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by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Twitterific writing links are fed into the Writer’s Knowledge Base search engineBlog (developed by writer and software engineer Mike Fleming) which has over 30,000 free articles on writing related topics. It’s the search engine for writers.

10 Irish Horror and Dark Fantasy Authors: @FlynnGrayWriter

Getting Your Self-Published Book into the Library: @readingreality

What Exactly is The Gothic Novel? @carrollbooks

Writing the Unreliable Narrator: by PJ Parrish           

4 US Literary Pubs for Your Travel List: byAmanda Harkness @booktrib

10 Tips for Reading Through the Eyes of a Writer: @tessaemilyhall

Cuba’s Book Embargo Tackled by Trade With White House Petitions: @markcoker @Porter_Anderson

“Bestselling” is changing: @kristinerusch

10 Hidden Gems of Irish Literature: @danpjsheehan

Rethinking the Mentor:  @DonMaass

Crowdfunding for Latin American Writers: @Porter_Anderson @EnriqueParrilla

Endings: Inevitable or Unpredictable? @CSLakin

10 Great Novels of the Rural: @MichelleHoover_ @electriclit

St Patrick’s Day Crime Fiction:  @JanetRudolph

How Has the MFA Changed the Contemporary Novel? @RichardJeanSo @theatlantic @_akpiper

How to make your writing more persuasive:  @pubcoach

What Willie Nelson Teaches about Storytelling: @CallieFeyen @tspoetry

What You Might Not Know about Scene Middles: @CSLakin

1 Thing to Never Do in a Novel (And How To Avoid It):  @CarrieLynnLewis @IndiePlotTwist

Improve Our Writing Through Empathetic Thought and Precision Editing: @dewhill

Can You Write a Novel Without Knowing the Story Question? @CarrieLynnLewis @IndiePlotTwist

20 Writing Prompts for Science Fiction Writers: @RogerDColby

7 Tips for Taking Good Photos for Your Blog: @VoicetoStory

How To Develop The Discipline Of A Professional Writer: by Brian DeLeonard @mythicscribes

The power of the unit when overwhelmed by writing a book: @nevalalee

7 Clever Steps To Hook Your Reader Into Your Narrative: @bookrangerkath

Short on Writing and Revising Time?  Wordcount Challenge (1000, 500, 250 wds) :  @inkyelbows

Creating Supporting Characters that Matter: @joeberhardt

Teaching Writing: Lessons from Characters Who Are Writers: @BethMooreSchool

Writer Fear: @ruthannereid

4 Tips and 4 Tools for Tightening Your Prose:  @ckmacleodwriter

How To Quickly Write A Successful New Novel In A Month: @ThePaigeDuke @standoutbooks

Game writing: horror, madness, and control: @keefstuart

10 Reasons To Use Infographics On Your Blog: @MiaJouBotha

64 Online Writing Tools For Writers, Bloggers & Authors: @joshspilker

6 Ways to Write Sticky Stories: @Chris_Kokoski

The Best Literary Writing About Sex: by Hannah Tennant-Moore @thelithub

We Are At Risk of Losing Serious Readers:  @RealDavidDenby

What Reader’s’ Guides do for your reader . . . and you: by Claudia Cangilla McAdam

10 Great Vanishings in Literature: A Reading List:  @IdraNovey

How to Appear in Popular Books’ Also-Bought Sections on Amazon: @goblinwriter

12 Tips to avoid Overwriting: @robinrwrites

The ominous ordinary: horror writers finding scares in the everyday: @damiengwalter

The Art of Conflict in Romance: @rachaeldthomas

5 Tips to Successful Self-Publishing:  @RoseannaMWhite

How To Build An Instagram Following From Scratch: @jeffbullas

3 Common Qualities for Science Fiction Lovers: @PeevishPenman

On the Deep Disquiet of Finishing Your Book: @thelithub @JonLeeWriter

A Teacher with 55 Thoughts for English Teachers: @nickripatrazone

The Things We Do to Promote the Books We Write: @summerbrennan

Writers: Make it Cinematic: @PaigeOrwin

‘Poetry Makes Nothing Happen’: On Poetry and Politics: @BostonReview  @rshuddles

The Beautiful, Proto-Feminist Snark of Jane Austen€™s Juvenilia: @thelithub @devoneylooser

