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by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraigBlog

Twitterific links are fed into the Writer’s Knowledge Base search engine (developed by writer and software engineer Mike Fleming) which has over 23,000 free articles on writing related topics. It’s the search engine for writers.

Writing a Great Proposal in 8 (Not Particularly) Easy Steps: @literaryeric

Writing Under The Influence of Music: @mcmuhlenkamp

The Backstory Battle:  @AnthonyEhlers

Character Change: @HeatherJacksonW

7 Ways to Tighten Your Prose: @DanKoboldt

The Latest Trends in the Indie Author Market [Smart Set]: @JaneFriedman

If Strangers Talked to Everybody like They Talk to Writers: @ElectricLit @TheLincoln

Protecting your literary estate: @junglereds

How many characters are too many? @gaelynnwoods

Negative, Continuous, and Passive Forms of Subjunctive Mood: @CSLakin

The Building of a Setting: @biljanalikic

39 Things to Remember While Struggling to Build Your Writing Career: @writerplatform

Presence on the Page: What It Is, and What It Isn’t: @manzanitafire

Occupational Hazards for Writers: @Kathy_Crowley

Describing the physical attributes of your characters: From Clever Girl Helps

How to Write Fat Books: @brainpicker

5 Ways to Put More GO Into Your Goal Setting: @Jenpens2 Write_Tomorrow

3 Twitter Basics You Probably Don’t Know About: @loriculwell @BadRedheadMedia

The New Top-Down Approach: @hughhowey

Tips for Pulling Off a Reading:

How Scrivener Helped 1 Writer Organize All His Writing: @kingthor

Writers Conferences – Worth the Expense? @novelrocket

How to Spot a Scam | Indies Unlimited

How To Think Like Your Agent – That Book Sold HOW MANY Copies? @literaryeric

A look at how crime fiction writers depict characters dealing with loss: @mkinberg

Can an Author Co-Op Work For You? @Wiseink

Elizabeth Gilbert on writing: @GilbertLiz @galleycat

11-Step Guide to Writing a Scene from Screenwriter @johnaugust: @nofilmschool

Write a Sizzling Modern Adaptation of a Classic Story: @epbure

A Writer’s Working Vacation: @cathychall

Start With a Change, Not Just Action: @jodimeadows

The Highs and Lows of Writing : @CarolineSandon @womenwriters

Estimating Kindle Sales From Amazon Rankings: @Brandilyn

10 Tips to Promote a Book When the Author is MIA…or Dead: @Rachelrooo @pubperspectives

Why Is Romance Reviled? @Porter_Anderson @thoughtcatalog @barbaraoneal

What Are Your Secondary Characters Good At? @Janice_Hardy

The Four Primary Pillars of Novel Construction: @CSLakin

POV Shifts:  @Ross_B_Lampert

Media Bias Against Self-Publishing: @HughHowey

Online Marketing Mistakes: @storyrally

Overcoming the Sense of Failure as a Writer: @LyndaRYoung

9 Self-Publishing Fiction Writers to Follow Today: @storyrally @JFBookman

Authors’ incomes collapse to ‘abject’ levels (for trad. pub): @alisonflood @guardianbooks

Why you should prioritize your author website over social media: @chrisrobley @Bookbaby

Dash Your Way Out of Procrastination: @99u

Good-bye Confusing Subplot, Hello Book Contract: @Margo_L_Dill

How to Write a Great Book Proposal: @lindasclare

How to Fit Writing Into Your Life: 6 Tips:  @Natasha_Lester

Ed McBain: 7 Ways To Write A Crime Story: @woodwardkaren

Navigating a New Season in Your Writing Life:  @JuliaReffner

Writing yourself a pen name: @guardianbooks

Head-hopping, explained:  @Wordstrumpet

Know Your Novel’s Characters: 3 Easy Strategies: @lindasclare

5 Factors For A Great Book Cover: @selfpubreview

Character Habits: @noveleditor

Why We Write: Giving Voice to the Ineffable: @BTMargins @kimtriedman

How to Tell if Your Protagonist Needs a Better Goal: @kmweiland

Cliffhangers: How to Keep Your Reader Reading: @Wiseink

Playwriting vs Novel writing: @Ctmannino

How to Use Layers to Show Intense Emotions: @jamigold

12 Essential Steps from Story Idea to Publish-Ready Novel: @JodieRennerEd

Consistency Checker: A Free Proofreading Tool: @CKmacleodwriter

“But”, “therefore”, “and so”’  keep conflict in your plot @nownovel

Plotter or Pantser: —Who Says You Have to Choose? @LitCentralOC

UK author income survey: Another publishing bombshell: @Porter_Anderson @TheFutureBook

