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by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraigBlog

Twitterific links are fed into the Writer’s Knowledge Base search engine (developed by writer and software engineer Mike Fleming) which has over 23,000 free articles on writing related topics. It’s the search engine for writers.

Thanks to Prashant C. Trikannad for the generous review of Body in the Backyard and interview with me on his blog,  Chess, Comics, Crosswords, Music, Cinema.   We discussed why I chose an octogenarian sleuth for the Myrtle Clover series, small town murder, and my writing process, among other things. 

And it’s Mother’s Day in the States.   :)  A happy day to all the moms out there…including mine, Beth Spann.

26 Types Of English Majors: @buzzfeedbooks

Best Method for Handling Rejections (and getting published): @EricaVerrillo

Google Plus Tips and Tools: @steverayson

How to share your content more than once without being spammy: @kissmetrics

Writing Craft–5 Great Ways to Learn It: @lesliemillernow

The Routine of Farming and Writing: @andilit

The Difference Between Symbol and Motif: @epbure

Story Themes: What’s Your Worldview? @jamigold

Writing and the Creative Life: The Mundane and the Marvelous: @gointothestory

8 Tips for Writing Back Cover Copy: @RuthHarrisBooks

5 Common Web Mistakes: @loriculwell

Tips for writing intoxicated characters:

5 Ways To Improve A Perfect Story: @yeomanis

Generating Suspense Through Conflict: @woodwardkaren

Why Series are Becoming Hot: @kristenlambTX

Talents and Skills Thesaurus Entry: Mechanically Minded: @beccapuglisi

How To Measure Success: @kristinerusch

25 Quotes That Will Inspire You To Be A Fearless Writer: @buzzfeed @jaypugz

How to do a time jump @glencstrathy

What Do Your Rejection Letters Really Mean? @wherewriterswin

Creating Religions & Belief Systems @mythcreants

Writing nonverbal cues to enrich your characters’ lives: @onewildword

11 Beloved Books With Shockingly Bad Reviews: @chrisritter16

A Script Reader’s Checklist: @screencrafting

How to Write the Dreaded Query Letter: @write_practice

See Your Book Idea Through the Lens of a Publishing Professional: @ninaamir @thecreativepenn

7 Traits of the Social Writer: @LPOBryan

10 Screenwriting Tips from One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest: @scriptshadow

Three Tips for Monetizing Your Back-List: @digibookworld

5 Steps Toward Your Truest Contribution: @kcraftwriter

Guerrilla marketing for books: @CNNMoney  @JenAlsever

Are Your Characters Fighting Obstacles or Each Other? @janice_hardy

5 Practical Ways To Kill Your Characters @stuartaken

3 Common Writing Fears & How We Can Overcome Them: @elephantjournal

Top 10 diary books: @guardianbooks

Avoiding Police Stereotypes in Novels: @JJHensleyauthor

Foreign Rights Agents: Everything You Need To Know (& Why You May Want One):  @2seasagency

Caveat editor: beware the e-plagiarist: @ArlenePrunkl

5 Ways To Improve A Perfect Story (by John Yeoman):

Perils of the Writer: Knowing When to Deviate from the Outline: @marshallmaresca

The Pomodoro Technique for getting work done: @joelrunyon

19 Writing Tips From Writers And Editors For The New Yorker: @grace_land

Writer Fuel: Of Pasta, Gifs, and a Balanced Writer’s Life:

I discuss my writing process, why I chose an octogenarian protagonist, and small town murder in this new interview:

Marketing books in the Christian Marketplace: @SarahBolme

Script elements one consultant looks for: @scriptmag

Embrace Simple Writing Habits to Crush Writer’s Block: @nickbrodd

Classifying Your Book: How to Research & Target Literary Agents: @ChuckSambuchino

Advice on finding a writing or illustration mentor: @inkyelbows

Stuck: OCD and Writer’s Block: @Fletchathustra @psychtoday

5 Ways to Defend Your Writing Time: @LA_Screenwriter

Why it’s impossible to self-edit: @novel_gazing @writersdigest

Let’s Do Away With Literary Snobbery: @Wendy_Tokunaga

6 Reasons To Be A Writer: @LittlegatePubli

5 tools learned at #AuthorU: @PublicityHound

The 5 Best Things About a Backed Up Septic Tank (If You’re A #Writer): @gaelynnwoods

Marketing for the Indie Writer–Getting Started: @SeeleyJamesAuth

A Writer’s Journey: Lessons Learned from 1000 Books: @NatRusso

How to Have a First-Ever Writing Session: @WriterAmyKierce @ParadeMagazine

Tips for handling a time jump from Glen C. Strathy:

How to Organize Your Story Ideas: @writersdigest

Saving the Semi-colon: Should Writers Use or Avoid This Controversial Punctuation Mark?

