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by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig


Twitterific writing links are fed into the Writer’s Knowledge Base search engine (developed by writer and software engineer Mike Fleming) which has over 30,000 free articles on writing related topics. It’s the search engine for writers.

How to Find the Number of Items in Each Amazon Category: @FullTimeFBA

Query Question: I think I have an agent but she’s not responding: @Janet_Reid

Sell more at signings by engaging customers: @tombarry100

3 Magic Bullets for Success:  @mayachristobel

How to Import Word Comments into Scrivener: @ava_jae         

Picture Book Tips: @Margot10

Tips for starting a story: from hkwithapen

Ebook Pricing in Australia, Germany, India: Infographic: @EdNawotka

11 Secrets to Writing Effective Character Description: by Rebecca McClanahan for @writersdigest

Conversational Writing: 10 Tips: @zen_habits

How To Treat Your Writing Like A Business:  @DarlaGDenton

Amazon Kindle Voyage to Launch in India Soon: @Goodereader @Goodereadermike

4 tips for handling multiple perspectives in a third person narrative:  @NathanBransford

To Go Direct, Publishers Must Mean Business: from Emma Barnes

Saying No to a Book Offer (Bad Publishers and Vanity): @stephenandroux

In Praise of the Crummy First Draft:  @JocelynGreen77   @breatheconf

How Digital Can Be a Companion for Print :  @jwikert

Flog a Pro: would you turn this bestselling author’s first page? @RayRhamey

How to introduce a character: @johnaugust

10 Famous Authors Who Show Up As Characters In Their Own Work:  @bwilson4815

5 Minutes to Your Next Blog Post Idea (+ Worksheet): @finallywriting

6 Tips for Creating Healthy Writing Habits: @djeanquarles

How to Win a Literary Feud: @BillFerris

7 Ways Writers Live in Paradox: @rachellegardner

How 1 writer found time to write: @jamietr

Don’t be a copycat when you title your book:  @michaelnmarcus

Literary Snobbery: @sarasheridan @womenwriters

Before the Altar of Character: @kiersi

As an Author, Do You Need an Intern? @muirmoir @womenwriters

Your Book’s Inciting Event: It’s Not What You Think It Is: @KMWeiland

How “Strong Female Characters” Still End Up Weak And Powerless: @ChuckWendig  {lang}

Cliches to avoid when writing love triangles: @EimhWrite

17 Signs Perfectionism Is Killing Your Writing Dreams:  @MandyCorine

What you need to know to host a Twitter Chat: @ThereDGoes

Interview with #1 Amazon Bestsellers @mredwards and @LouiseVoss1: @ReedsyHQ

Fine-Tuning Your Author Website (podcast with text version): @CaballoFrances

A Reverse To Do List: Why What You Say No to Matters:  @jesslaw

18 Book Promo Secrets To Boost Recognition, Get New Readers, and Increase Sales: @ereleases

Body Language: Eyes: from Reference for Writers

Choosing a Writing Retreat? Watch Out for These 6 Red Flags: @writesuzanne

How to Use Comments in Scrivener: @ava_jae

50 Shades of Grammar (It’s Not as Bad as You Think): @Grammarly @nikbaron by by Allison VanNest

How to write good, realistic dialogue : @IsabelWolff @womenwriters

Character Personality Class: The Thinker:  @MaryVeeWriter

The Art of the Chapter: @jrc2666

A blog to help writers get their medical facts right: @JordynRedwood

Always have a good mystery hidden away in your story: @CalebPirtle

A look at NetGalley and how it works:  @IolaGoulton

5 Possible Reasons Why Your Book Might Not Be Endorsed: @JordynRedwood

13 Ways To Start A Story: @writers_write

10 Resources for Self-Publishing Authors: @MTilburyAuthor

What Authors Can Learn From Startups: @ricardofayet

How to Make a Living as a Freelance Book Editor: @RFaithEditorial @ReedsyHQ

On writing novellas: @jamietr

6 Copywriting Tips for Writing Video Content: @mktgcopywriter

A Blog Series on SFF and the Classical Past: @hawkwing_lb

10 Reasons to Write Short Stories: @danielwilsonPDX @johnjosephadams

Can reviewing books hurt our chances with an agent? @Janet_Reid

Revision Prep: Create an Editorial Map: @janice_hardy

A First Chapter Checklist: @Suzanne_Writer @YAtopia_blog

What Makes A Villain? @mistymassey

Writing Ergonomics: Avoiding Injury at Your Desk: @daveBricker

10 Writers Who Took Themselves Too Seriously: by Morris M. @passivevoiceblg

Finding a Good Editor, Talent Vs. Training, and Writing Banter: @goblinwriter

CPs vs. Betas @ava_jae

10 Grammar Pet Peeves: @Savage_Woman

The Dark Side of Being a Bestseller: @1KTrueFans

Learning About Writing From Comic Books: @EmilyWenstrom

What Writers Can Learn from Letterman’s Top 10 Lists: @jonathanballcom

Music For Writers: Kronos On The Tundra With Tagaq: @kronosquartet @Porter_Anderson @Q2music

Pomodoro and Procrastination: @JLeaLopez @WriteAngleBlog

Before You Start to Write Your Memoir: @ninaamir

‘But what if my writing sucks?’ @nownovel

Solving the ‘What Do I Blog About?’ Conundrum:  @writerplatform

Tips for networking and making friends with writers online: @alexjcavanaugh @AprilA2Z

The Wonderfully Horrific World of Female Horror Writers: @MartyDYoung

6 demons of creative blockage and how to exorcise them: @danbrotzel

8 Ways Writers Can Be More Reader-Friendly: @jodyhedlund

7 Smart Tactics for Describing a Character in First Person PoV: @RidethePen

8 Tips for Those with Social Media Commitment Issues: @EdieMelson

Submissions call: culture-based writing for writers wanting build their resume: @CultVultures

Building Your Own World With Words: @PattyWG

A Structure For Short Stories: @woodwardkaren

How to Write a Story Line: Plot in Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’: @RidethePen {lang}

Crime fiction with no sleuth: @mkinberg

Connect With Readers –Without Breaking the (Time) Bank: @CherylRWrites

The links I shared last week: . All the links I’ve ever shared (30K+ free and searchable):

How NOT to Sell Books: Top 10 Social Media Marketing No-Nos for Authors: @annerallen

Troubleshooting Macros in Word: @CKmacleodwriter

“Is self-publishing a matter of choice? Or of necessity?  Or of do-it-yourself pride?” @Porter_Anderson @jamesscottbell

A 6-part story outline: @ShesNovel

4 Emotive Tools of Horror: @HeatherJacksonW

How to Write About Characters Who Are Smarter Than You: @MrGrahamMoore

How Much Are Free Books Really Worth? @booklaunchdemon

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6 thoughts on “Twitterific Writing Links

  1. Thanks as ever, Elizabeth, for these great links. I see so many related to the ‘business’ side of writing; I think that’s a Sign. Authors need to remember that if you’re going to sell books, you do have to think of it all in business terms.

  2. Hi Elizabeth,

    Thank you for including me in this great list.
    Many authors, myself included, are still having to learn about social media and as Margot says, the business side of things. The links here are really useful and many show what to avoid doing, which will save people A LOT of time and effort!

    All the best,


    1. Mark–I’m with you…always learning. That’s mostly because the business and the social media and publishing itself is always changing (sigh!) Thanks so much for the kind words and for coming by.

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