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by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Twitterific writing links are fed into the Writer’s Knowledge Base search engineBlog (developed by writer and software engineer Mike Fleming) which has over 30,000 free articles on writing related topics. It’s the search engine for writers.

NetGalley on Digital Expansion Internationally: @Porter_Anderson @NetGalley

7 Author-Friendly Changes Bowker Could Make:

How To Connect on Twitter with Twitter Chats: @K8Tilton

How to Use Price Promotions to Market a New Book Release: @dianaurban                      

What 1 Writer Learned From His 1st TV Appearance:  @nickdaws

Native Advertising on @Wattpad: @Porter_Anderson @AshleighGardner

Tips for Talk Radio and Podcasts: @GuyADeMarco

5 Tips for Finding a Cover Artist: @ceciliaedits

Amazon Reviews for Indie Authors: @bookgal

8 Things To Remember When Rewriting Dialogue: @MiaJouBotha

Avoiding Bunny Trails and Tangents in Writing:  @_JennyMoyer

Creating Your Hero’s Fatal Flaw: by Laurie Schnebly Campbell

Does that book promo have value? @cksyme

Door-to-door salesmen in crime fiction: @mkinberg

Structure: How to Train your Dragon:  by Camilla Beskow

7 Steps to Jumpstart Kobo eBook Sales:  @Miles_Anthony

10 Tips to be More Productive in 2016:  @ErinMFeldman

The Copywriter’s Manifesto: @wordselectric

The Art of Conflict: @rachaeldthomas

Midpoints: A Breakdown: @sjaejones

The OpenEd movement for textbooks: @Porter_Anderson @hughmcguire

Getting To Grips With Genre And Tone: @AnthonyEhlers

5 Signs You Need To Start A Writing Project Now: @writetodone

6 Tips To Avoid and Fix Bad Writing: @McgannKellie

The power of the punchline: @nevalalee

How to Sell Your Personal Essay: @amypaturel

4 mistakes that sabotage your creative work: @DanBlank

11 Tricks and Mythbusters of Writing: @ReneeRosen1

Writing Night Scenes: @raynehall

Give Your Reader Space: by Sue Bradford Edwards

7 Reasons to Outline Your Novel During Revision: @KelsieEngen

The 6th Sense in Your Plotline: Psychics 101 for Writers: @FionaQuinnBooks

10 Tips for Your Elevator Pitch: @YAtopia_blog @sarah_nicolas

Use Your Verbs: by Joel Orr

Truths and Myths about Purple Prose: @AJHumpage

Getting into the Head of Your Antagonist: @RainaSchell

An agent reminds writers to include contact info on our blogs: @Janet_Reid

5 steps to social media bliss: @DanBlank

Upcoming course on targeting genre, then targeting Amazon. Use code TARGET22 to save $100: @CSLakin

Should Editors Give Trigger Warnings?  by Rich Adin @InkBitsPixels

Drawing An Emotional Reaction From Your Reader:  @Jen_328 @writedivas

“Distraction-free” writing device looks similar to “your father’s typewriter”: @Porter_Anderson @iamadamleeb

On ‘Never Enough’ Syndrome: @ava_jae

The Fastest Way to Build an Online Home: @ckmacleodwriter

Tackling the Revise and Resubmit Request: @LaurieTomlinson

7  Favorite TED Talks on Creativity and Writing: @kylieday0

Note Card Plotting Unwrapped: @artofstoriesAB

Book Reviews for Indie Authors: Paid Reviews: @BookWorksNYC @carlaking

Writing Reviews Without Spoilers: @BlueSunDeb

Putin Doesn’t Need to Censor Books. Publishers Do It for Him. @mashagessen @the_intercept

Follow along as @ScholarlyFox writes a novel in 21 days: and

How Writers Can Benefit by Outlining Their Scenes: @CSLakin

The Sad Economics of Writing Short Fiction:  @KameronHurley

The Older Writer: by Juliet Marillier

Creating and Authenticating Dynamic Characters: @mlgardnerbooks

How Not To Ask For A Free Review: From A Top 1000 Amazon Reviewer: @selfpubreview

Metadata: Are You Using Subject Codes? @SarahBolme

Facebook advertising for writers: @zackheim

Different Types of Promo Ideas for Writers: @ninjadueces22

Artisanal Publishing vs Self-Publishing:  @bookworksnyc @roncallari

5 Reasons Writers Need Google Plus, Even Though New Google Plus is Awful: @annerallen

Plotter by Day, Pantser by Night:  @yvonnekohano

3 diagrams to make your plot a page-turner: @Roz_Morris

A Writer’s Guide for the Informed Speakeasy Owner: @JazzFeathers @SueColetta1

Why Actions Speak Louder than Words: @p2p_editor

10 Writing “Rules” We Wish More SF/F Authors Would Break @charliejane

How to Find the Best Editor for You: by Jessica West  @K8Tilton

Amazon Search URL Anatomy: ISBN, Ref, and Keywords:  @DaveChesson

A Simple Plan to Start Reading More: @farnamstreet

5 tips for finding motivation to write: @karenYbynum

Why writers should use universal Amazon links: @pokercubster

Indie writers and artists are shaking up modern comics: by Andrew Harrison @guardianbooks

Lessons from the Gym: @rachellegardner

Culture Shock: A Window to Worldbuilding: by Gaëtane Burkolter @writerunboxed

Why writers should walk more:  @pubcoach

5 tips to protect ourselves from copyright infringement violations: @pokercubster

How to Find and Work with Beta Readers to Improve Your Book: @shesnovel

Music for Writers: Dan Trueman: The Digital Piano, Well-Prepared: @Porter_Anderson @Q2Music

Track Your Amazon Royalties with K-Reports (video):  @MichaelLaRonn

Crime fiction: changes in character self-perception: @mkinberg

The Best Autoresponder Techniques for Authors (video): @MichaelLaRonn via @LorraineBartlet

Writing routines and back pain: 3 danger signs (via @Colleen_M_Story):

Childlike Wonder: Why ‘The Force Awakens’ Had it and ‘Jurassic World’ Didn’t: @AlexJCavanaugh

4 Ways to Plan Your Writing: @worddreams

Writing as a Southerner: @keriford

Why So Many People Write at Starbucks: @Larry_Kahaner

Traumatic Stress:  Disasters 101 for Writers: @FionaQuinnBooks

9 Habits You Need For Social Media Success: @writers_write

5-Minute-A-Day Writing Plan: @VAllenWriter1

How To Write In 10 Minute Increments: @10MinNovelists

Take Time To Think About 3 Things to Improve Your Writing Business:  @Margo_L_Dill

Take 30 Minutes to Fix Your Novel:  @LindaKSienkwicz

Why You Really Don’t Need to Talk about Your Writing Yet: @reallucyflint

150 DIY Ways to Market Your Book: @AuthorAshleeM

Grow Your Audience: 8 Tricks Efficient Writers Use On Twitter: @sacha_black

The Basics of World Building: @RidethePen

Big Picture Story Structure: Three-Act Structure: by John Wong

Beware the ‘Writing Rules Police’ : @annerallen

“Amazing Disgrace”: @HuffPost doesn’t pay its writers: @Porter_Anderson @writerunboxed

The links I shared last week: .All the links I’ve ever shared (30K+, free and searchable):

At 75, Avon Romances the Readers: @Porter_Anderson @Rachelrooo

Crafting Action For Thrillers: @Petrie_Nicholas

Do Your Characters Worry About Money? @AndreaWriterlea

How Being a Journalist Can Help You Write a Novel: @scottallanm

3 Tools for Getting through a Post-New-Year’s-Resolution Slump: @writeabook

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