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by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Twitterific writing links are fed into the Writer’s Knowledge Base search engineBlog (developed by writer and software engineer Mike Fleming) which has over 30,000 free articles on writing related topics. It’s the search engine for writers.

A writer changes her mind on free books and using IngramSpark: @Roz_Morris

How to Find a Literary Agent for Your Book: @JaneFriedman

4 Tips for Succeeding at a Conference: @ChristianBerkey        

#FutureChat: Authors on the march in 2016:  @Porter_Anderson

4 Resources to Check Out for Building a Better Novel: @reallucyflint

How to murder a character? Methods from Inspector Morse: @Jag248RPA

Here’s Why You Need a Writing Graveyard: @reallucyflint

AmazonCrossing, BookTrack, SELF-e Updates:

You’ve Finished a Rough Draft. What Now? @EmilyWenstrom

Defining women’s fiction: @AmySueNathan

How Horror Saved 1 Writer’s Life (And Why Writing it is Good for the Soul): by Alexander Gordon Smith @tordotcom

5 Writing Tips For Teens Seeking To Become Authors: @writeonepub

What to do About Twitter Non-Followers: @EmilyWenstrom @DIYMFA

Scrivener: Creating a New Doc and Working with Scenes:  @KelsieEngen

Accidental Outdated Slang in YA: @HeatherJacksonW

How To Import Word Comments into Scrivener in 5 Easy Steps (PC Version): @Lexirad

Co-authoring and Writing for Anthologies? Read this first: @ELWicker

The Redemptive Arc: @DavidCorbett_CA

Checklist: How to Write a Query Letter That Doesn’t Suck: @mridukhullar

How mindfulness helped writer @Rubywax through depression:

13 Ways to Stay Creative: @kylieday0

Writing Tips for Getting and Staying Organized: @writingforward

The importance of paying attention as a writer: by Annette Lyon

What Should I Study In College If I Want To Be A Writer?” @stephmorrill”

The 4 Rs Of Speech Writing: @AnthonyEhlers

5 Uses of Real Science in The Expanse: by Oren Ashkenazi

Rewriting Your Script: Set It Aside: @gointothestory

5 Productivity Hacks Anyone Can Use to Write Books Faster: @Lexirad

How the Internet changed the way we read: @dailydot @jacksonbliss

How To Resuscitate A Lifeless Scene: @writers_write

A Story Game to Train Our Imagination: @hodgeswriter

Beginners’ 4 faults: @caroclarke

How to Write What You Know And Then Change the Story: @Sejal_Badani

The Minimalist Guide to Writing Brilliant Settings: @Lexirad

10 Writer’ Resolutions We Can Keep: @CatMousePress

Do writers need ‘public solitude?’ Writing, offline and on: @Porter_Anderson

The Making of an Indie Audiobook: A How-To Guide: @Lexirad

Be Realistic About Your Writing Resolutions: 5 Tips: @writers_write

6 Self-Editing Tips: @ProWritingAid

How to launch your book with at least 25+ Amazon reviews: @timgrahl

50 Plot Twist Ideas for Your Work-In-Progress: @reallucyflint

Making the Most Out of Your Marketing Buck:  @jaimiengle

The Self-Publishing Checklist: Editorial, Production, Distribution: @JaneFriedman

What’s your wheelhouse? A quiz for creatives: @ramonadef

How To Filter Description Through Your Characters: @margmcalister

Trust Your Nouns and Verbs: @kcraftwriter

Developing Sleuth, Villain, and Victim Characters: 40 Character Questions: by John Morgan Wilson

Write Your Character’s Eulogy: @KerryGans

Why 1 author will stop writing her bestselling series: @JulieHyzy

What’s the Best Way to Label Your Chapters? @Janice_Hardy

Before You Launch a Patreon for Your Writing, Read This: @hellothefuture

How to Know Your Book’s Cover Needs a Redesign: @dianaurban

Launch Etiquette: MUST You Buy the Book? @KerryGans

Writing Conflict: How to Ruin (Fictional) Lives:  @jodimeadows

How to Increase Sales at Apple iBooks: @goblinwriter

How To Write A Non-Fiction Book: @thecreativepenn

Working with Public Libraries: A Guide for Authors: @kathys_quill

How to Build a Book-Based Email List: from Authority Self-Publishing Podcast

The Ebook Retail Universe: @dkudler

Writing and Publishing with a Book Packager:  @TalkativeTara @Paperlanternlit

The Night-Sea Journey and How to Use it in Your Story: @evadeverell

. @Wattpad: why it’s important and how writers can best implement it: @Star2dotcom @liztai

How to Use Scrivener to Start and Finish a Rough Draft: @mgherron

“Birdman” Triumphant: A Genre Assessment of an Unconventional Narrative: @SeanPCarlin

Sifting Through Story Ideas: @jodimeadows

Inciting Incidents: A Breakdown: @sjaejones

How to Write a Book Series: @shesnovel

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey: 7 Point Story Structure: @kylieday0

How Many Obstacles are on the Hero’s Journey? @BetterNovelProj

Character Lists: Coax Your Characters out of Hiding: @writeabook

Paid Ads for Books (How to Test Them in 2016): from Authority Self Publishing

A Dissection of Han and Leia:  @writingeekery

5 Hard-Hitting Plot Tools To Unstick Your Story: @MandyCorine

Creating Compelling Characters:  @hywood

Egocentric characters in crime fiction: @mkinberg

3 Twists to Move Past Stereotypes and Freshen Your Characters: @Julie_Glover

Submitting to Anthologies: What You Should Know and Why You Should Give It a Try: @LGKeltner

Using IngramSpark to print and distribute our books:

Writing the Small Town Romance: @ktlane3

Book Sales Tips from a Book Fair Director: @FrugalBookPromo

Turning a Cover Change Into a Positive Marketing Experience: @FrugalBookPromo

How The Literary Class System Is Impoverishing Literature: @thelithub  @BerryFLW

How They Write A Script: Terry Southern: @gointothestory

11 Things Learned by not Working in Pajamas: @ErinMFeldman

6 ways for writers to stay safe online: by Alex J Coyne

50 Things a Writer Shouldn’t Do: @@ThreeGuys1Book

5 Ways to Improve Our Twitter Profile:  @denisewakeman

Subtext: A Key Element of Dialogue: @writeabook

6 Quick Tips for Author Marketing: @kayelleallen

25 things to keep in mind when writing a book: @AuthorAthenaM

Don’t want to kill a character? At least throw rocks: @DRRanshaw

The 3 Essential Elements to Creating a Believable Romance: @CSLakin

Writer Worksheet Wednesday: Stories I Need to Tell”: @evadeverell”

Writer Worksheet Wednesday: Writer’s Statement: @evadeverell

Why Liking or Commenting on a Blog is so Important: @KelsieEngen

3 Myths of Fiction Research: from Plotline Hotline

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