“Is it my query or my sample pages?” Why you’re not getting full manuscript requests: @carlywatters

14 Tips to Surviving Your Book Signing: @StinaLL

Adventures in Author Readings: @DeborahJRoss

How to speak publisher: F is for Feedback: @annerooney

When Authors Turn On Authors: @ChuckWendig @JAKonrath @Porter_Anderson

Showing, Not Telling, in an Opening Scene: @janice_hardy

The Escalation of Complications: @mooderino

Act out to create vivid scenes: @onewildword

5 Brilliant Business Lessons From Motley Crue: @joshrottenberg @FastCompany

Strengthening Your Character Through Personal Relationships: @enderawiggin

Lessons From @jamesscottbell : Characters That Jump Off The Page: @angelaackerman

Discomfort vs. Discomfiture: @writing_tips

Avoiding Common Punctuation Errors:

Don’t Use Five-Dollar Words: @Jen_328

The Danger of Political Correctness for Diverse Books: @jamigold

Secrets to a Good Logline: @Kid_Lit

Your Novelty Picture Book:

Recap of online #FutureChat debate–dueling open letters: @Porter_Anderson

7 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Self-Publishing Company: @HelenSedwick

A New York Editor and Author Goes Indie:

How Soon Do We Need to Show Genre in Our Novels? @janice_hardy

6 Things to Consider When Writing Promotional Copy for Your Book:

5 Creativity Lessons from Hall of Fame Inventors: @PatrickRwrites

Write Nonfiction: How to Become an Instant Expert:  @angee

10 Tips to Make Your Cozy Mystery Sell: @NancyJCohen

Advertising for Indie Authors :  @SeeleyJamesAuth

The State of Self-Publishing: @HughHowey

Which courses should I take to become a writer? @roz_morris

How 1 Writer Got Published in the New York Times On Her First Try: @GillespieKarin

4 Tips for Setting Up Your International Amazon Author Central Pages: @MarcyKennedy

Story Structure: the Second Plot Point: @inkybites

How Your Blog Helps Your Books Take Off: @111publishing

5 Surprising Ways Regret Can Deepen Your Hero’s Arc: @writingeekery

Jim Butcher On How To Write A Suspenseful Story Climax: @woodwardkaren

Query Letters: How to Get an Agent to Beg to Read More: @WriterlyTweets @SDWriters

Self-Publishing a Second Time: @kristenelisephd @lcharnes

8 Essentials Tips for a Successful Book Reading by a Self-Published Author: @judy_croome

Finding the Editor Who’s Right for You: @WritingRefinery

Assessing your writing goals at mid-year and not where you want to be? Camp NaNoWriMo is 1 option: @NaNoWriMo

25 more ideas for daily blog posts @michellerafter

Effort alone isn’t enough: from David Cain

Why shortcuts short circuit writing:  @stephenwoodfin

Another Look at the Subjunctive Mood: @CSLakin

1 Writer’s Journey to Becoming an Optimist: @PaulaAltenburg

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12 thoughts on “Twitterific Writing Links

    1. Thanks, Christine!

      I know what you mean–these links are in a variety of topics. Some are writing craft which obviously are relevant for forever. Some are industry news, which are probably good to catch up on on a weekly basis (but industry news changes so quickly). You’ll be able to tell from the links that I’m about a month back on my RSS feed (many posts on the writing craft were written in mid-June) while the news ones are in a separate RSS feed of mine, very current, and are linked to that day/day after on Twitter. So…news first? (Anything by Porter Anderson, for example).

  1. I love these, as always. I get all your tweets during the week because I follow you.

  2. Oh, so much for information! Now that I’ve indie published, it’s amazing how much more I’m focused on those posts. I’m thankful for writers (like you!) who share what they’ve learned along the way. It helps newbies like me :)

    1. Julie–I know what you mean! Me too. :) I still throw the trad pub posts out there for those who are choosing that path–although the indie/self-pub posts frequently seem a good deal more interesting. Fresher insights, etc.

      And thanks! I appreciate your coming by.

  3. Elizabeth – I love coming here for my Writing 101 Class :-) . Thanks as ever for these links. So many this week on making plots more interesting and adding to them. I know they’ll be useful. All that and rock music, too! ;-)

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