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by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Twitterific writing links are fed into the Writer’s Knowledge Base search engineBlog (developed by writer and software engineer Mike Fleming) which has over 30,000 free articles on writing related topics. It’s the search engine for writers.

7 Of The Worst Tropes About Creativity: @Jonwestenberg

13 Ways to Be a Successful Guest Post Author: @ShelleySturgeon

Script To Screen: “Alien”: @gointothestory

Is New York publishing: a dream or the big lie? @calebpirtle      

Word Count: How Many Words In a Novel? @joebunting

Active Practice vs. Passive Learning:  @CarolAnneMalone

How to Become a Bestselling, Full-Time Novelist: It’s SO Easy! @DanBlank

10 Tips for Coming Up With Story Ideas:  @ink_and_quills

Struggling to Get Published? You’re Not Alone.  @readjennymartin

Writing Better Characters:  @PBRWriter

7 Steps to Creating a Flexible Outline for Any Story: @KMWeiland

What is Theme?  Deconstructing an Elusive Concept: @ink_and_quills

What Makes a Good Ending? from Not so Classically Trained Writer

How to Write About Your Pets: by Anne Kaier @writersdigest

6 tips on writing characters: @DinahJefferies

Writing the YA Contemporary: @ava_jae

Quick Fix Revision: Plugging Plot Holes: @lindasclare

3 Literary Devices to Use in Our Writing: @EmilyWenstrom

10 Ways To Stand Out With A Unique Writing Style: @bookrangerkath

Using Short Stories to Promote Our Novels: @raynehall

Writing In a Foreign Language: Like English: by Nils Ödlund

Rewrite: Revisit The Story: @seanbhood

Pushing the Boundaries of Literature: @artofstoriesAB

5 Things Every Antagonist Needs: @larin20 @writedivas

5 Publishing Tips Learned From Working at Amazon:  @Lexirad

100+ Places to Market Your Post-Apocalyptic/Dystopian Book:  @booklaunchdemon

Getting Over the Hump of the Blank Page: @kristanhoffman

How 1 Writer Revises in Passes (video): @ava_jae

What Makes Good Creative Non-Fiction?  @lawz_m

How to Typeset a Novel in Microsoft Word:  @JillWilliamson  @Goteenwriters

The Art of Making It: Rekindling Your Motivation: @VaughnRoycroft

On Repetition in Writing: @ava_jae

Avoiding Distractions: @MaryVeeWriter

Characters of Color, Constant Abuse, and Racism as a Theme: from Writing With Color

7 Tips for Negotiating Your Mystery Movie Deal: @CarmenConnects

Screenwriting: Creative Career Failures (And Why You Will Succeed): @ozzywood

Understanding Screenwriting (With Films as Examples): by Tom Stempel

4 Reasons to Never Write Alone: @McgannKellie

It’s Not A Story Until Something Goes Wrong: @AnthonyEhlers

Why 1 Writer Hates Wattpad (And Then: Why She Doesn’t): @EmilyFRussell

8 Ways to Take Control of Social Media: @timgrahl

3 Ways To Make Your Stories Credible: @authorterryo

The 4 Steps to Sustained Creativity: @gingermoran

Scientific Tips to Improve Our Writing: @passivevoiceblg @FuturityNews

Self Publishing a Book? Advice we shouldn’t follow: @Nick_Stephenson

The Overwhelmed Writer: @kristinerusch

4 Women-in-Fantasy Tropes That Are Getting Old: @EmilyFRussell

1st Person Or 3rd? How To Choose What’s Right For Our Story:  @CathyStucker

Sell More Books at the Back of the Room: @CathyStucker

Story Glue: 3 Examples:  @anna_elliott

Getting an Author Domain Name When Is Taken: @michaelkeshen @wherewriterswin

When love causes conflict in crime fiction: @mkinberg

Time Management for Writers:  @jenroland @FinishedPages

A Writing Life and Motherhood: @Nina_Schuyler @FinishedPages

The Evolving Literary Agent: What Savvy Writers Need to Know: @JaneFriedman @writersdigest

How Not to Miss Your Editor’s Suggestions: @ckmacleodwriter

Self-Publishing for Author-Illustrators: @Skipper_Bay

5 Overlooked Marketing Channels to Promote Your Books: by Kevin J. Wood

New ways to murder your characters: @SueColetta1

Avoiding Common Punctuation Errors: Adjectives and Commas: by Melinda Brasher

How to Edit Like a Pro: @RuthanneReid

When to start physically describing characters? from FYCD

From Setting to Inciting Incident: @ShanDitty

Searching for Tim Cook’s Energy Bar: @DanBlank @99u

3 Things Learned About Writing from Analyzing Stephen King’s IT: @hannah_haney

How a Character’s Choice of Clothing Benefits the Story:

Are you guilty of taking shortcuts with your writing? @stephenwoodfin

Emotional Wound Thesaurus: Being in the Shadow of a Successful Sibling: @beccapuglisi

12 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Magic System: @metteharrison

How to Overcome the Fear of Putting Yourself Out There: @susancain

The Pros and Cons of Audiobook Publishing: @RogerDColby

Track Changes:  The Essential Tool for Writers and Editors: @daveBricker

6 Tips for Switching Genres: @JulietBlackwell

4 Steps to Querying a Small Press: @KarenGowen

You Haven’t Failed Until You’ve Quit Trying: from the Writer’s Society

Field trips featured in crime fiction: @mkinberg

A Characterization Study on Little Women: @JillWilliamson

5 Things 1 Writer Wishes She’d Have Known Before Self-Publishing:  @dela_52

New Writers: Balancing Personal Life and Writing Career: by Kathleen Moulton

Preparing the Perfect Pitch: @writerashley

10 Rules of Writing a Novel: @BettyDraper

9 Famous Anti-Social Fictional Characters: @writers_write

Avoid Common Ebook Marketing Mistakes in 6 Steps: by Edward Warner

How to Switch Gears from Writing to Editing: @MudpieWriting

10 Tricks to Cut Your Word Count:  @karenmarston

How to be a Better Writer: Be Precise:  @ErinMFeldman

Pulling Your Hero Into the Magical Realm: @mythcreants by Chris Winkle

7 Ways to Build a Business Around Our Nonfiction Book: @NinaAmir

How to Be a Successful Writer: Stop Comparing Ourselves to Others: @sara_crawford

Should We Delete That Conflict Scene? A 3-Question Quiz: @Write_Tomorrow

15 Tips for Achieving Our Creative Goals Every Day: @WriterJoMalby

7 Things to Do Before We Get Published:  @MadelineMMartin

30 Marketing Questions that Self-Published Authors Must Answer: by Jason Walberg

3 mistakes we’re making on Goodreads: @sandrabeckwith

3 Ways to Explore Your Own Imagination:  @PerigeeBooks

State by state list of libraries and their contact info: @wherewriterswin


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