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by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Twitterific writing links are fed into the Writer’s Knowledge Base search engineBlog (developed by writer and software engineer Mike Fleming) which has over 30,000 free articles on writing related topics. It’s the search engine for writers.

100 Common-Sense Ways to Write Better: @writingforward

9 Tips for Using HARO to Build Your Freelance Writing Brand: @MarianSchembari

Tips & Tricks for Writing Magical Realism: and and @carrollbooks

Turning Points: The Most Effective Way to Build a Compelling Story: @MartinaABoone       On the Merits of Disturbing Literature: @parisreview by Hannah Tennant-Moore

Surprise Them with a Twist: @LisaEBetz

Canada’s Ebook-Bundling ‘Shelfie’ Adds Recommendations: @HudPeter @Porter_Anderson

Tips to Ease the Pain of Cutting Words:  @constcooper

Project Manage Your Novel Revision:  @FinishedPages

9 IngramSpark Book Discovery Options Surpass CreateSpace: @Wogahn

The Care and Feeding of an Author: @TracyShawn @Colleen_M_Story

6 Ways to Set Up Scrivener for Writing: @ckmacleodwriter

7 Things every post-apocalyptic YA show can learn from The 100: @blastr @DanyOrdinary

Stillness, Solitude, and the Practice of Writing: @suddenlyjamie

17 characters who found a fresh start in the apocalypse:  @TheAVClub

How publishing trends grow: @carmitstead

Start Your Passion Project Right Now by Taking 5 Small Steps: @jkwak

Twitter for Nonvultures:  @EmilyFRussell

15 Places to Find Your Next Beta Reader: @KMWeiland

How To Overcome Distraction And Finish Your Book: @standoutbooks

Science fiction and climate change:  @RafiLetzter

What 1 Writer Learned From Starting A Webcomic and then Stopping It: by John M. Haley

12 Tips for Writing Good Book Reviews : @womenwriters @SAtrium

Plot Holes and How to Fix Them: @fantasyfaction @VickyThinks

The Diversity of Today’s Cutting Edge Sci-Fi: @soniagracelm @fantasyfaction

5 More Signs Your Story Is Sexist: by Chris Winkle @mythcreants

5 ‘Insider’ Secrets Of Top Fiction Writers: @Yeomanis

Plot Elements Matter: @JoeMoore_writer

6 Reasons “Show Don’t Tell” Can be Terrible Advice for New Writers: @annerallen

Writing Picture-Book Texts: @SophieMasson1

Should Fiction Be Timeless? Pop Culture References in Contemporary Novels: @kbpickard457

A Warning About Writing Novels That Ride the News Cycle: @ToddJMoss

Music for Writers: Mehmet Ali Sanlikol: ‘Reconstructing My Identity’ In Music: @AmerCompOrch @Porter_Anderson

French Publisher Short Édition Expands its Short-Story Dispensers: @short_edition  @Porter_Anderson

Diversity in Publishing: What Happens Now? @ovillalon @thelithub

How to Manage a 99designs Book Cover Contest: @Wogahn

Writers need perspective to move past rejections: @sowulwords

5 Signs Your Story Is Sexist: by Oren Ashkenazi @mythcreants

Only A Novelist Will Be Able To Make Sense of This (US) Election: @ShawnCDrury @pshares

4 Free Tools to Help Build Book Buzz: @dianaurban

European Commission Asks for Copyright Input from Publishers: @Porter_Anderson

How to Sell More Books with Great Book Cover Design: @JDSmith_Design

How to Redesign Your Site Without Spending a Fortune: @gigirosenberg @JaneFriedman

