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by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig


Twitterific writing links are fed into the Writer’s Knowledge Base search engine (developed by writer and software engineer Mike Fleming) which has over 30,000 free articles on writing related topics. It’s the search engine for writers.

5 Reasons To Outline Your Novel – before you write a word: @writers_write

What Your First 250 is Telling Your Readers: @ava_jae

Copyright Basics:  @LeslieBudewitz

5 Ways To Sell More Books On Amazon: @selfpubreview

How to Send Review Copies of Your Book to Potential Reviewers: @miralsattar   

Where to send ARCs: @MarcyKate @WriteAngleBlog

How Susan Orlean Writes With Evernote: @susanorlean

4 Ways to Make Readers Instantly Loathe Your Character Descriptions: @KMWeiland

7 Writer Friendship Truths as told by a Cartoonist: @wayneepollard

Revising Your NaNoWriMo Mess-terpiece : by Heather Fenton

Trying too painfully, achingly hard to write The Great American Novel: by Paul St John Mackintosh

The ‘Chekhov’s Gun’ Guide to Foreshadowing: @BetterNovelProj

Reading the First American Novel, Published 226 Years Ago: @DanPiepenbring @ParisReview

How to Approach Authors in the Wild: @DelilahSDawson

How Much Information is Safe to Share Online? @EdieMelson

10 Tips for YA Romance: @BetterNovelProj

5 Easy Tips to Fix a Boring Online Bio: @JudyLeeDunn

Series or Stand-alone? @SkylarkLit

How Not to Write a Logline: by Angela Bourassa @scriptmag

Anti-villain motivations besides ‘tragic past’: from The Right Writing

Why Email Newsletters? @DanBlank @writerunboxed

How to Prepare for a Pitch Contest: @ava_jae

From the Writer’s Perspective: How to Get In on the SEO Scene: @freelancewj

25 Things You Should Know About Antagonists: {lang.} @ChuckWendig

Show, Don’t Tell: Revealing True Emotion In Dialogue: @angelaackerman

Women in publishing on today’s #FutureChat (4pGMT / 11aET / 8aPT) (now):  @Porter_Anderson

Tension & Pacing in Your Fiction: from Jack Smith

When picture books are ‘overly didactic’: @literat

Grammar Rules: Capitalization: @writingforward

Writers’ cliches that make you tear your hair out: @alisonflood

The One-Page Synopsis |  @nancyjcohen

Author Lessons from the Shark Tank: @wherewriterswin

Finding and Honing In On Your Story: @kiersi

Google Docs vs. Scrivener for Writing: @jamietr

Ambient and white sound for writing: from Paperback Writer

7 Deadly Sins of Worldbuilding @charliejane

4 Danger Signs To Search For, Before Sending Off Your Novel: @charliejane

19 Tips from Famous Writers: @esporter

(Impossibly Condensed) Checklists for Beginning a Novel: @randysusanmeyer

Confusion around the term ‘hybrid’ in publishing: @Porter_Anderson @BennettColes

How to Deal With Writing Distractions: @QuipsAndTips

Online tools for writers: @sherice

The Late Blooming Novel: @janice_hardy @AlexJCavanaugh

12 Book Marketing Tips from 12 Industry Experts: @booklaunchdemon

Who discovers the body in crime fiction?  A chart:  @mkinberg

The Ebook as Annuity: @markcoker

How ‘Into the Woods’ Got it Wrong (And Why You Should Too) : @epbure

6 Things Your Website Should Tell Book Reviewers About You (and Your Book): @bookgal

The author photo: where to use them, tips for getting one done: @MyBookShepherd

Freelancers: 3 Tip-Offs That Your Dream Writing Job Will Really be a Nightmare: @ticewrites

How Much Does It Cost to Self-Publish a Book? 4 Authors Share Their Numbers: @thewritelife @hopeclark @thecreativepenn

Storium: Collaborative Storytelling: @woodwardkaren

Finding a Plot Structure:  @KayKeppler

3 Truths about Being a Poet as Told by a Cartoonist: @wayneepollard

Fantasy Sub-Categories:  @dreamoforgonon

A trend toward older characters in crime fiction? @mkinberg

Reaching Readers through Wattpad and Blog Tours: @CheleCooke @RicardoFayet  @ReedsyHQ

How Being Specific Helps You Show And Not Tell: @MiaJouBotha

The Cheater’s Guide to Building Your Author Platform: @SueDetweiler

How to Query: Research (video): @ava_jae

Weaving Social Narratives Beyond the Page: Transmedia: @hackettkate

Tips for writing endings: @charliejane

How to Utilize Tension More Effectively: @jodyhedlund

How to Place Turning Points on a Beat Sheet: @jamigold

French Readers are Just as E-Trashy as Everyone Else @EdNawotka

How many rejections (is the wrong question): from agent @Janet_Reid

7 Things You Learn When Your Book Is Published: @MartinaABoone

Rewrite an Old Manuscript or Let it Die? @LyndaRYoung

Finding Your Writing Process – A Procrastinator’s Journey: @dannymanus

How to Break Up with your Novel: @marthamconway @womenwriters

Make Editing Easier: Simple Tips to Make Your 1st Draft Better: @silas_payton

How to Write A Plausible Character: – 3 Key Tips: @AnneLParrish

Why Your Writer’s Bio is Valuable Real Estate: @EdieMelson

Music For Writers: The Pettersson Legacy Of Fire And Ice: @Porter_Anderson @ThoughtCatalog

10 Rules For Making Better Fantasy Maps: @io9  @LaurenDavis

What Are We Rewarding In Children’s Literature? (#GuysDoRead) @Porter_Anderson @scribblestreet

Bisexuality in SF: @ceciliatan

3 Tips to “Show, Don’t Tell” Emotions and Moods: @joebunting

Picking a Juicy Secret to Jazz Up Your Character:  @writingeekery

A Case Study on Trust as a Literary Theme: @DIYMFA @SaraL_Writer

‘Are there too many literary agencies?’ @Porter_Anderson @JonnyGeller

The Only Rule About Backstory That Matters: @KMWeiland

Understanding Phrasal Verbs – 2 word verbs with ‘get’: @writers_write

Worldbuilding: Creating Fictional Cultures: @authorjsmorin

A Kindle Book Marketing Tip: @angee

Improve Your Twitter Messaging and Control: @jimhbs

One Author’s Debut Year: Indie Income versus Expenses: @JessiGage

One Indie Author’’s Debut Year Income: @JessiGage @passivevoiceblg

5 Comics Writers Who’ve Received Rejection Letters Will Understand:  @wayneepollard

Perceived differences between ‘us’ and ‘them’: @Porter_Anderson

How to Rethink Creative Opportunities:  @CreativeKatrina

Mental Illness In Fiction: Getting It Right: @DanKoboldt

Balancing World Building and Pacing: @janice_hardy

5 Key Elements for Successful Short Stories @EmilyWenstrom

Scenes: The Skeleton of a Novel: @fictionnotes

7 Tips For Authors Who Want to Evolve into Book Publishers: @JFBookman

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  1. Elizabeth – These are great links, as ever. I see a couple on writing a solid antagonist, which I sometimes think doesn’t get enough attention. Ooh, and a couple on showing, not telling, too – always useful!

  2. Elizabeth, this is off-topic, but some time ago you gave me the e-mail of the man who doe your formatting. I’m ready to have my book formatted and wanted to use him as his rate are reasonable, but I can’t find that info. Can you please send it to me at


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