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by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

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Hope everyone enjoys their holidays! I’m going to return two weeks from today with an exceptionally long Twitterific, my first for 2016. :)  

4 Ways for Writers to Make Money in Marketing: @LindaUKmasters

3 Tips to Unleash Your Creativity:  @ADDerWORLD

How to Storyboard in Scrivener: @mgherron

What Grabs Readers: The Inside Story: @lisacron     

19 Ways to Write Better Dialogue: @shesnovel

4 Ways to Improve Your Visual Content For Social Media: @piktochart

Writing Psychological Suspense with Elizabeth George: @DIYMFA

When Writing Every Day Isn’t Producing the Results You Want: @colleen_m_story

A Writer’s Holiday Survival Guide: Part One: and Part Two: @besscozby @DIYMFA

Character Voice Consistency:  @AmberSkyeF

Royalties in Anthology Contracts: @susanspann

Commenting On Blogs And Social Media: 6 Tips: @writers_write

  1. Night Shyamalan on Screenwriting: by Daniel Argent

10 Online Writing Tools:  @anttooley

7 Deadly Sins of Writers:  by Carol Goodman

Structuring a Novel: 7 Vital Elements: @nownovel

The Dreaded Synopsis and How to Learn to Love It: @kiersi

Game Writing: The Evolution Of Modern First-Person Horror: @ParkerLemke

2 Tricks for Powerful Description: @artofstoriesAB

Creating an Emotionally Engaging Character:  @authornordin

What’s the Best Holiday Gift You Can Give? Fanfiction! @nataliezutter

Tips for thriller writers: @shadowteams

Inexpensive Marketing Venues for Our Books: @BE_Sanderson

5 Ways an Author is a Bookstore’s Best Friend:  @JulieSchoerke @sfbookreview

Retro-#FutureChat: The biggest publishing story of 2015? 11aET /4pGMT (now)  @Porter_Anderson

Amateur theatrics in crime fiction: @mkinberg

How to Handsell Self-published Books: @CelebratingGran

How to decide what to include in your synopsis: @standoutbooks

Book Description Mistakes Indie Authors Make: @Bookbaby

What to do when your readership hits a plateau: @standoutbooks

Slow down during editing: @JensPenDen

How To Add a Time Jump To Your Story:  @MegDowell

Study screenwriting for better fiction:  by Douglas Schofield

8 Secrets To Writing Strong Character Relationships: @bookrangerkath @writersedit

Why Every Author Should Self-Publish (At Least Once): @OrnaRoss

Raising the Novel’s Stakes: @lindasclare

Composing a Logline: @WritingForward

7 Top #Instagram Tips for Indie Authors: @Lorna Sixsmith

“Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” Is a Superhero: @megangarber

What We’ve Been Taught About Backstory is Wrong: @LisaCron

The Business of Blurbing: @penguinrandom

7 Steps to Becoming a Daily Writer: @KeithGShafer

Free Your Mind To Fulfill Your Writing Goals: @MCSimonWrites

A writer’s clutter: @MCSimonWrites

How To Resuscitate A Lifeless Scene: @writers_write

An agent gives a glimpse into her day: @ShannonHassan

10 Unique Gifts for Writers & Book Worms:  @ashleelcowles

Criticism and the Impostor Syndrome: @HYoungwriter

Discovering Our Writing Processes: @jamigold’s acquisition by Ingram: ‘We’re very lucky’ says @ronmartinez : @Porter_Anderson

6 Writing Lessons From Star Wars: Return of the Jedi: @PAShortt

Minimalism and the Writing Life: @megwolfewrites

Make Holiday Gifts of Your Creative Writing: @amowriting

What authors want from publishing: values, communication, feedback, trust: @Porter_Anderson

Evoking Memories : A Writer’s Must: @sacha_black

Need Writing Inspiration? 5 Unexpected Places to Find It: @HughesAuthor

Are you sure you don’t have any plot holes? by Alicia Butcher Ehrhardt

The Consequences of Being too Careful With Our Writing: @emily_tjaden

5 Places Ideas Come From:  @AngelaRStrong

Self-Care During the Holiday Season: @ChristaDesir

How 5 minutes a day can revitalize your writing: @pubcoach

Process and Productivity: @J_ToddScott

Selling Books Sells Books: @Rachel_Aaron

Signing Away Your Rights: Arbitration Clauses in Book Contracts: @victoriastrauss

When Writing Takes Over Your Life: @LindaKSienkwicz

Deus ex Machina is Not a Dating Site for Ex-Robots: @Savage_Woman

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Christmas Books That Are Naughty and Nice: by Chris Lough and @nataliezutter @tordotcom

What To Give The Non-Writer In Your Life For Christmas: @jameslrubart

Holiday Hacks for Writers: @leslielehr1

Teaching Writing: Using a Writer’s Notebook To Grow Ideas: @tara_smith5

Can successful art be joyful?  @ArtistThink

The Ultimate Pilot Story Checklist: Weeds: @cockeyedcaravan

Agents & Editors on Titles and Rejections: @wherewriterswin

Building Romantic Tension: by PromptsBlog

Tips for creating a sales strategy:  @lansi26

Prepping the Alleged Perp: Info for Writers: @FionaQuinnBooks @TinaGlasneck

11 things to avoid on our blogs: @writers_write

10 Scenes for the Mentor Character in your Novel: @betternovelproj

How to Use Lovecraftian Horrors in Your Stories: @mythcreants by David Mesick

Drawing from a Side Holster: Info for Writers @FionaQuinnBooks

4 Functions of Amazing Opening Lines: by Chris Winkle

25 Gift Ideas For The Writer In Your Life: @RuthHarrisBooks

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Writers: @jamigold

Book Giveaway Options: What’s Best for Indie Authors? @BookWorksNYC @stapilus

Print Book Formatting Programs: Different Options: @SpunkOnAStick

Checklist for Creating a Publishing Team: @miralsattar

Reader Influence in Our Stories:

Environmental issues brought up in crime fiction: @mkinberg

12 Tips That Help Writers Enhance Memory:  @anttooley

39 Thriller Authors: Best Writing Tips and Tools: @chriswellwriter

Engaging Audiences through Twitter in 15 Minutes a Day: @kikimojo

Enter the Inbox: Newsletter Marketing: @West1Jess

Across the Board: Running a collective giveaway: by Kimberly G. Giarratano

10 Lessons Learned From Writing a First Book:  @MariaLauraIancu

An author experiments with Booktrack: @worderella

Use the Hemingway App as a First-Pass Copy Editor:  @worderella

Writing: methodology and camaraderie: @MelBishopWriter @JaneFriedman

Words to eliminate in our writing: by M.L. Gardner

Author Earnings: reporting on UK indie ebooks: @Porter_Anderson

Writing Characters Readers Trust But Shouldn’t: @angelaackerman

Writing for Love or Money: @BrunoniaBarry

Ideas for Getting Reviews: @JackieWeger

How To Write A Screenplay Using Amazon Storywriter: @McgannKellie

On creating book titles: @RobinStorey1

How to Write a Query Letter: @rachellegardner

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  2. Thanks so much for these fabulous links! Now I just need five minutes (a week) to read them all. :)

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