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by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Twitterific writing links are fed into the Writer’s Knowledge Base search engineBlog (developed by writer and software engineer Mike Fleming) which has over 30,000 free articles on writing related topics. It’s the search engine for writers.

Thanks to all who entered mystery writer Sue Coletta’s giveaway! And congratulations to winners Carol Sue, Mark, and Rosemary. 

Happy New Year! Hope everyone has a great 2016.  Here are the links I shared in the last couple of weeks.

5 Ways To Think Differently About Motivation When Setting 2016 Goals: @mazlocoach

“Did my agent fire me and I just don’t know it?” @Janet_Reid #TopTweets2015

On the Rise and Fall of the New Creative Class: @IreneKeliher #TopTweets2015               

Boost Your Writing: 3 Things To Do Now To Start 2016 Off Right: @angelaackerman

5 Things To Do Before Hiring a Freelance Editor: @RachelleGardner #TopTweets2015

10 Habits of Highly Effective Writers: @RBWhitehill

NaNoWriMo, Or How 1 Writer Cheated Her Way to Finishing Her Novel: @j_s_brown @DebutanteBall #TopTweets2015

5 Apps for Writers:  @FinishedPages

What Every Writer Should Know About Their Novel’s Pre-Middle: @BetterNovelProj

How to Build the Writing Habit (in 2016): from Authority Self-Pub

Comic: New Year’s Resolutions (or not): @inkyelbows

Tips for Writing Your Author Acknowledgements: @juliemusil

Author-Editor Collaboration: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: @byondpapr

Should You Let Others Read Your Work Before It’s Finished? @WritingBusy

An agent on using italics: @Janet_Reid

Is Backstory Killing Your Book’s Plot? Here’s How to Fix It: @CSLakin

5 Things Authors On Facebook Should Know: @AnthonyEhlers

Working Collaboratively: Checking Our Ego at the Door: @MartinaABoone

8 Tips for Punctuating Dialogue Tags: from My Book Cave

Resources for Television Writers: @beccapuglisi

4 ways to write faster: @Brianna_daSilva

7 YA clichés:  @Brianna_daSilva

Commas, Em Dashes, and Ellipses: @JamesJMurray1

When writer’s block is real: @MelSzymanik

What You Really Want to Know About Self Pub: @Janice_Hardy

10 practices publishers can use to tamp down Amazon’s impact: by Stephen Blake Mettee

Jobs That Leave Us Time to Write: @stevegillman

Why We Should Do Bad Things to Our Characters: @Janice_Hardy

11 Top Articles on Writing Characters: by Hiten Vyas

On keeping a logbook:  @austinkleon

Questions to Help You Create Conflict in Your Story:  @kylieday0

New Year’s resolutions and embracing mediocrity: @tobywneal

A 4-draft writing process: @kseniaanske #TopTweets2015

7 Steps to Creating a Flexible Outline for Any Story: @KMWeiland #TopTweets2015

How to Write Vivid Descriptions: @dice_carver #TopTweets2015

20 Characters You Need to Start A Novel: @BetterNovelProj

Deconstructing Back Cover Copy: @betternovelproj #TopTweets2015

6 More Character Archetypes to Ditch: by Oren Ashkenazi #TopTweets2015

The growing “business demands on an author’s time”: @Porter_Anderson @kristinerusch

10 Things Best Sellers Don’t Do: @AmyMilesBooks #TopTweets2015

How to Develop an Outline for Our Novel: @farrtom #TopTweets2015

It’s Fat Season For Diet Books: @Porter_Anderson

Why query letters should focus on plot not theme #querytip @carlywatters #TopTweets2015

With booksellers’ pressure: DRM is now soft in Germany: @Porter_Anderson @doctorow #TopTweets2015

How to Write a Fantasy Series: @nownovel #TopTweets2015

The Real Price of Traditional Publishing: @deanwesleysmith #TopTweets2015

Why you should put your book on Wattpad ASAP: @kseniaanske #TopTweets2015

The Plotting Grid: a Tool for Plotters and Pantsers: @ChrisMandeville @KoboWritingLife #TopTweets2015

17 Things Learned About Writing From Structuring a Novel In 7 Days: @BenSchmitt5 #TopTweets2015

Why Authors Should Never Buy Amazon Reader Reviews:  @annerallen #TopTweets2015

What Literary Agents Want to See Before Signing With a Writer: @Writers_Circle #TopTweets2015

Rowling’s Revisions for ‘Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix’ : @RiteLikeRowling #TopTweets2015

Is my agent an idiot? Yes, yes he is. @Janet_Reid #TopTweets2015

10 tips from a self-publishing survivor: @digiogi #TopTweets2015

What Do Your Readers Know and When Do They Know It? by Dave King #TopTweets2015

The Hot Sheet: industry newsletter for authors (30 day free trial):  from @Porter_Anderson & @JaneFriedman:

How 1 writer improved her writing productivity by 100%: @novelexperienc3 #TopTweets2015

