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by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Twitterific writing links are fed into the Writer’s Knowledge Base search engineBlog (developed by writer and software engineer Mike Fleming) which has over 30,000 free articles on writing related topics. It’s the search engine for writers.

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Creative Work is Performance. Assess Your Creative Health Now: @DanBlank

10 Ways You Can Find Time To Write In 2016: @10MinuteNovelists

Tips on How to Pitch Magazines Successfully: @FinishedPages      

What You Need to Be a Writer: @FinishedPages

9 Practical Tricks for Writing Your First Novel: @janellison

Discoverability: Scaling the Wall of Content”: @Porter_Anderson”

5 Bad Defenses of Bad Stories: by Oren Ashkenazi @mythcreants

10 Misconceptions a College Education Taught 1 Writer about Writing @annerallen

Writing Secular American Jewish Characters: from Writing with Color

5 Reasons Canva is Your Blogging Design Heaven: @sacha_black

Talking Taboo: Writing About Sensitive Topics: from The Daily Post

To what degree does publishing need university people? @Porter_Anderson

WordPress: 5 Themes for Writers and Readers: by Cheri Lucas Rowlands

Quotes to Encourage, Motivate, and Reassure Writers: @colleen_m_story

Craft of Writing: Down with Adverbs? @kristastevens

52 Memoir Prompts:  @JeriWB

The Truth about Writing Mechanics: @CSLakin

The Chosen Children of Portal Fantasy:  @seananmcguire

5 Aspects of Science Fiction That Are Far From Childish: @RyancBritt @tordotcom

Finding Balance as a Beginning Writer: @MandyCorine

Writer’s Self-Assessment Worksheet: @evadeverell

No Resolutions or Goals: One Word for 2016:  @Margo_L_Dill

George RR Martin: when writers just can’t finish their books: @guardianbooks @michelledean

Make the Most of Repetition in Your Writing: @benzbox

Six Clichés to Watch Out For When Writing Fantasy: by Oren Ashkenazi

The 3 Dangers Of #Booktube: @NatePhilbrick

This New Year Resolve to Read Socially: @artofstoriesAB

The 9 Traits You Need to Succeed as a Nonfiction Writer: @NinaAmir

5 Tips For Launching a Writing Career: @colleen_m_story

7 Questions to Help Writers Set Meaningful Goals: @colleen_m_story

6 Writing Mistakes to Avoid in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones: @PAShortt

Kindle Preview Embed:

11 New Year’s Resolutions for Writers Who Want to Live Dangerously: @RuthHarrisBooks

A corporate editor quits her job to write: @MCSnugz

4 Writer Superpowers that Will Get You into Trouble in Real Life: @Je55ieMullin5

‘Wattpad writers are celebrities’ in the Philippines: @Porter_Anderson @AshleighGardner #WattpadPresents

10 traits of an epic villain:  @Brianna_daSilva

Track Changes and Comments in Word: @JeriWB

New Year’s Resolution for Authors: Find Your Social Media Joy: @brandilarsen

Who dunnit? Tips for writing detective fiction:  by Rohan Gavin @GdnChildrensBks

Scene Structure: The First 3 Things You Need in Your Scene: @CSLakin

Consumer Power, Author Responsibility and Why Book Reviews Matter: @kristenlambtx

Writing Emotion: is less more, and how do you make it real? @emma_darwin

Inventing Language:  Inspiration and Guidance: @leewind

7 Tips for Writing About Other Cultures: @KathrynTanquary

2015 in Review from Watchdog Group Writer Beware: @victoriastrauss

5 Essential Components of Scene Structure: @CSLakin

Tips for Describing Movement: @Janice_Hardy

The Broken Arc of Character Transformation:  @DavidCorbett_CA

Re-Readability: Does Your Book Have It? (5 Ways to Make It Happen): @KMWeiland

Building Relationships with Indie Bookstores: Tips: @BookHopper @heatherconnor

5 Writing Apps to Help You Finish that Book: @DIYMFA

Understanding Cultural Trends as a Writer: @standoutbooks

19 productivity and time management apps for 2016: @kikolani

Top 5 Publishing Markets for 2016: @hannahsjohnson @pubperspectives

3 Ways Myths Inform Storytelling: @AnthonyEhlers

Free online conference Jan. 27:  #LBF16 @Quantum16 @Porter_Anderson

Tips for hand and wrist care for #writers: @DebbieYoungBN

Lessons From the Awkward Writing of The Sword of Truth: by Chris Winkle

Meta, Irony, Narrative, Frames, and The Princess Bride: @BluejoWalton @tordotcom

The Stockholm Syndrome Theory of Long Novels: @mrkocnnll

5 Tips for Creating a Writing Office in Any Room:  @besscozby @DIYMFA

Creating a Successful Hero and Villain: @ink_and_quills

Why images should be part of our book marketing strategy: @standoutbooks

Cross-promotion ideas for writers:  @silas_payton for @JAKonrath

Lesson in Subtext: “It’s a Wonderful Life”: @gointothestory

Are There Really “Secrets” to Self-Publishing Success? @goblinwriter

Top 10 Things That Aren’t Impressive For Action Characters: @whitleybirks

How to Create Strong Mood: @nownovel

The Hidden Value of a Handwritten Letter:  @hodgeswriter

Crime Writers: 10 Things A Police Officer Should Never Do: @LeeLofland

Using psychic characters without giving away too much of the plot: from How to Fight Write

How to write a chapter: structuring your novel: @nownovel

What We Can Learn From Dan Brown About Writing a Book: @angee

5 Ways Procrastinators Can Become Writers: @NinaAmir

15 Inspiring Writing Podcasts: @briannarbell

100 Best Websites for Writers in 2016: #writing @thewritelife

Why Every Writer Should Freelance: @hopeclark

2016 Publishing Predictions Plus @thecreativepenn’s Creative Writing Process:

Instead of Goals or Resolutions, Try Creating Rules : @zen_habits

What Happens to Writers When They Unplug:  @colleen_m_story

7 Questions to Help Writers Set Meaningful Goals: @colleen_m_story

Learning in the New Year: @deanwesleysmith

“Losing NaNo This Year Does Not Make Me a Loser”: @RainaSchell

Tips for Building a Strong Writer’s Group: @BishsBeat

Pay Yourself First: @Rachel_Aaron

4 Lessons from Orphan Black on Character Development: @EmilyWenstrom

The Hero Is Dead: @seanbhood

Avoid the hero’s journey: use inscrutable human experiences”: @seanbhood”

When Poets Don’t Read Poetry: @writingforward

Achieve diversity in writing: read diverse literature: @sarahmedway @Porter_Anderson

Publishing Trends In 2016 With @JaneFriedman @thecreativepenn

The links I shared last week: .All the links I’ve ever shared (30K+, free and searchable):

Fake it till you make it and other essential writing advice: @JennyHansenCA

Radio Appearances for Indie Authors: @DebbieYoungBN

Changing Text as You Format a Book: @noveleditor

4 Questions to Improve Your Character Development: @EmilyWenstrom

6 methods for character introduction: @fictionnotes

Writing Goals: 2016: How to Schedule: @gointothestory

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