Children’s Books. Still an All-White World? @Chicago_Creole  @SLJournal

The Top 5 Ways To Fail As A Screenwriter: @scriptcoverages

Idols and Peers for Writers: @monicabyrne13

How Can Publishers and Translators Meet More Efficiently? @RossUfberg

Getting Started – Seven Tips from Famous Writers: @Writers_Write

The importance of silence to writers:  @ADDerWORLD

‘We Need Diverse Books’ calls for more representative writing for children: @alisonflood

6 Tips To Get the Best From Your Writer’s Retreat:  @AineGreaney

Pricing eBook Collections: @JohnRPhythyonJr

5 things Indiana Jones taught 1 writer: @danieljamespike

Tips for Cultivating Contacts at Conferences:  @bonniedoran @PattiShene

9 Ways Writing is like CrossFit: @LynnHBlackburn

How to Spot Your Writing Tic :  (by Lauren Schmelz):

Using A Crowd To Create Tension In Your Story: (by writer Sharla Rae)

5 Common Problems 1 Writer Sees In Your Stories: @ChuckWendig  {lang}

Journalist Porter Anderson on the sudden price hike of ISBNs:

Creating Stunning Character Arcs: The Second Half of the Second Act: @KMWeiland

What Are You Doing to Improve? @MichalskiLiz @writerunboxed

Generation gaps featured in crime fiction: @mkinberg

2 Tips for Finishing Screenplays: @jeannevb

5 Tips for Successfully Submitting Your Writing to a Publisher or Agent: @CANArtsConnect

7 Things Your Fiction Fans Want to Hear You Say: @storyrally

The slow, tragic death of the LGBT publishing industry: @thesteveberman @salon

5 tips for aspiring science fiction writers: @CharMcConaghy

11 Authors Who Became Famous After They Died: @endovert

Confessions of an ADD Writer: @ediemelson

How Retailers, Publishers And Indies Can Fix The E-Book Industry @forbes @AmandaBabs1

Lit fic and digital publishing–a wrap-up of panelist views from The Muse’s Town Hall: @Porter_Anderson

Crime fiction needs more clean-living cops, says police chief: @guardianbooks

Writer? Actor? What’s the Difference? @sanfranmag

How Different Are Books, Digitally? @eoinpurcell

5 Ways to Fuel your Imagination: @M_Richmond21

It Just Got Even More Expensive To Make Your Book Visible: @BeatBarblan @Porter_Anderson

4 Reasons Authors Shouldn’t Edit While they Write: @vgrefer

Why Too Many Flashbacks Might Be a Warning of Deeper Story Problems: @kristenlambtx

My guest writing prompt for @StoryADayMay: . Join the daily story challenge at

What’s the Perfect Job for Our Characters? @jamigold

Authors’ New Amazon Headache: @SarahPinneo

Cheat Sheets for Writing Body Language: @writers_write

Getting it wrong – Writing disability in fiction: @VisFic

3 Ways Writing Fiction Is An Adventure in the Fairy Tale Style: @vgrefer

What Does ‘Women’s  Fiction’ Mean? @randysusanmeyer

8 Things Most People Don’t Know About Amazon’s Bestsellers Rank (Sales Rank) : @makeuseof

Diversity, Authenticity, and Literature: @runwithskizzers

How to make an audiobook with ACX €“ more tips for narrators, producers and authors: @roz_morris

In defense of predictability: @bwilliamsbooks

How to Cheat to Find More Work Time @jodyhedlund

Optimizing Your Google+ Circles:  @gpstberg

10 Incredible Things You Learn From Writing Every Day @tayyabbaber

On Crowdfunded Literature, And What It Means For The Future Of Publication: @adamgomolin

A Rogue Academic on Fiction: @bschillace

Choosing a Point of View Character @janice_hardy

About ‘Marketing to Writers’:

How to Research Keywords to Help you Create the Perfect Book: @bookgal

The Magic of Expanded Dialogue Tags: @indievisible4

Monetizing the Backlist (But Please, Don’t Call It That): @pubperspectives

Scrivener: Series “Bible”:

Which eBook Distributor is Right for You? Costs and Benefits of the 3 Biggest Distributors: @SpunkOnAStick

3 Trends Among Ebook Readers: @digibookworld

Writing For Your Audience: @authorterryo

Naming Characters: @rsmollisonread

Why Quieter Stakes Are Easier to Plot With @Janice_Hardy

What to do with an old ebook? @DinaEisenberg

How to Send a Kindle MOBI Review Copy Directly to a Kindle Device: @trainingauthors

Can Exercise Make You A Better Writer? @tinagabrielle

So You Need a Sales Funnel:

Sell Sheets: A Guide For New Self-Publishers | by Joseph Kunz

10 Of The Worst Screenplay & Novel “Fillers”: @bang2write

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