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by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

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Searching for a Better Way to Write The End: @calebpirtle

Explore the Layers of Conflict in Your Story: @piperbayard

Is print triumphing over the “digital threat”?: @philipdsjones @Porter_Anderson

TV Series Binge Watching: A Study in Character Development:  @SurfCityJames               

100+ Places to Market Your Children’s Fiction:  @booklaunchdemon

On Conjunctions:  @Jen_328 @writedivas

Tips for cozy mystery settings and sidekicks:

Counter Perfection’s 7 Most Common Lies: @cherylrwrites

Crime fiction: investigating the victim’s identity: @mkinberg

7 Tricks To Differentiating Dialogue: @geofflepard

Writing the Middle of Your Book:  @stephmorrill

3 Reasons Novel Writing is Like Building a Start Up: @monicamclark

Want to Be a Writer? It’s Time to Act Like a Writer: by Noelle Sterne

Why There’s So Much Conflicting Advice About Social Media: @JaneFriedman

Quick Fix: Make Your Scenes Count: @lindasclare

Writers on the craft: Theme: @gointothestory

Don’t Go Exclusive. Build A Long Term Career As An Author On Multiple Platforms: @thecreativepenn @Liliana_Hart

The Importance of Psychological Development in Character Growth: @beccapuglisi

Ebook Pricing: 3 Tips For Today: @angee

Why Writers Need to Fail on a Regular Basis: @colleen_m_story

How to Self-Publish Your Book: , , @MsBessieBell

Indie author bookstore success: @ChrisLongmuir

3 Important Things To Remember About The Dramatic Question: @writers_write

Hollywood or Bust: Tips for Pitch-Ready Loglines: @aBookPublicist

How To Write Your Book Sales Description: @thecreativepenn @bryancohenbooks

On Descriptive Writing: @writingforward

First Draft Checklist: @MiaJouBotha

7 Things to Do Before We Get Published:  @MadelineMMartin

15 Tips for Achieving Our Creative Goals Every Day: @WriterJoMalby

Writing Hands-Free: @robinrwrites

Publishing Industry Etiquette:  @hmacgierhart

Should We Delete That Conflict Scene? A 3-Question Quiz: @Write_Tomorrow

Creative Fatigue?  Don’t Worry. It’s Not About You: @ozzywood

A prison term inspired one writer: @Peggy_Riley

10 Ways To Turn Your Real Life Experiences Into Science Fiction @charliejane

Coffeehouses and Concentration: @WriterDiaries

Creating sympathy for the bad guy in our story: from Writing Questions Answered

Character Likability and Subtext: @jamigold

3 1/2 Tips for Fixing an Unlikable Character: @jamigold

Great Character: Bree Daniels (“Klute”): @gointothestory

5 Reasons to Track Questions and Answers in Your Novel: @HeatherJacksonW

How to Write Vivid Descriptions:  @dice_carver

5 Bestselling Fiction Tips: Start With Heart @angee

The Best Email Service Providers for Writers: @GaryJMcLaren

Writing tip: men and women characters should have different POVs: @raynehall

A closer look at the success of A.A. Milne’s Pooh tales: @tordotcom @mari_ness

Essentials of a Pitch:  @ava_jae

How to Find and Fix Your Novel’s Plot Holes: @shesnovel

How To Become a Better Writer Faster: @joebunting

Crowd-funding for self-publishing authors: @novelexperienc3

Cut Down on Wrist Pain with a Vertical Mouse:  @jenn_mattern

Crime Writing: Exceptions to Search Warrants: @SueColetta1

6 Reasons to Push Yourself Outside a Comfort Zone With Creative Side Projects: @DanBlank

Pseudonyms for indie authors: @denisebarnesuk

Does Paid Marketing Work for Authors? @OrnaRoss

Police and Fed Terminology for Crime Writers: @SueColetta1

10 Common Writing Errors:  @JHUSarah

The 10 Secrets Of Resilient Characters: @writers_write

How to Become a Columnist: The Importance of Persistence and Practice: @LuukKoelman

One Secret to Write a Classic Children’s Book:  @hodgeswriter

Why we shouldn’t dismiss adverbs:  by Barbara Baig

How to Use Your Research Without Annoying Readers:  @hollyrob1

Beware Groupthink: 10 Red Flags When Choosing a Crit Group: @annerallen

The Magic Number: Why Witches Come in Threes: @Paul_Cornell

Don’t Be Afraid To Break Our Story:   @_JennyMoyer

Deadlines: Helpful or Harmful? @HeatherJacksonW

When our publisher declares bankruptcy: @Janet_Reid

How should you credit your editor? Advice from a former publisher: @Roz_Morris

4 Ways Being a Writer Teaches You to be a Better Person: @booktrib @KMWeiland

Writers, stay true to your standards: @Roz_Morris

2 writers, 1 voice: writing partners: @thewordmavens

Communicating Indirectly With Readers:

The State of the Publishing Industry in 5 Charts: @JaneFriedman

Age, Surveys, And Income: The Authors Guild€™s View: @Porter_Anderson @mariraz

Riddles in crime fiction: @mkinberg

Got a Pen Name? Here’s How to Market Your Books: @CaballoFrances

Tips for Picking Up the Pace: @SusanKelley

5 Tips for Success as a Self-Published Author: @susankayequinn

5 Out-of-the-Box Writing Prompt Sources: @EmilyWenstrom

The Problem of Advice:  @CarrieMesrobian

Outlining using a 6 stage plot structure: from Nova Zero Writing

On creating characters: @gointothestory

Take Your Writing Outdoors: 9 Tips for Successfully Working Outside: @Kristen_E_Pope

5 Things We Can Do To Improve Our Writing: @Savage_Woman

Quick Fix: Tips for Self-editing: @lindasclare

Writing for Kids: The Low-Down on Lexile Levels:  @AmyBearce

Screenwriting Basics: Story’s Holy Trinity:  @ozzywood

How to Break the Rules: Never Start With Backstory: @notjustanyboggs

Worldbuilding: Using Taboos in a Culture:  @cinehead

How Authors Can Use Listopia to Promote Their Book: @aBookPublicist

When to Keep Secrets and When to Tell Truths : @bstarknemon

Deconstructing Back Cover Copy: @betternovelproj

How to use Google analytics as an author: @nicholesevern

Using Dreams in Literature: @kelsieengen

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