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by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Twitterific writing links are fed into the Writer’s Knowledge Base search engineBlog (developed by writer and software engineer Mike Fleming) which has over 30,000 free articles on writing related topics. It’s the search engine for writers.

One Reader: New and Old World: @deanwesleysmith

Writers’ Consortiums and Co-ops: What They Are and How to Start One:  by Ursula Wong

Finding the Energy to See Our Writing Through: @reallucyflint

Has the Fantasy Literature Genre Become Stagnant? by Nicholas Cockayne

5 Ways to get Unstuck:  @GuidedGoals               

The 17 Most Popular Genres In Fiction And Why They Matter: @writers_write

Indie Publishing Paths: What’s Your Pricing Plan? @JamiGold
98 Book Marketing Ideas: @dianaurban

13 Productivity Apps to Help Keep Our Writing Goals on Track: @InvaderVega

9 Different Ways Writers Can Make Money by Writing: @aliventures

The Importance of Keywords to Ranking Your Book on Amazon: @DaveChesson

Writing subplots: @Rachel_Aaron

How to Rock Your Resolutions: from Rock Your Writing

In web-based novel organizer @Hiveword, you can now track anything:

Plot Waste: The Hidden Problem in Plain Sight: @Chris_Kokoski

How to Use Tough Love to Succeed as a Writer: @colleen_m_story

Want to Get Published? 3 Things a Publisher Must See: @MargotStarbuck

Creative Writer Worksheets: Personal Archetypes: @evadeverell

How to Start Writing a Book: Use This Trick to Find the Time:  @NovelizeIt

Huff Post: Pay Your Writers: @ChuckWendig {lang} @huffpost

Termination Fees in Publishing Contracts: Why They’re Not Just Bad for Authors: @victoriastrauss

Tech Tip for Writers: Don’t Like Double Space Between Paragraphs? @worddreams

400 Years Later: Bumping Into the Bard at Every Turn: @Porter_Anderson

Free book formatting tool for writers: @ReedsyHQ

13 Ways To Fix A Sentence: @Chris_Kokoski

Kobo CEO has stressed a positive outlook for 2016″: @Porter_Anderson @mtamblyn”

How to Construct a 3D Main Character: from ProWritingAid

The Hard Truth: Why You Have To Hustle For Kindle Reviews: @nmeunier

10 Things David Bowie Taught Us About Creating Art: @SuddenlyJamie

7 Tips for Using Hands-On Research to Enrich Your Writing: @DelilahSDawson

Ancient Authors Teach Us About 1st and 2nd Sleep: @JillWilliamson

What is Theme, and Why is it Important? @FlynnGrayWriter

Put Your Writing First:  @Rachel_Aaron

Tips for Choosing Viewpoint Characters: by Chris Winkle

5 Top Myths about Writing + 1 Truth: @DrHelenKara

Tips for becoming a writer from @HughHowey:

5 Steps to Creating a Great Audiobook:  @jayonaboat @JaneFriedman

10 Simple Ways to Boost Your Creativity:  @BlotsandPlots

Are you working on the right thing? @timgrahl

Building Blocks of a Novel: Word Choice: @JulieEshbaugh

Finding Balance Between Plotting and Pantsing: @DavidBCoe

7 Tips for Using Hands-On Research to Enrich Your Writing: @DelilahSDawson

The day jobs that kept famous authors going:  @rxena77

Most Common Writing Mistakes: No Conflict Between Characters: @KMWeiland

The Unlikely Character That Will Take Over Your Story: @Chris_Kokoski

Why authors shouldn’t worry about selfpub book launch sales: @JohnDoppler

Comedy Writing’s Top Secret : by Mark Shatz with Mel Helitzer

A tip for deepening character: @JMJAuthor

What The X-Files Teaches About Writing Scary Stories: @drewchial

Tiny gains add up: @annkroeker

What TV Dramas Can Teach Us About Dialogue:  @chemistken

Relative Pronouns: How Not to Ruin a Sentence: @epbure

Crime fiction: when one character is manipulated by another: @mkinberg

5 Reasons Why Teens Should Attend a Writing Conference: @tessaemilyhall

Editing:  Plot Structure: t @LaneHeymont

Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make with Author Photos: @MillCityPress

A Self-Publishing Checklist:  @MillCityPress

Dialogue In 5 Easy Steps: @MiaJouBotha

Straying from the Party Line: Transparent and the New Reality of Streaming: @cockeyedcaravan

The Ultimate Guide To Creating An Authentic Villain: @kj_bags

5 Planners for Writers: @besscozby

Is Your Frasier Crane Showing? Using Big Words In Writing: @carrie_rubin

Avoiding Bunny Trails and Tangents in Writing:  @_JennyMoyer

The tyranny of the calendar: @nevalalee

5 Tips for Using Comp Titles: @ceciliaedits

3 Reasons Your Books Aren’t Getting Amazon Reviews:  @nmeunier

On Being a Writer Who Can’t Read: @jamestatehill

Effective Ways To Deal With Character Deaths: by Claire Cao

51 Great Similes to Spark Imagination: @worddreams

Indies get a free book formatting tool from @ReedsyHQ: @Porter_Anderson

9 Simple Ways To Sharpen Your Manuscript:  @ClaireABradshaw

How to Create an Author Brand: 4 Easy Steps: @ET_Scribit

When is the Right Time to Discount Your Book? @dianaurban

Build Your Own Writing Education in 5 Steps:  @tessaemilyhall

How to Live Cheaply and Finish Your Novel: @sunilyapa

Effective Outlining in Scrivener with Custom Metadata:  @belalampert

How To Find The Heart Of Your Character: @stephmorrill

Great Endings: Hero Gets Something More Valuable: @CrackingYarns

Three paradoxes of the writing life:  @Roz_Morris

Apple Makes it Easier to be an Affiliate:

Doomed characters in crime fiction: @mkinberg

Marketing Strategy for 2016: There I go    Elizabeth S Craig

The Head and Heart of Your Character: @cluculzwriter

Gut Wrenching Deep POV:  @cluculzwriter

‘A Book Is a Book’: Europe’s Taxing Dilemma: @pubperspectives @Porter_Anderson

29+ Ways to Market Your Book: @worddreams

42 Fiction Writing Tips for Novelists: @WritingForward

10 Tips for Picture Book Writers: @worddreams

Big Picture Story Structure: 3-Act Structure: by John Wong

The 7 Core Chakras and How They Influence Creative Expression: @CreativeKatrina

How (and Why) to Write a Logline For Your Story: @beccapuglisi

3 Things “Die Hard” Teaches About Writing Action Heroes: @RogerDColby

Great Endings: what sort of transformation profoundly moves us? @CrackingYarns

Get a Writer’s Notebook and Fill It with 6 Things for Inspiration: @kylieday0

The Art and Craft of Author Interviews:  @SophieMasson1

Building a Relationship with Readers:  @ronvitale

Great Endings: What does your hero sacrifice? @CrackingYarns

The links I shared last week: .All the links I’ve ever shared (30K+, free and searchable):

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Translating Research into Fiction: @sacha_black

In web-based novel organizer @Hiveword, you can now track anything:

US Writing Conferences for 2016: @Savage_Woman

The Different Faces of Sherlock Holmes: @GenevieveCogman

How to Set Up a Website:  @PubCrawlBlog

Social Media Tips for Keeping your Sanity: @sierragodfrey

Why Successful Writers Need To Do More Than Write: @bwilliamsbooks



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