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by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Twitterific writing links are fed into the Writer’s Knowledge Base search engineBlog (developed by writer and software engineer Mike Fleming) which has over 30,000 free articles on writing related topics. It’s the search engine for writers.

Sell More Books with Better Descriptions: @SarahBolme

Storytelling Strategies: Sicario’s Vanishing Main Character: by Paul Joseph Gulino @scriptmag

Remember our bios are also marketing devices: @stapilus @BookWorksNYC               

How to Start Your Author Newsletter in 8 Easy Steps:  @AuthorRx

2015 #NaNoWriMo Resources: Character:  from Writersaurus

Writing Dual Narratives: @clairefuller2

11 Ideas for Revising a Novel: @clairefuller2

How to Get Started on Blab – Getting Ready for Your First Broadcast:  @shelleyhitz

10 Tips From a 4-Time #NaNoWriMo Winner: @JamieSheff

How to Price Kindle Books to Free without Exclusivity: @markcoker

Checklist for “Passive” Book Marketing:  @111publishing

How to Publish Ebooks – An Ebook Publishing Intensive: @markcoker

Make “Unbelievable” Stories Feel Real:  @michael_hauge

Common book marketing misconceptions:  @thecadencegrp

5 Questions Before You Write the First Draft: @UlaWrites

A Free EIN Simplifies the Business of Self-Publishing: @BookWorksNYC @MissAdventuring

How to make the most of a group critique at a conference: @Janet_Reid

Creating Your Own Blog Tour: Signing up Bloggers: @WriteJoMichaels

Finding And Managing Content to Beef Up Your Social Media Presence:  @crystallyn

5 Exercises From Comics Creators That Will Save Your Prose: @helpfulsnowman

4 Branding Tips for Authors: @NinaAmir

Today’s #FutureChat: Can books generate excitement for the next gen?  4pBST / 5pCEST / 11aET (now) @Porter_Anderson

Fandom: can books generate excitement for the next gen? #FutureChat @Porter_Anderson

100 Free or Low-Cost Ways to Promote Your Ebook: @AndrewMayne

Do Free Book Promotions Work?  @Adversego @passivevoiceblg

Writing the Unknown Setting: 8 Tips:  @melissafolson

Writing case study: the flawed chick-lit heroine: @bwilliamsbooks

Become a Hybrid Blog-to-Book Author: @NinaAmir

Creating strong characters: 5 checkpoints: @TennysonEStead

What’s the Deal With Book Deals?  @johnpdavid

The Most Common Reasons Why Scripts Are Rejected: @coreymandell @filmindependent

5 Steps to Original Character Creation :  @krgpryal @womenwriters

How to Write a Big Middle Scene:  @stephmorrill

5 Situations Horror Characters Get Themselves Into (and What Would Happen in Real Life): @raine_winters

Amazon to Spend $10,000,000 on Translation: @translationista

Amazon scandal could mean resurgence in print? @philipdsjones @thememo

Interested in writing cozy mysteries? Read one of the best (video review): @richarddenneyyy

Frame of reference–to illuminate or irritate? by JohnMcPhee @NewYorker

Frame of reference–to illuminate or irritate? by JohnMcPhee @NewYorker

How to Write Your First Author Bio: @cameronfilas

Find an Extra Hour Every Day With a 5-Minute List:  @jenn_mattern

7 Tricks To Differentiating Dialogue: @geofflepard

The Math and Music of Multiple Characters: by Dave King

6 Tricks to Mastering the Art of Imagery: @HartzlerBarbara

Public Speaking for Introverts: Tip #1 (courtesy of @Gladwell):  @livequiet

How to Juggle Writing & School (video): @ava_jae

Doodle Your Way Out Of Writer’s Block:  @hodgeswriter

Is There Any Room in Epic Fantasy for the Small Story? @tordotcom  by Chris Lough

The Macro Story: by Shawn Coyne

How To Recycle Writing Ideas: @bethswriting

A closer look: Screenwriting: Classic 40’s Movie: “Casablanca”: @gointothestory

Tips for Writing Nonfiction Articles: @WritersCoach

How to Be Funny Without Hurting Yourself:  @cbramkamp

Make Your Scenes Count: @lindasclare

Self-Education for Writers: @artofstoriesAB

7 Crucial Mistakes Authors Makes with Their Email Lists: @Creativindie

4 Common Short Story Mistakes:  @EmilyWenstrom

Creating an Author Bio With Flash Fiction: @_AliciaAudrey @DIYMFA

Good and bad writing advice:  @rsmollisonread

The One Page Book Proposal: @jennienash

Writing by Omission: by JohnMcPhee @NewYorker

Why we should be excited about Periscope:  @emily_tjaden

The Darknet: Info for Writers: @WrittenByBrian @fionaquinnbooks

Does Your Book and/or Author Website Include Book Club Questions? @wherewriterswin

The non-linear plot: from Plot Line Hotline

How to Build Your Strengths as a Writer: @ajhumpage

Are Your Characters Too Passive? @ava_jae

The Plot Hole That May Not Be A Plot Hole: @vgrefer

How to Manage Your Expectations as an Author: @HelenScheuerer

5 Hacks to Create a Good Writing Habit: @joebunting

How to Write LGBT+ Characters: @HannahEGivens

Letter to 1 Writer’s Pre-publication Self : @VanessaLafaye @womenwriters

How to Research Your Novel without Annoying Readers: @hollyrob1

The Perfect Book Sales Page : @daveBricker

Music For Writers: Jodie Landau In Iceland, Romancing ‘You’ : @JodieLandau @Porter_Anderson

Flashbacks: 4 Commandments for Writing Them:  @PeggyBechko

As @Pubslush goes under, vision for the future (industry-related manifestos): @Porter_Anderson

Dying words, in crime fiction: @mkinberg

How much slack will you cut a character? via @authorterryo

The Ultimate List of Books About Writing: by Gary Smailes

Fixing These 3 Mistakes Could Transform Our Manuscript: agentkristinNLA

Work & Sleep Habits of Famous Writers: @sstodola

Using Dreams in Literature: @KelsieEngen

Synopsis writing tips:  @ink_and_quills

Writing Horror:  Lessons:  @kirabutler

3 Ways to Break the 4th Wall: @johnkbucher

Better Dialogue: 10 Tips @TYCWriting

Supporting characters:  and @Jackson_D_Chase

3 tools for more productive writing:  @nicholesevern

Pitching at Cons: 5 Things to Remember: @BreatheConf @SusieFinkbeiner

An author newsletter is our key to sales without selling (by @SomedayBox ) :

Why don’t the kids read digital? @Porter_Anderson @sarahmedway

Style Sheets, Style Guides, and Why Audrey Hepburn Style is a Writer’s Best Friend: @RuthHarrisBooks

Nobody Said YA Books Aren’t For Teens: @Porter_Anderson @molly_wetta

How to Write Anti-Heroes and Villains: @Jackson_D_Chase

A Writing Notebook: The One Tool Every Writer Needs: @MaryleeMacD

How to Co-Write a Story in Google Docs: @alyssa__holly

The Job of Protagonists & Antagonists: @hookedonnoir

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