New Author’s Survival Guide : @cathokin @womenwriters

Malicious characters in crime fiction: @mkinberg

10 Books About Loneliness: @olivialanguage @PublishersWkly

Moneyball for Book Publishers: A Detailed Look at How We Read:  @xanalter @arhomberg

What To Do When Your Manuscript Hits a Road Block: @IndiePlotTwist  @CarrieLynnLewis

Author Fear (video):  @MichaelLaRonn via @LorraineBartlet

4 Lessons for Writing Fiction:  @EricWeigner

Social Media Platform Cheat Sheets: and @jim_devitt

4 Things to Hang Over Your Writing-Space: @veronicasicoe

7 Fight Styles Authors Should Know: @NakedEditor

Class, Imperialism, and The Man in the Yellow Hat: @SheenaKFallon @electriclit

Are You Sabotaging Your Blog’s Success?  @Jenpens2

How PoV Can Heighten Drama in Fiction and Film:  @MattWeinkam @electriclit

Making the Tarot Literary Again: @peterbebergal @NewYorker

50 Things Under 50 Bucks To Promote Your Book: and @bookgal

10 Tips on Landing an Agent at a Conference:  @jeffgarvinbooks

How to Conduct a Successful Book Crowdfunding Campaign: @wherewriterswin

Why Do Kids Prefer To Read Print And Not Ebooks?  @Goodereader

How to Write a Fantastic Author Newsletter:  by Jordan Smith

4 Lessons for Authors on the Current State of Publishing: @JaneFriedman

5-Minute Book Marketing: @bookgal

The Pomodoro Technique: Write More Efficiently: @gointothestory

How non-English speakers can write better: @pubcoach

10 Energy-Boosting Snacks to Fuel Your First Draft: by Si Quan @Colleen_M_Story

How to Print Advance Reader Copy (ARC) Books Using CreateSpace:  @Wogahn

How much should you budget for editing your book? How should you choose an editor? @Roz_Morris

How A Book Foreword Can Help An Author’s Career: @jckunzjr

Writers on Their Most Formative Rejections:  @nickripatrazone @The_Millions

A Few Words With Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s @JohnJosephAdams: @Porter_Anderson

How to Set Your Book Free on Amazon: @LynneCantwell

Twitter Tips for Success: @bookgal

What writers can learn from modelling other writers: @DeborahJay2

8 Ways To Start Research For Your Historical Novel: @selfpubreview

How to Deepen Your Worldbuilding: @ceciliaedits

Music for Writers: ‘The Emotional Map’ Of A Composer’s Voice: @Porter_Anderson @GityRazaz

3 Ways to Invest in Your Dream: @tmtysinger

Jungles and forests in crime fiction: @mkinberg

What Nobody Tells You About Being a Best-selling Author: @jeffgoins

15 things you need to do after you publish a post: @standoutbooks

Why You Should Join All Social Media Networks: @JaneFriedman

The Mass-Market Edition of €œTo Kill a Mockingbird€ is Dead, Courtesy of Lee’s Estate: @alex_shephard

4 Writing Styles To Know: @writers_write

SEO isn’t rocket science: by Vaishnavi Agrawal

Why SEO & CDO are Important to a Writer: @SpunkOnAStick

When a Self-Declared Genius Asks You to Read His Masterpiece: @JeffSharlet

Getting rid of the writing blahs: from Fix Your Writing Habits

How 3 writers started podcasting: @MerylWilliams

Improve Our Writing Through Empathetic Thought and Precision Editing: @dewhill

Assumptions & Directions in Our Writing: @dewhill

Writing A Book Is Like Making Bread: by Fae Rowen

How to Switch Between 1st Person Voices: @ejwenstrom

Poetry: immortalizing a beloved: by Austin Allen @PoetryFound

Using Track Changes:  by Melissa Gilbert

8 Reasons People Buy Books: @Jellybooks

Why novelists should “think big”: @DavidMizner

Amazon Takes Aim At Scammers But Hits Authors: @PassiveVoiceBlg @DavidGaughran

The links I shared last week: . All the links I’ve ever shared (30K+, free and searchable):

How to Find (or Re-find) Your Passion:  @AmyLynnAndrews

Storygridding 101: by Shawn Coyne

A Closer Look at Graphic Novels: @AmyBearce @diymfa

Where Do You Draw the Line Between Commercial and Literary Fiction? by James Parker and Rivka Galchen

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