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by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig


Twitterific writing links are fed into the Writer’s Knowledge Base search engine (developed by writer and software engineer Mike Fleming) which has over 30,000 free articles on writing related topics. It’s the search engine for writers.

Review a Book for Potential Legal Issues: @WhippleMarc @passivevoiceblg

A closer look at some strong opening lines: by Matt at The Book Blogger

Tips for a better author website: @Vijayaschartz

Creative Nonfiction Writing Process: @AnneGreenawalt               

What’s So Great About Young Writers? @robin_black @NYTOpinion

There Are Only 6 Basic Plots, According to Computers: @a_ben_richmond

Writing Horror And Making A Living: @mbcollings @thecreativepenn

Query question: I only want an agent for film/translation: @Janet_Reid

How to Spot a Rights Grab: @HelenSedwick @passivevoiceblg

Using vehicles for cover in shootouts: @LeeLofland

4 Daily Steps To Long Term Writing Success: @ryancaseybooks

Questions about ISBNs and Barcodes Answered: @JFBookman

Permission to ask for what you’re worth: @KristinSLevine

7 Fiction Writing Rules : by Kat Foster @womenwriters

The Fantasy Genre: Where’s the Line? @mattstaggs @suvudu

What publishing needs now are gutsy people: @JanetKGrant

8 Steps to Discover Your Perfect Writing Process: @sacha_black

10 Best Creative Writing Exercises: @Mary_Jaksch

AmazonCrossing: ‘Around 150 Books Translated’ : @Porter_Anderson #FengTang

Unraveling The Ribbons of Your Story: @MichalskiLiz

Why and how to use interviews to research fiction: @LaurelGarver

5 LinkedIn Groups for Writers:  @ShelleySturgeon

In a Rush to Publish?  Better Ways to Shave Off Time:

4 Indie Books that Began as Blogs: @joesutton

3 Tips for Overcoming Fraud Syndrome: @livequiet @MeaganFrancis

Why Authors Must Be Genuine on Social Media: @K8Tilton @RachelintheOC

Commonly Confused: Peak, Peek and Pique:  @Savage_Woman

How Reading Short Stories Can Make You A Better Writer: @JacobTomsky @StoryADayMay

3 Ways To Start Writing: Without The Fear:  @AnthonyEhlers

Does Your Website Make Your Readers Think?  @thejessew

The concept of home in crime fiction: @mkinberg

Worst Types of Plot Fails: @TherinKnite

What Elizabethan book pirates in the 1500s teach about piracy today: @passivevoiceblg @voxdotcom @PhilEdwardsInc

8 Blunders to Edit Out of Your Writing: @mrJRPatterson @thePenleak

Using a journal to brainstorm your fiction: @LaurelGarver

LinkedIn: 5 Mistakes to Stop Making: @fahrenheitllc

5 Ways to Write a Book: @trainingauthors

Authors making $8,000 per year? Why write free? A #FutureChat recap: @Porter_Anderson @robotech_master

How To Write A Killer Hook: @SueColetta1

Why Are Boys Not Reading More? Is Publishing Addressing The Crisis? @Porter_Anderson @pegtyre

How to Write in Deep POV: @ShesNovel

Building Complex, Interesting, Memorable Characters: @VickiEssex

4 Compelling Ways to Write Emotion: @Jill_Jepson

9 ways to brainstorm story ideas: @SusanLeighNoble

How to Accomplish Twice the Writing in Half the Time: @MudpieWriting

Pros And Cons Of Being An Indie Author: @thecreativepenn

5 Ways to Stretch Your Word Count: @MCristianoWrite

7 essential MailChimp tips and tricks:  @SageCRM

5 bits of wisdom for poets, by poets: @nickimporter

5 ways to get publicity for your book: @chrisrobley

Looking for an editor or designer? A free list:  #selfpub #selfpublishing

The Right Way to Price Your Book: @thecadencegrp

Write Better Faster. 10 Go-To Resources:  @janalynvoigt

Writing Impossible Goals, Impossible Obstacles: @Screenwriter12

8 Mistakes That Will Kill Your Sci Fi Screenplay: @bang2write

Are youth reading? In what format? @Porter_Anderson @BKGKristen

Muddled book middles: some suggestions:  @drcarolcooper

100+ places to market your SF book: @booklaunchdemon

5 apps for writers:  @WendyHJones

8 Compelling Themes for Dystopian Settings: by David Mesick @mythcreants

Q&A with literary agent Jenny Bent:  @jennybent @ScriptsScribes

How Much Time has Passed in Your Story?  How and Why to Keep Track: @ink_and_quills

Negotiation Tactics of Good Agents: agentk @ristinNLA

‘The Tsunami-of-Content’?  #FutureChat recap: @Porter_Anderson @jamesscottbell

Your Characters Are Too Talkative? Manage Your Dialogue: @MillisJess

Upcoming Conferences and Workshops and Publications for Writers: @AlexJCavanaugh

Be Mean to Your Characters: 3 Ways to Create Conflict: @johnkbucher

Creating Better Ethnic Characters: @MiaHopkinsxoxo

What Writers Can Learn From Game of Thrones: @EJemily24

7 Storytelling Sins of Worldbuilders: @mythcreants by Chris Winkle

Why Good Characters Have to Die in Fiction: @whisperproject @farrtom

Video Games & Storytelling: @woodwardkaren

How Important is Your Book Title? @rachellegardner

10 Steps to Editing with Focus: @silas_payton

Organize Your Writing Life: Tracking Characters:  @The_Julia_Kelly

How to Make Your Novel Sellable:  @DeniseDrespling @WriteAngleBlog

Why Beta Readers are the Key to Effective Rewriting: @whisperproject @farrtom

Dontcha Know and Other Vernacular Issues for Writers @catewoods @WriteAngleBlog

How To Conquer The Shame Of Being A Writer : @litreactor @chuckpalahniuk

How to Write With Your Back Against the Wall: @drewchial

3 Ways to Start Your Novel: @RuthanneReid

Craft Dynamic Antagonists Your Readers Will Love: @KMWeiland

On Writing Well (5 Big Tips):  @challies

Why Screenwriters Are Writing Novels: @WriterJimVines

Supercharge Your Story’s Setting with 3 Design Tools: @MandyCorine

‘Putting Readers First’ At BEA: Gatekeepers, Curators, And ‘Too Many Books’: @Porter_Anderson @MichaelBhaskar

10 Items for a Successful Book Event: @TraceConger

Making Unlikeable People into Likeable Characters: @SeptCFawkes

What a query is and how to write one:  @theQueryFaerie

Is my agent an idiot? Yes, yes he is. @Janet_Reid

Loglines and taglines are different and we need both for our novel: @RWASDChapter

How To Write a Constructive Critique: @MandyCorine

Avoid These 25 Newbie Writer Mistakes: @jodyhedlund

The eeriness of the English countryside as a setting: by Robert Macfarlane @guardianbooks

How To Record Your Own Audiobooks For ACX: @thecreativepenn

How to Get Readers to Lust After Your Book: @jamesscottbell

Critique Partners vs Beta Readers and Where To Find Them: @DarlaGDenton

Researching your Novel Guide: @nownovel

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  1. These are great links as ever, Elizabeth. I like the fact that a few of them focus on the writer community. We all want to be successful; bud oddly enough, I don’t think of it as a competition. We all do better when we help each other.

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