAngelaS

Are publishers and authors still miles apart? Or narrowing the gap?  @Porter_Anderson @ornaross

Does Your Cover Need a Reboot? @dvberkom @jenblood

5 Keys to Surviving A Successful Revision: @ALeighWilliams

Agent Interview with @brandibowles: What Makes Her Accept or Reject Manuscripts: @NataliaSylv

How to Write Fast: @seanplatt

Generating Suspense Through Conflict: @woodwardkaren

Use Zodiac signs to build stronger romantic characters: @DarlaGDenton

3 Areas That Suffer in Quantity-Driven Writing: @jodyhedlund

Tips for character driven writing (and a link to the Proust questionnaire for char. development): @NicoleEvelina

5 Insights from Bestselling Authors: @jamigold

Epilogues and When to Use One in a Novel: @billybuc

Looking for an editor? Check them out very carefully: @JodieRennerEd

What It Really Means to Be A Serious Woman Writer: @nataliasylv

Screenwriting tips: 5 ways to write distinctive dialogue: @Sofluid

Agent Interview with Sharon Bowers: @LoriRaderDay

Screenwriting Tips: How to Approach Genre as You Begin Your Script: @nofilmschool

A successful writer shares her top tips on self-publishing: @CathRyanHoward

Scriptwriting–Christopher Nolan on Memento: @LaFamiliaFilm

Freelance Writing–Using Social Media to Land New Writing Gigs: @ShawndraRussell

5 things every historical romance novel should/shouldn’t have: @ViolettaRand

Editors: How Much (Or How Little) Should You “Rewrite”? @rsguthrie

How Long Should Your Nonfiction Manuscript Be? @nonfictionassoc

Dropping the F-Bomb in YA Lit: @HeatherJacksonW  @tweetonsisters

The 10 best books about self publishing – a reading list @standoutbooks

More Than Enough White Children’s Books? @EBONYMag

Is character sympathy important? @JordanMcCollum

The Author’s Promise – two things every writer should do: @Writers_Write

See Your Book Idea Through the Lens of a Publishing Professional: @ninaamir @thecreativepenn

Writing: How to get it done: @rchazzchute

Choosing Writing:

Literary genre: haven or prison? @ScottTheWriter

10 Ways Pre-Published Writers Can Start Establishing Their Careers Now: @SarahAllenBooks for @annerallen

Managing File Sizes for Ebooks: @JWManus

On ISBNs: @stevelaubeagent

The Elephant in the Room: Are You Ignoring Your Story Revision Instincts? @AlythiaBrown

All the links I shared last week: . All the links I’ve ever shared (searchable): .

The Great E-book Pricing Question: @DavidGaughran

5 Tips for Running a Writers’ Circle: @standoutbooks

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