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by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Twitterific writing links are fed into the Writer’s Knowledge Base search engineBlog (developed by writer and software engineer Mike Fleming) which has over 30,000 free articles on writing related topics. It’s the search engine for writers.

How Writers Can Optimize Their Book’s Description on Amazon: @CSLakin

Authors United’s Divisive Stand on Amazon: @Porter_Anderson @pubperspectives

Roundup of the Top #AskBookBub Questions of 2015: @dianaurban

How to Find Beta Readers to Improve Your Book: @shesnovel   

3 Things That Accelerated 1 Writer’s Author Growth in 2015: @monicaleonelle

How to Create an Author Brand: 4 Easy Steps:  @suzannahwindsor

When is the Right Time to Discount Your Book? @dianaurban

Goodreads Giveaways: @cathryanhoward

Preview Widget: Amazon Book Marketing Tool: @fictionnotes

How To Consistently Write 3500-–4000 Words Per Hour: @monicaleonelle

Problems for the Privileged in Crime Fiction: @mkinberg

Free Cheat Sheets for Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and More: @firstsiteguide @AnjaSkrba

Subtly Boost Your Dialogue’s Power With Body Language: @RidethePen

Basic MS Word: When Submitting a MS: from Interrobangs

26 fantastic no-cost tools for writers: @pubcoach

Writing books versus Flash Fiction : @ClaireFuller2

How Writers Can Remix the Past: @drewchial

What Exactly Does An Editor Do? The Role Has Changed Over Time : @LynnPNeary @nprnews

Should Published Authors Attend Conferences? @rachellegardner

Editing Tips for the Indie Author: @JoeMoore_writer

5 Ways to Tell if a Subplot is Leading You Astray: @Janice_Hardy

Dangling Modifiers: @Janice_Hardy

5 Reasons to Write a Short Story: Develop and Market Your Novel: @fictionnotes

Dictating a Book? Tips for Editing the First Draft: @byondpapr

The Search for the Unexpected: the Key to Voice and Plot in Fiction: @MartinaABoone

4 Steps to Creating a Compelling About Page: @VoicetoStory

Eavesdropping for story ideas and other tips from a veteran novelist: @WarrenAdler

Amazon’s New Warning Labels:

Authors Guild: The Fair Contract Initiative: @victoriastrauss

The Most Obvious Writing Tool You’re Not Using: @suzannahwindsor

10 #Wattpad Insights to Whet Your Appetite: @jayartale @OrnaRoss

The e-pub revolution isn’t over (regardless of what you’ve heard) @FuseLiterary @AgentSavant

Writing about Hacking: How To Hack: The Basics: @SueColetta1

5 Tips For Your Office Desk: from Feng Shui for Writers

Want to Speak at Writing Conventions? How to Write a Great Pitch: @arinblackwrites

Tips For Balancing Writing and Life: @susankayequinn

3 Keys to Regain Your Writing Habits: @RuthanneReid

Building Blocks of a Novel: Word Choice: @JulieEshbaugh

7 Ways to Help You Be Precise in Your Writing: by Dawn Field

Writers: How Succeed at “Building Platform” Without Really Trying: @annerallen

Back up your work: @MarcyKennedy

Tips for cutting down on word count:  @KBullockAuthor

7 Mistakes You’re Making With Your Author Blog And How To Fix Them: @thecreativepenn

Midpoints: A Breakdown:  @sjaejones

Scene Structure and Character Arc: @CSLakin

What’s Killing Your Creativity? Probably Not What You Think: @emily_tjaden

3 literary translators with tips and secrets: @Roz_Morris @fwdtranslations @Intralingo @alisonlayland

Beyond Me, Myself, and I: 4 Ideas for Escaping the First-Person Bubble: @benzbox

The power of the hero’s journey: @patverducci

Writing Worksheet: Villains: @EvaDeverell

1st Pages of Best-Selling Novels:  Nicholas Sparks’s  “See Me”: @CSLakin

On Keeping a (Writing) Notebook (or 3): @brevitymag @RandonNoble

Breaking the Writing Rules:  @MaryVeeWriter

Mastering the Art of the Cliffhanger Chapter Ending:  @rlbelliston

10 Character Cliches To Watch Out For: @NatePhilbrick

A Revision Checklist: @kelsieengen

3 fiction marketing mistakes that will hold you back: @sandrabeckwith

Writing: Tension vs. Energy: @DonMaass

10 Ten Tips to Write When You Don’t Feel Like It: @FlynnGrayWriter

Planning out the year: where do you want to be 1 year from now?  @lisajjackson

BookFunnel: Low-Cost Ebook Giveaway Hosting: @mollygreene

Motivated by Motifs: The Daily Post

3 Tools for More Productive and Organized Writing: @jenn_mattern

1 Writer’s Rocky Road to Publication:  @CharlieDonlea

A Brief History of Book Illustration: by Chris Russell

5 Traps and Tips for Character Development: @LifeRichPub

5 Ways to Maximize Your Morning When You’re Not a Morning Person:  @besscozby

4 Personality Types That Will Derail Your Literary Event: by Tim Johnson

The Anatomy of a Love Scene:  @spinellauthor

The Complete Guide to Query Letters: Nonfiction Books: @JaneFriedman

9 Ways to Stop Your Novel from Stalling: by Tracey Barnes Priestley

A way to organize blog posts you want to read: @cathychall

Drafting in Layers:

Thriller Writing Competition: free for US and UK authors to enter: cash and editorial assessment prizes: @ReedsyHQ

Spring Cleaning: Reorganizing Your Blog: The Daily Post

7 Visibility Tips: @DeniseWakeman

4 Post-Its to Put Over Our Desks: @victoriamixon

How a Writer Turned Her Blog Into A Book : @hungrywriting @womenwriters

Considering Self-Publishing? You Might Want to Do This First: @chucksambuchino

Tips for our 2nd Draft:  @JessicaPMorrell

How To Make Effective Goals When Facing The Unknown: @stephmorrill

Keeping Resolutions 101: How to Relish a Challenge: @reallucyflint

First Pages of Best-Selling Novels: The Martian: @CSLakin

Do You Need a Literary Agent? The Definitive Pros and Cons List: @ClaireABradshaw

5 Ways to Improve Your Twitter Profile: @DeniseWakeman

The links I shared last week: .All the links I’ve ever shared (30K+, free and searchable):

Make the Most of Repetition in Your Writing: @benzbox

5 Reasons Why You Stopped Writing Last Year: @KelsieEngen

7 steps for goal creation and implementation: @DIYMFA

5 Brainstorming Techniques for Writers: @LindaUKmasters

Why Money Matters in Fantasy: @EmilyFRussell

Writing a Prologue that Works: @lindasclare

7 Questions to Help Writers Set Meaningful Goals: @colleen_m_story

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