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by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Twitterific writing links are fed into the Writer’s Knowledge Base search engineBlog (developed by writer and software engineer Mike Fleming) which has over 30,000 free articles on writing related topics. It’s the search engine for writers.

How Not to Collaborate on a Story: @davey_beauchamp

How to Be a Better Writer: Turn Struggle Into Success: @hughosmith

Great Character: Karl Childers (Sling Blade”): @gointothestory”

Introducing Characters in a Scene: @Janice_Hardy

How to Create a Remarkable Villain (Beyond the Clichés: ) by  David Villalva @betternovelproj       

On Story Prep: @gointothestory

How to Write a Bio to Turbocharge Our Guest Posts: @RidethePen

Plane Crashes and Writing: 6 Sources of Common Ground: @jan_ohara

Is our crit partner worth the stress? @nicholesevern

Effective Ways to Make Characters More Memorable: @DeanElphick

4 Benefits of Pre-Writing: @ink_and_quills @shesnovel

Negotiate Contracts Like a Pro: @susanspann

Symbolism in our writing: @SonjaYoerg

10 Bad Writing Habits to Break: @WritersCoach

11 Problems All Writers Face:  @cheryljmuir

The Dos and Don’ts of Character Bios: @ink_and_quills

100 Writing Practice Lessons & Exercises: @write_practice

3 Steps for Creating Realistic Fantasy Races and Creatures: @ink_and_quills

Find an Extra Hour Every Day With a 5-Minute List: @jenn_mattern

On author surveys: #FutureChat 4pBST / 11aET (now) @Porter_Anderson

A look at recent author surveys: @Porter_Anderson @futurebook

What does it take to be a successful indie writer? @ShawnInmon

The appeal of the traditional mystery: @mkinberg

3 Tips for Writing More Concisely: @AnneGreenawalt

26 Creative Ways to Publish Social Media Updates: @smexaminer @aliventures

Why Change Your Book Cover Artwork? @RachelAmphlett @mollygreene

5 Hacks to Create a Good Writing Habit: @joebunting

How to Plot a Romance Novel: @nownovel

6 ways to work past blogger’s block: @the writersasst

5 Absolute Dimensions of Character Personality:  @writingeekery

Legality of pseudonyms: @Janet_Reid

The Second Draft: @mbtinsley

Tips for Building A Winning Social Media Marketing Strategy: by Elna Cain

Tips for starting a newsletter: @bookgal

How To Get Back Into Writing (Once You’’ve Lost Your Groove): @MudpieWriting

The Authors Guild Survey’s Self-Selected Sample: More Fuel On The Fire? @Porter_Anderson  @barryeisler

Writing Strong Scenes: 5 Tips @angee

Writing Your Book’s Back-Cover Copy:  @JRHwords

5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Writing  Workshop: @BernadetteMung

How to Set Readers Up For Success: @denisedrespling

Growing your vocabulary by using etymology:  @kseniaanske

8 Things to Know (From a Former Journalist):  by R.G. Belsky

17 Screenwriting Scenes To Use In Your Novel: @writers_write

What Writers Can Do When Writing Advice Conflicts: @MandyCorine

Use Facebook to Sell Books:  @pbackwriter

5 Things Productive Writers Do Differently: @joebunting

How to Choose Amazon Keywords: @davidpenny_

AuthorEarnings: With a Dose of Hype: @Porter_Anderson @ThoughtCatalog

4 Key Ways to Ramp Up Tension and Pacing in Our Fiction: @CSLakin

Which are the Best Email Service Providers for Writers? @GaryJMcLaren

Worldbuilding for Urban Fantasy: @howtobeamazing

7 Ways to Become a Better Writer in 7 Days: @marcykennedy

Should Indie Authors Worry About Piracy? @BookWorksNYC @stapilus

Villains: The Real Stars:  @willvanstonejr @K8Tilton

18 steps to a successful book marketing campaign:  @WesJThomas

Where Indie Authors Should Sell Their Books: 7 Retailers: @MSaintGermain

21 Writing Quotes on Getting Started:  @GaryJMcLaren

Self-Publishing for Author/Illustrators: @Skipper_Bay

5 Reasons Authors Need Goodreads: @terrywhalin

Growing Our Character Relationships to Grow Our Character: @Saboviec

Soundtracks For Books: How One Novelist Is Using Booktrack: @ADStarrling @thecreativepenn

Is it Time to Say Goodbye to Microsoft Word? @GaryJMcLaren

How to Write 5,000 Words a Day: by Bamidele Onibalusi

No time to Write? A 3-Step Solution. @RuthanneReid

The Fairy Tale Formula: How To Write A Case Study In 3 Easy Steps: @AnthonyEhlers

15 Compelling Reasons to be a Writer:  @GaryJMcLaren

Quirky Sources to Make Your Story a Winner:  @diannmills

A-Z Social Media Prompt: @JayArtale

Does an Author Really Need a Website? from Fix My Story

A Book Promo Cheat Sheet:  @JBennett111

How To Think about Multiple Points of View: @patverducci

Scrivener: Re-outline, Reorder, Rewrite: @YK_Greene

Fast Writers and Slow Writers:

Why Scene Making is a Great Idea: @lindasclare

Do You Still Need a Website as the Core of Your Online Platform? @karencv

The Socially Awkward Writer: @sarahcallender

Issues with the Audiobook Market:  @inkbitspixels

AI assesses the tone of our writing: @bookworksnyc @roncallari

22 Ways a Blog Can Sell Books: @JFBookman

How to Tackle List Building: @KathleenGage

Remember that what you’re linking to on Twitter needs to be professional: @booklaunchdemon

Define and Attract Your Target Audience: @writerplatform

Should You Hire a Professional Book Cover Designer? @ericaverrillo

4 Reasons Readers Don’t Buy Our Books:  @Nick_Stephenson

The Harsh Truth Behind Print Sales:  @lgoconnor1

7 Reasons Twitter is Great for Writers: @CaballoFrances

The links I shared last week: .All the links (30K+) I’ve ever shared, free and searchable:

Not every indie writer finds success: looking for truth in time of hype: @Porter_Anderson @writerunboxed

What to Avoid in Our Cover Copy: @ceciliaedits

The Hot Sheet:  industry newsletter for authors (30 day free trial): from @Porter_Anderson & @JaneFriedman”

10 Tools to Keep Writers Out of the Doctor’s Office: @colleen_m_story

Writing mistakes to avoid:  @rxena77

14 Points To Consider Before Writing The Ending: @writers_write

7 Things Learned about Day Jobs and Writing: @MRansomBooks

4 Reasons to Write Non-visual Description: @mrJRPatterson @thePenleak

29 Plot Templates: @fictionnotes

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  1. Fabulous links, as ever, Elizabeth – thanks. I love it that there are several about character development. It can be hard to balance that with a focus on the plot, but it’s important.

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