Zip! Crash! Bang! Using Onomatopoeia: @Janice_Hardy

5 TED Talks for Writing Inspiration: @kirstythewriter

Using Kickstarter to Fund a Children’s Picture Book: @emilygrosvenor

5 Tips to Become More Authentic on Social Media: @BethanyButzer

5 Places to Write Yourself Out of a Funk:  @DianeDeMasi @DIYMFA

35 Pinterest tips from basics to beyond:  @AmyLynnAndrews

Lessons learned for a writer who nearly gave up on his book: @boxofcrayons

The Ultimate Guide to Google Docs for Writers: @EvaDeverell

The Critical Importance of Crafting a Strong Opening: @jodyhedlund

How to Write a Novel While Holding Down a Full-Time Job: @BlotsandPlots

5 Haunting Backgrounds for Deep Characters: by Chris Winkle @mythcreants

How to re-establish your writing habit after taking a break: @pubcoach

6 Ways To Spring Clean Your Writing: @adearinthewoods

The Hot Sheet:industry newsletter for authors (30 day free trial):  by @Porter_Anderson & @JaneFriedman:

Quantifying the Weepy Bestseller: @_akpiper @richardjeanso @NewRepublic

Essential Love Story Elements: @AlexSokoloff

Diversity As Trend? Please. @nataliewhipple

The Patronizing Questions Asked of Women Who Write: @meaghano

An Agent Encourages Writers to Dig Deeper for Ideas: @marielamba

Ways Writers Can Vanish from the Literary World: @poetrynews @cindyskylar

How (and why) to run a Kindle Scout campaign: @CindyRMarsch

A trad published author publishes a first self-pubbed book: @jodyhedlund

Writing through PTSD: @raine_winters

What Makes Victorian Houses Seem So Haunted?  @carrollbooks

10 Tips on Finding the Critique Group of Your Dreams: @missriki

3 Comma Splices and How to Repair Them: @writing_tips

5 Things to Do After Finishing Your First Draft: @CarrieLynnLewis @IndiePlotTwist

Crime Writing: Police Procedures: U.S. vs. Canada: @writersdetectve @SueColetta1

Pictures Books: Being a Stickler for Rhythm and Rhyme: @kid_lit

Added Value = Added Sales: @PlotGoesViral

Ebook Direct Sales–Issues We Might Encounter:  @jimchines

Are E-Books Making Us Sloppy Readers? @tessgerritsen

Writers and Self-Censorship: @AnneLParrish @womenwriters

Will Ebooks Ever Circulate Freely in Europe? @futuroslibro @pubperspectives @ValeMorotti

6 Ways to Structure a Blog Post: @aliventures

10 Ways to Enjoy Networking With Other Writers: @aliventures

Writing Compelling Character Descriptions: @ingridsundberg

6 Ways to Break the Habit of Insecurity: @LyndaRYoung

14 Truths a Writer Wishes She’d Known Sooner: @EdieMelson

Tips for the fronts and backs of our books: @DanWalshAuthor

Job Interviews in crime fiction: @mkinberg

Learning from the routines of other writers: @pubcoach

The Complete 10 Step Guide to Ghostwriting Fiction: @JoeBunting

The Revenant: A Literary Trope: @ingridsundberg

6 Tips for Authors Who Write in Multiple Genres: @CarrieLynnLewis @IndiePlotTwist

Writing and Reading on Trains: @The_Millions  @nickripatrazone

Will Streaming Music Kill Songwriting? @jmseabrook

Writing About Sex (and the older woman): @womenwriters @PatsyTrench

How To Create Tension: @lucyatkins @womenwriters

5 Tips For Writing A Swashbuckling Scene: @veschwab

Why Authors Should be Compensated for School Visits: @CStarrRose

Writing With a Market In Mind: @kid_lit

Understanding Why Nouns Become Verbs: by Chi Luu @JSTOR_Daily

3 Cases of Complicated Hyphenation: @writing_tips

Brushing up on future tense:  @lisajlickel

Germany’s LeYo! Relates Digital Interactivity and Analog Books: @Porter_Anderson @pubperspectives

An app to help us write faster (but suggests we’re approaching writing all wrong): @Jacob_Brogan @FutureTenseNow

10 Reasons to Consider Writing for Anthologies: @GailZMartin

3 Common Qualities for Science Fiction Lovers: @PeevishPenman

An editor on queries that list no comps: @behlerpublish

The Long, Lonely Walk: Hallways in Horror Films: @nickripatrazone

Tips on Salvaging Partially Used Notebooks: @paperblanks

The Benefits of an Amazon Giveaway for Kindle: @ChrisDMcMullen

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