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by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig


Twitterific writing links are fed into the Writer’s Knowledge Base search engine (developed by writer and software engineer Mike Fleming) which has over 30,000 free articles on writing related topics. It’s the search engine for writers.

Why So Many People Write at Starbucks: @theryanlanz

3 Career Reinvention Tips From A Reporter Turned Romance Writer: by Cindy Fazzi @forbes

5 Ingredients for Great Characters That You’re Not Using (Yet): @screencrafting

Music For Writers: A Quartet Named @ethelcentral & Guitarist @KakiKing  @Porter_Anderson @EcstaticMusic @Q2music

Editing Clauses in Publishing Contracts: How to Protect Yourself: @victoriastrauss

How Mirror Characters Can Illustrate Literary Themes: @SaraL_Writer               

The art of the political memoir: @bbcscotlandnews @BBCAndrewBlack

The 4-Step Process To Promoting Your Books: @amcbooks

A Twitter Book Marketing Strategy: @booklaunchdemon @Creativindie

How to Self-Publish Children’s Books Successfully: Notes From the Trenches: @fictionnotes @Janefriedman

5 Ways to Turn the Tables on Creative Indecision:  @CreativeKatrina

How Not to Develop Characters 101: @beccaquibbles

In Defense of Self-Publishing: @marcygoldman @passivevoiceblg

Writing Commercial Fiction and Loving It:  @hollyrob1

How to Write a Character Falling Out of Love: @enderawiggin

The Most Important Scene In Your Script: @scriptshadow

4 Reasons You Might Be Missing Out on Your Best Plot Ideas: @Roz_Morris

‘Wheel of Time’ is the sad lesson of what can happen when you sell the rights to your books: @tvoti

Children’s Picture eBooks: The Newest Publishing Wave: @Write4Kids @writerunboxed

7 Ways to Disguise a Plot Twist: by Casey Lynn Covel

A novice’s guide to travel writing: @wanderlustmag

Is this the most interesting part of your character’s life? by Matt Clang

Rewriting – Do You Really Need That Scene? @hayleymckenzie1

How To Write Screenplays For Amazon: @RoyPrice @seanbhood

Promo and Business Tools for Writers:

Public Speaking: How many authors are ‘stadium-friendly’? #FutureChat @Porter_Anderson 4pGMT / noonET  (now)

Can the Protagonist Be the Antagonist?  @MichaelTabb

A 5-Minute Guide to Evernote | Tech Tools for Writers

Getting Your Editor to Edit:  @LynneCantwell

Who’s the digital reader?  by Annemie Speybrouck

Clumsy dialogue: –your mission statement for a subtle scene: @Roz_Morris

Why You Probably Won’t be a Top 10 Bestseller at Amazon: @David_N_Wilson

Can a writer’s original inspiration survive success? @nybooks @TimParksauthor

Don’t get Scammed on Self-publishing: What are Reasonable Costs? @silas_payton

A Successful Book Launch — By The Numbers:  @nmeunier

The 5 Best Online Tools to Help You Outline Your Novel: @writers_write

10 Simple Marketing Tools for Authors: @BookBubPartners

When to Stop Polishing a Manuscript @davidfarland

Bars and Pubs in Crime Fiction: @mkinberg

Why Fan Fiction Is The Future of Publishing: by Oliver Jones @passivevoiceblg

Semicolons: How To Use Them, And Why You Should: by @ClaireEFallon

How to Tell If Your Character Has PTSD: @Writerology

Adding Evernote notes to a Scrivener project: @Gwen_Hernandez

Story Lessons from South Park: @KeithCronin

Apotheosis: Definition and Examples for Writers @epbure

Book Festivals: A Must for Your Marketing Toolbox:  @dmcdine

A Writer’s Take on Wattpad: @sjpemb @authorterryo

4 Research Hacks for Writing Thrillers: @RachelAmphlett

What’s Influenced Your Writing? @jamigold

Write a Lot by Writing on Schedule:  @jonathanballcom

Make Money Writing in 2015: Offer Mini Content: @angee

Start a mailing list for your books:  @nmeunier

The Units of Story: The Beat: by Shawn Coyne

How You Can Use Thunderclap To Promote Your Book @trainingauthors

1 Important Thing Many Writers Neglect To Do While Waiting: @jodyhedlund

Has Social Media Changed How Readers Read? @MartinaABoone

How to Use Foreshadowing @kmweiland

A Daily Exercise That Can Revolutionize Your Writing: @edcyzewski

Talking About Money: Why Writers Need to Be More Honest About How We Earn: @lisatella

Authors, use headshots, not book covers, as avatars: @Porter_Anderson @PubSenseSummit

Active and Passive voice: @Emily_Leverett

How to Write a Successful Synopsis @monicamclark

Getting to Know Your Setting:  @kayedacus

Screenwriters: Imitation Game – Cracking an Enigmatic Script:  by Paul Joseph Gulino

Novel Analytics: Plot Arcs with the Syuzhet Package: @mljockers

3 Plot Structures Every Storyteller Can Use:  @tracilslatton

Top 5 Lit Mags With the Kindest Rejection Letters: @EmilyKLackey

Writing Character Sheets: @larin20

10 things 1 writer learned while writing his last book: @austinkleon

How to Keep Motivated After the First Draft: @nownovel

Break into Trad. Pub. through Writer-for-Hire:  by Rebecca Langston-George via @MandyCorine

Why Google Plus Hovercard is the ultimate personal branding tool: @stephanhov

Commonly Confused Words: and @JanetBoyer

6 Ways to Generate Ideas for Your Story:  @WriteToSell

Students and research–why books are better than the internet: @annerooney

Deciding the main character of your novel: 1 way to determine it: @SusanKelley

Why we should choose an authoritative agent: @Porter_Anderson @agentkristinNLA

Tips for creating antagonists: by Jack Smith

One Simple Rule of Writing Horror: @HeatherJacksonW

4 reasons why your novel’s dialogue sounds stilted: @Roz_Morris

Writing for a Diverse Audience: @stacylwhitman

Your Novel’s Most Important Relationship:  @WriteToSell

3 Plot Structures For Building Bestsellers: @ShesNovel

Create a Distraction-Free Writing Environment with FORCEdraft: @chicklitgurrl

Literary Devices: Setting: @danjmurphy91

Maybe novels should be written like movies: @CalebPirtle

Designing characters to fit the needs of the external plot: @glencstrathy

Who’s Running Your Writers’ Group? Why You Should Be Careful: @victoriastrauss

There Are No Ugly Words: @mitchelljkaplan

How to Write a Prize-Worthy Short Story: A Step-by-Step Guide: @JodieRennerEd

How To Make $225 An Hour Writing Poetry: @LizSegran @FastCompany

How to build the ultimate author website (in 1 hour): @timgrahl

88 quotes to help you finish your novel: @nownovel

Writing A Book According To Pinterest:  @larin20

Subplots and the role they play in your story: @JoeMoore_writer

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