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by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Twitterific writing links are fed into the Writer’s Knowledge Base search engineBlog (developed by writer and software engineer Mike Fleming) which has over 30,000 free articles on writing related topics. It’s the search engine for writers.

Stop sweating the synopsis and write it: @hollyrob1

The Evolving Literary Agent: What Savvy Writers Need to Know: @JaneFriedman

5 Books About Imaginary Religions: @tordotcom  by Michael W. Clune

Weaving a Tapestry of Page-Turning Story: @Saboviec             

On Trying Something New: @ava_jae

The Legal Side of Writing for Anthologies: @susanspann

Hanging in the Back Matter: Indents Are the Rule: @JFBookman

A 12-Month Strategic Plan for Marketing Your Book before Release: @instntpublisher

The Secret to a Powerful Author Brand: @kristenlambtx

Pay-What-You-Want Pricing: Does it work for books? @payhip

Promo efforts that worked best for one bestselling author: @VirginiaGraybks

Toy Story Shows the Key to Subtle Character Development: @KMWeiland

Manuscript to Ebook: A Cleaning Guide: @dkudler

6 Tips for Finding a Cover Artist: @jamigold

Literary Style: 15 Writers and Their Bedrooms: @writers_write

5 Reasons Writers Should be on Social Media Networks: @garyjmclaren

How to Write About Anything: 5 Steps for Researching a New Topic: @chanawrites

Establishing Your Writing Fallback Point:  @SuzanneBrazil

BookBub Interview, Pt 1: and part 2:    @ThereseWalsh

7 Fatal Flaws That Told 1 Writer Her Novel Wasn’t Ready to Pitch: @StephofLegends

Writing and the Creative Life: The Creative Personality: @gointothestory

4 Essential Tips On Writing Young Adult Fiction: @RuthanneReid

Simple Tips for Smarter Self Promotion: @artofstoriesAB

Rewrite: Revisit the Story: @seanbhood

What is the 1st Act? @seanbhood

So You Want to Write YA Thrillers? @ava_jae

8 Things to Cut When You Kill Your Darlings: @shesnovel

Deep editing:  @MargieLawson @erniewords

A 4-draft writing process: @kseniaanske

8 Ways the Military Deals With Magical Powers: @tordotcom  by Chris Lough

Should We Keep Writing the Same Characters for Years? @RobinGunn

Post Conference To Do List:  @SLeesmithAuthor

A great question to ask about your protagonist: @gointothestory

Simple Instagram Tips For Authors: @shelleyhitz

Are Major, Traumatic Events Off Limits?  @sarahrcallender

Hide your story’s structure with emotion: @shalvatzis

5 Steps to Creating Your Writing Ritual: @Cara_Putman

Blog Your Book to Build Author Platform: @NinaAmir

Writing Mental Illness in Your Novel:  @AmberSkyeF

6 P’s to Success in Your Writing Life: @OrlyKonigLopez

Following Through After a Conference:  @bethany_house

5 Books About Inconvenient (Unlikable) Women: @zenaldehyde

5 Observations on the Evolution of Author Business Models: @JaneFriedman

4 Puzzle Pieces to Hook Your Readers: @jeancogdell

Script Analysis: “Looper”: Scene By Scene Breakdown: @gointothestory

Pitching on Twitter: How to Circumvent the Slush: @s_lovett @DIYMFA

A Case Study on Family as a Literary Theme: @SaraL_Writer @DIYMFA

Taking the Standing Desk to the Next Level:  @KeithCronin

Picking the Right Viewpoint Character for Your Scene: @septcfawkes

10 Poses To Show Character Development Through Body Language:  @MiaJouBotha

What to Expect from Editors: @lindasclare

Confidence. If You Don’t Have This, You Might As Well Forget It: @10minnovelist

Is It Okay To End A Sentence With A Preposition? @epbure

Podcasts for Authors: 5 author marketing podcasts: @wherewriterswin

The Fundamentals of Writing a Scene: @plotwhisperer

Tracking dysfunctional sleuths in crime fiction: @mkinberg

Stephen King: Can a Novelist Be Too Productive?  @StephenKing

How Authors and Editors Can Work Better Together: @andylowe99 @ReedsyHQ

Quit Your Day Job: @jaelmchenry

On the Lack of Chronic Illness Rep in YA: @ava_jae

Beta-Readers and Editors: Diversity is Strength : by Diane Fraser @womenwriters

Create characters with the Enneagram Personalisty model: @nicholesevern

How to Let Your Characters Move The Story Forward: @stephmorrill

2 Stammer Verbs to Avoid in Your Fiction: @JRHwords

What should you do when you don’t want to write anymore? @calebpirtle

Voice recognition Software: @PBRWriter

How Setting Affects Our Characters: @writers_write

Strengthen Your Story Concept with Story Generators: @artofstoriesAB

Query Boot Camp:  Unsuccessful Query Letters are Analyzed: @ReedsyHQ and @RFaithEditorial

Inspiration for Indie Authors Going Global: #NINC15 Conference Report: @OrnaRoss

Will I ever feel like a Real Writer?  by @Alison_Stone

Takeaways from the #NINC15 conference:

Quests in crime fiction: @mkinberg

Focusing On The Premise: @RachelHauck

When to give up on a story: from Writing Questions Answered

Don’t hide being a writer: @angiedicken

Make the Thing That Scares You: @artistthink

Where to market or publish your poetry and resources for poets: @booklaunchdemon

Trope Spotlight: The MacGuffin: @enderawiggin

Ebook Covers: Create Cover Images Which Sell: @angee

Obsession, Delusion, and Writing: @kristinerusch

5 Excuses to Protect Your Writing Time: @HeatherJacksonW

7 Ways Self-Publishing Can Save Your Career: @courtneyromano

Tips for Character Development:

The Obsessive Worldbuilder Quiz:  @Philip_Overby

How a Character’s Choice of Clothing Benefits the Story:

3 Things Learned About Writing from Analyzing Stephen King’s IT: @hannah_haney

Searching for Tim Cook’s Energy Bar: @DanBlank @99u

When to start physically describing characters? from FYCD

6 Tips for Switching Genres: @JulietBlackwell

Track Changes:  The Essential Tool for Writers and Editors: @daveBricker

The Pros and Cons of Audiobook Publishing: @RogerDColby

How to Overcome the Fear of Putting Yourself Out There: @susancain

12 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Magic System: @metteharrison

Emotional Wound Thesaurus: Being in the Shadow of a Successful Sibling: @beccapuglisi

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