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by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig


Twitterific writing links are fed into the Writer’s Knowledge Base search engine (developed by writer and software engineer Mike Fleming) which has over 30,000 free articles on writing related topics. It’s the search engine for writers.

Irony— The Final Cliché:  @DavidCorbett_CA

The Big ‘W’ and Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey Story Arc: @writeabook

7 Ways End Your Novel: @enderawiggin

5 Price Points to Consider For Your Book: @amcbooks

Tips and Tools to Make Your Writing Life Easier:  @ecoversed

Is a Writing Retreat Right for You? @LynnHBlackburn

How Writers See Themselves And How Others See Them: @AlienNextDoor

How to Create an Author Newsletter: @klbusti

The 4 Most Important Things To Remember About Pacing: @writers_write

10 Tips To Get Your Profile Found On LinkedIn:  @askkim

How to Punch Up a Blurb or Query:  @julie_glover

A Great Villain Can Save Your Story: by RK Troughton

Writing Women Characters as Human Beings: @KateElliottSFF

5 Ways To Get Out Of A Writing Funk: @NanciPanuccio

How to Always Have a Bagful of Exciting Writing Ideas: @TalValante

It Is Never Too Late To Start Writing Your Bestseller: @galleycat

Make Your Writing Clearer: 6 Tips for Re-wording Sentences: by Allison VanNest @Grammarly

Self-Pubbing Picture Books: 2 Agents Weigh In: @sangeeta_editor

Nonfiction: Your Past is a Source of Inspiration: @ninaamir

Main character descriptions in 3rd and 1st person: @LazetteG

5 ‘Show Don’t Tell’ Danger Zones: @Diana_Hurwitz

How Independent Publishers Can Stay Profitable: by Liz Bury @pubperspectives

House of Cards: 5 Lessons for Writers from Season 3: @MandyCorine

7 Stages Of Novel Revision: @VeronicaSicoe

11 Things to Know About Query Letters: @ColbyMarshall

6 Easy Steps to Great Character Mapping: @robinrwrites

How big is the “prestige factor” for trad-published writers?  #FutureChat 4pBST / 11aET (now)  @Porter_Anderson

The Rules of Writing … or Not: @storyfix

21 Surefire Ways to Sink Your Writing Career @deborahdeetales

Using ‘what ifs’ and other strategies to develop story ideas: @AlexJCavanaugh

When a Writer Becomes a Target: @rachellegardner

How Do You Know When You’re Done? @berkun

Analyze the Scene Structure: @Janice_Hardy

Modify Your Modifiers: from Melissa Gilbert

How Does Your Novel Grow? The Writing/Gardening Connection @Katrinakittle

On Heroism in Romance: @dearauthor

Amazon Advertising Services for Indie Authors, Yea or Nay? @goblinwriter

7 Key Elements of Pacing a Novel: @MartinaABoone

Reading is the Training Ground for Becoming a Better Writer: @jodyhedlund

How to Find Your Trademark Writing Style: @CSLakin

Query question: more on comp titles: @Janet_Reid

5 Strategic Mistakes In Self-Publishing:  @benmwallace

When Rejection is Necessary, or Rejecting All the Fear: @msheatherwebb

Create Dialogue From the Outside In: @jackieblain

Fall in Love with Your Characters (So The Reader Will Too):  @Author_J_White

Writing Clear Accessible Sentences: @lindasclare

Dr. Seuss On Writing: @writers_write

Tips for introducing a character: @EimhWrite

The need to reform copyright: @JAKonrath

The mythology of the starving, tortured writer: @mikemartinez72

Rediscovering the joy of writing: @nownovel

Artistic Freedom vs. Crowdsourcing, Censorship, and the Dunning-Kruger Effect: @annerallen

Helpful Websites for Authors to Learn About Self-Pub: @amcbooks

Why risk aversion is killing publishing innovation:  @JanetKGrant

Create A Protagonist Audiences Will Relate To: @woodwardkaren

Book Trailers And Using Video For Book Marketing: @thecreativepenn

The Rise of the Nameless Narrator: @newyorker by Sam Sacks

Character Development – Making the Reader Care: @behlerpublish

1 author considers stopping marketing and writing more books: @JamiGrayAuthor

Lessons from a great book jacket designer: by Alan Rinzler

Can a small publisher make ‘pay what you want’ model work? @asap_jonathon @flavorwire

Focus the Narrative Drive: @janice_hardy

Navigating a Big Writer’s Conference: @writeabook

Can A Book Teach You How To Write?  @lawz_m

Screenwriting: Hitchcock’s POV Says You’re A Psycho: @ozzywood

On School Visits from an Author’s Perspective: @dawnafinch

Anthropomorphic: Definition and Examples for Writers: @joebunting

NASA’s Space Educators’ Handbook (for SF Writers):

Things ‘Justified’ Teaches About Writing:  @misskyokom

Upcoming conferences and a surprising look at the Indian book market: @Porter_Anderson

Attracting Readers to Our Newsletters:

Stress-Free Mingling And Conversation Starters At Conferences: @writersrelief

Effective Use of LinkedIn: @terrywhalin

Why 1 Writer Quit Goodreads (or, The Bookternet Is Not Safe for Women): @passivevoiceblg @brennacgray

3 ways to lead Amazon search bots to your book: @niniehammon

The Declaration Every Great Writer Makes: @jeffgoins

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Your Manifesto: @danasitar

Reasons why querying writers may not be getting requests:  by Kim English

Whose Story Is It? Self-Editing for Point of View: by Rachel E. Newman

Juxtapose like Banshee to Make Work Resonate with Readers: @lansi26

Don’t Wait for the Mood to Strike to Write: @ediemelson

The Venn Diagram Stage of Writing: by Elisabeth Sharp McKetta

As The World Gets Smaller, Authors’ Jobs Get Bigger: @Porter_Anderson

The author assistant relationship needs to be a partnership: ?@SKWillsAuthor @patricia_eddy  @K8Tilton

22 Free Online Courses for Writers: @ShelleySturgeon

Why Writers Need Marketing Plans:  @KristenJett

How to add value to a novel to sell more:  @lansi26

Has KDP Pre-order helped level the playing field for authors? @thecadencegrp

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  1. Thanks as ever for these great links, Elizabeth. I see several on writing style and finding voice. I think it’s so important to go back to those things and make sure we’re writing with integrity. Good reminder!

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