Be a More Productive & Balanced Writer: @JordanRosenfeld #TopTweets2015

A Writer’s Cheatsheet to Plot and Structure: @mgherron #TopTweets2015

You’re Not Alone: —10 Perfectly Normal Struggles when #Writing a Novel: @WarrenAdler #TopTweets2015

7 Ways End Your Novel: @enderawiggin #TopTweets2015

10 Links That Demonstrate Your Self-Published Book Looks Cheap & Amateurish: @10MinuteNovelists #TopTweets2015

Cliches to avoid when writing love triangles: @EimhWrite #TopTweets2015

What’s the Biggest Lie You Tell Yourself as a Writer? @jamigold #TopTweets2015

Who cares whodunit? Part One: and Two: @TimHallinan

Don’t get Scammed on Self-publishing: What are Reasonable Costs? @silas_payton #TopTweets2015

The Character Most Writers Get Wrong (And How to Fix It) @MandyCorine #TopTweets2015

7 Reasons Why Most Authors Fail: @johnnybtruant #TopTweets2015

4 Ways to Make Readers Instantly Loathe Your Character Descriptions: @KMWeiland #TopTweets2015

Most authors break through in middle-age: @alice_emily @Telegraph #TopTweets2015

How 1 Writer Became a Morning Person: @ava_jae #TopTweets2015

An agent on introducing characters in a query: @Janet_Reid #TopTweets2015

How 1 writer outlines using a 6-stage plot structure: from Nova Zero Writing #TopTweets2015

15 Tips for Aspiring Writers from 5 Successful Authors: @SimoneHCollins #TopTweets2015

Most Common Writing Mistakes: Describing Character Movements: @KMWeiland #TopTweets2015

If Strangers Talked to Everybody like They Talk to Writers: @ElectricLit @TheLincoln #TopTweets2015

2016 Book Ind. Predictions: Opportunities amid Slow Growth: @markcoker

28 Tips for Writing Stories from Poe, Faulkner, Hemingway and Fitzgerald:  by Josh Jones @openculture

Can we discover narrative through auditory practices? @swtomp @thewritermag

Writing Tense Scenes: @NatePhilbrick

When Writing Becomes Misery: @AuthorAthenaM

4 Special Features For Your Blog or Website:  @IndiePlotTwist

Poe, Short Story Structure and Narrative Technique: @FlynnGrayWriter

How 1 writer perfected his cover copy:  @JMNeyGrimm

Daily Discipline for Writers: Keep After It:  @IndiePlotTwist

Power Your Fiction: Using Weather To Create Mood, Not Clichés: @angelaackerman

Caring For Your Writer 101: @NatePhilbrick

Things to Know When Working With a Printer: @beccapuglisi

Top 8 Screenwriting Books: @ScriptReaderPro

15 Things to Consider When Writing Description: @kathytemean

End of Year Tips: Update Your Online Presence: @AskATechTeacher

4 Ways to Reignite the “Wonder” in Your Writing: @KMWeiland

Crafting a Strong Opening: @jodyhedlund

Cover Design on a Budget: @MarcyKennedy

The 5 Incredible Benefits of Unplugging:  @emily_tjaden

Tension: Setting the Clock: @JamesTuckwriter

Writing is Hard: by Dave King @writerunboxed

25 things to keep in mind if you want to write a book: @AuthorAthenaM

When Writing is Like An Arranged Marriage: @jamesscottbell

How to Know Your Book’s Cover Needs a Redesign @dianaurban

Why writers need to keep a notebook: @NatePhilbrick

Things To Do On Your Holiday Writing Break: @storyfix

Stash, Trash or Refresh: Dealing with Boring In-Between Story Parts: @RidethePen

The Simplest Story Structure: @larathelark

5 Books That Give Women Their Apocalyptic Due: @tordotcom @jackiehattton

A Collection of Creative Writing Worksheets:  @evadeverell

Where to Find Ideas for Writing a Story: @writingforward

10 Ways To Kick Start Your Writing : @Joannechocolat @womenwriters

Genre Mindmaps: @evadeverell

#AmNotWriting : What holds one writer back: @MsTamarCohen @womenwriters

Tips and resources for plotting: @larathelark

Why one writer is enjoying Wattpad: @amzoltai

7 Steps to Overcome Writing Procrastination: @CoachRenate

3 Ways To Build Your Own Genre: @AnthonyEhlers

The Skinny On Blurbs:  @sharonbially

2 Tricks for Portraying Relatable Heroes: @Brianna_daSilva

13 Things Learned About Writing Faster: @VeronicaSicoe

10 Top Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Book Publicist: @dianaurban

The Power of Narrative Writing: @writingforward

Pros And Cons Of Writing In 1st Person: @MiaJouBotha

Why We Should Read Our Novel Out Loud: @blotsandplots

Exploring different writing styles: including writing by hand: @NadineBrandes

How To Format Your Short Story For Publications: A Step By Step Guide: @DeanElphick

15 Tips for Promoting Nonfiction Books Successfully: @NinaAmir @CaballoFrances

Why writers MUST emerge: @kimberlydbrock

5 Reasons Why Writers Need Friends Who Write:  @EM_Denning

The Complete Guide To Creating Backstory In Spec Fiction: @paperbackbird

1-dimensional vs. 2-dimensional characters: from Writers’ Helpers

How to Decide How Many POV Characters Our Book Needs: @marcykennedy

Storytelling flaws in the Insurgent movie: @Brianna_daSilva

How Are You? Good vs. Well: @epbure

37 Ways To Write About Anger: @writers_write

The Truth About Querying Your NaNoWriMo Novel: @breecrowder

A History of the Christmas Story: Not Altogether Christmas but Christmas All Together: @@katewebb_uk

Should authors use other authors as their critics?    @Porter_Anderson @WriterUnboxed

Writing Mechanics: Avoiding the “I” Trap and Other Irritants: @lindasclare

This year’s publishing trend: the remarkably lengthy novel: @juliafly

Catherine Ryan Hyde on Rejection: Does Your Rejected Work Need a Rewrite? @cryanhyde @annerallen

2015 Smashwords Survey Reveals Insights to Help Authors Reach More Readers: @markcoker

A social media mid-life crisis: @DanBlank

Is social media effective for selling books? by Chip MacGregor

Pinterest is Changing The Social Media Game: @CaballoFrances

Attaining Success as an Indie Author with BookBub: @CaballoFrances

Cultivating your creativity during the holi-daze : @laurelgarver

Getting Your Book Translated and Published in Other Countries: @lauracallisen

5 Scams that Target New Writers and How to Spot Them: @annerallen

Engaging Audiences through Twitter in 15 Minutes a Day: @kikimojo

Flash Fiction as Holiday Therapy: @_AliciaAudrey

World-building with Holidays:  @GailZMartin

Need escape from holiday stress? A giveaway for crime fiction fans: @SueColetta1

Vow of silence: how much do you talk about your novel in progress? @Roz_Morris

Social pressure to marry in crime fiction: @mkinberg

Why writing your query like a dust jacket isn’t always sound advice: @Janet_Reid

16 Ways to De-stress This Holiday Season: @emily_tjaden

6  Scams That Target New Writers: @annerallen

How to Protect Your Blog from Hackers: @NinaAmir

Pages requested at a conference: how long do I have to send? @Janet_Reid

Going Global: Self Publishing Tips From Dan Wood From Draft2Digital : @danwoodok @thecreativepenn

The Future of Publishing: @jamesscottbell

5 things that established authors would tell new writers: @Roz_Morris

Editor’s Tips on How to Write a YA Novel: @kateangelella @ReedsyHQ

Why Mysteries Matter:  @ClareLangleyH

Blogging with Facebook “Notes” to Improve Visibility: @LynneCantwell

Finding a Narrator on ACX:  @RamiUngarWriter

Why Writers Need to Motivate All of Their Characters: @drewchial

International sales: Both in translated works and ESL: @Porter_Anderson @ThadMcIlroy

Top 6 Ways Writers Spend the Holidays: @HeatherJacksonW

Words or Numbers? What’s the Best Way to Label Your Chapters? @Janice_Hardy

10 Reasons Why Being a Writer Is Like Being Santa Claus: @TaraSparling

The Problem with Backstory and the Star Wars Franchise: Lessons for Writers: @cathinnorway

When You Need to Rewrite Your Rewrite: @kristinaaurelia

Working With a Freelance Editor: The Process: @MarloWordyBird

Creating lean but descriptive prose :  @cjjasp

Being Trendy: Should You Write What’s Hot? @Janice_Hardy

All You Need (as a writer): by Ken Hughes

How Writers can Create Their Own Galaxies Far Far Away: @drewchial

Creative Exhaustion:  @shay_goodman

Why Books Are the Best Gifts: @mybookshepherd

11 Plot Pitfalls: by Laura Whitcomb @writersdigest

5 Ways to Answer the Worst Question Ever For Writers During the Holidays: @besscozby

Indie Publishing Paths: What’s Your Pricing Plan? @jamigold

Successful Blogging Tips, Authenticity And Longevity: @yarostarak @thecreativepenn

Tips for Facebook Cover Photos: @sosandrine

3 Tips to Launch a New Instagram Account (video): @SavvySexySocial

A Must-Read for Storytellers: Save the Cat: @writingforward

Actions vs Choices: Crafting Better Plots: @Janice_Hardy

On Keeping Track of (Fictional) Time: @ava_jae

Turn a #NaNoWriMo Story Into a Real Novel: @taniastrauss @thecreativepenn

Writing Fiction? 10 Overwriting Traps to Avoid: @danielamcvick

Why More Practice Can Make You A Worse Writer: @bnonn @writetodone

Rough Draft to Final Draft: Tips: @fictionnotes

Self-Publishing Your NaNoWriMo Book? Don’t Miss These Steps: @dianaurban

Do Book Reviewers Charge Too Much? What Do You Get for Your Review?  by Mike Norton

Flattery is More Common Than Truth When Writers Offer Feedback: @Porter_Anderson

When Sidekicks Get the Fan Mail: @julieczerneda @tordotcom

10 Horror Podcasts: @G9Burkart @blumhouse

3 Tricks to Motivated Writing Sessions: @rachellerea

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