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A weekly roundup of the best writing links from around the web.

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How To Cheat on Your Writing Without Getting Caught: @Wordstrumpet

6 Ways to Make Your Writing More Cinematic: by Oren Ashkenazi @mythcreants

Giving Your Protagonist Tough Choices: @ceciliaedits

Distribute More Books In More Territories: @publishdrive @IndieAuthorALLI               

How to Worldbuild a Good Sandbox: 4 Rules from the 40K Universe: @mharoldpage

How to Embrace Imperfection as a Writer @powellwriter

How to End a Chapter: @jennienash

How to Tell the Difference Between a Scene and a Chapter: @jennienash

Unsung Heroes of the Poetry World: @clangswell @thelithub

Tips to Help You Write What You Know: @CSLakin

How to Write Dialogue that Hooks Readers: @nownovel

4 Writing Secrets Blatantly Stolen From Taylor Swift: @Chris_Kokoski

Why We Must Write Introverted Characters: @livequiet

How Author Associations Help Your Self-Publishing Career: @kimbookless @OrnaRoss

Worldbuilding: The Nihilistic Architect and the Negligent Gardener: @ngfclark  @FantasyFaction

Mastering Your Author Persona: @Rachel_Aaron

Respect the Power of the Teenage Girl as a Writer: @robinwasserman @imjasondiamond @thelithub

Writing Believable Action Scenes: @NakedEditor

5 Books Where Assassins Are the Good Guys: @muirwoodwheeler

Reconstruct Your Criticism: Worksheet to Assess Feedback: @EvaDeverell

Writing the Fool Triumphant: @HeatherJacksonW

Dissecting Books: Reading as a Writer: @MarcyKennedy

.@JessicaSaenger: Germany’s @boev backs Constitutional Court complaint (on Copyright):  @Porter_Anderson

A Writer Learns to See Through Photography: @swan_tower  @tordotcom

Quick tips for writing a book review, even if you’re not a reviewer: @rxena77

Managing a day job while writing 40 books and building a story universe platform with @jonguent: @Hiveword

10 Tips on Navigating Twitter as an Indie Writer: @FlynnGrayWriter

.@Nielsen Data on the US Book Market: @Porter_Anderson  @kemptonm  @pubperspectives

3 Tips for Writing Character Change: @HeatherJacksonW

10 Thriller Story Ideas: @RuthanneReid

9 Rookie Errors to Avoid When Plotting Your Novel: @Roz_Morris @IndieAuthorALLI

Social media: hate or love it? The pros and cons for writers: @EmilyBenet @publishingtalk

Stereotypes Surrounding Epilepsy in the Entertainment Industry:  @LJKelley1

3 Cautions For Adding Research Into Stories @JodyHedlund

How to Get Readers Hooked: @MorganMandel

Final Fixes for Your Novel: @AnthonyEhlers

The Law of Writing Good Bad Guys: @LeeLofland

Great literary gardens: from ‘Hamlet’ to ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover: @FT by Caroline Thorpe

Writers Steal Your Life and Use it For Fiction: @thelithub @aboutrichard

6 Tips to Help You Finish Your Book: @KMWeiland

Getting Your Novel to the Finish Line: @Janice_Hardy

Tweaks to make our books visible on Google:

.@SalmanRushdie on Poetry, Being a Reader, and Going to the Movies:  @holdengraber @thelithub

15 Tips for Writing Poetry: @WordDreams

How to Turn an Idea into a Story: @DelilahSDawson

Organizing Your Hard Drive: @AngelaQuarles

Concept vs. Premise: The Inherent Opportunity in Understanding the Difference: @storyfix

12 Ways Not to Write a Mystery Novel: by Jacqueline Diamond for @annerallen

Freelancing to pay the Bills: @jlynchauthor  @IndieAuthorALLI

Charles Dickens and the Linguistic Art of the Minor Character: by Chi Luu @JSTOR_Daily

International Transmedia: StoryDrive in Beijing: @Porter_Anderson @pubperspectives

Digital Printing and What it Means for Publishing: @Porter_Anderson @pubperspectives

Working Without Distractions in Scrivener: @Gwen_Hernandez

Write Better Stories, Faster: @sterling_stone @IndieAuthorALLI

Pronoun services for the selfpubbed author: @JohnDoppler

How to Use a Plot Planner: @plotwhisperer for @JaneFriedman

Are You A Creator Or A Consumer? @InkyBites

Writers, The Loneliest Artists of All: @readandbreathe @thelithub

Men Have Book Clubs, Too: by Jennifer Miller @nytimesbooks

Crafting a Killer Opening: 4 Writing Contest Finalists Share Their Tips: @Ava_Jae  @MartinaABoone

A storytelling experiment closes 9-1 if @craigmodcan archive the project: @Porter_Anderson @pubperspectives

Stephen King: What We Can’t Say Enough: @JonathanJanz

Reach Readers While Looking After Yourself (video): @DanBlank @IndieAuthorALLI

On the Quest to Write in a 3rd Language: @LakhousAmara @thelithub

What Comes Before Part 3: A Whole Lotta Character:  @mileconnors

Get In Front Of Influencers: How To Spread The Word About Your Book: (video) @WhereWritersWin

Best Handguns for Fictional Detectives: @benjaminsobieck

Surviving Hard Knocks U.: A Writer’s Guide: @RuthHarrisBooks

The upcoming Frankfurt Book Fair: 3 points of interest: @Porter_Anderson @pubperspectives

Putting Words in your Mouth: The Whimsical Language of Food: by Chi Luu @JSTOR_Daily

Updating an old book, one author discovers 25 years ago is ancient history: by Johanna Hurwitz

The Shape of Horror to Come:  by Nathan DeCorte @The_Minaret

Use the right word to breathe life into your stories: @RayneHall

Developing Themes In Your Stories: Symbolism:  @SaraL_Writer

How to Write for Teens Without Sounding Like an Adult Writing for Teens: @KurtDinan

10 Ways To Make Your Story Good: @10minnovelist

Use your distributor to market your books: @IndieAuthorALLI @danwoodok @Draft2Digital

Writing business: steps to take in case of our demise or disability: @Diana_Hurwitz

The Exemplary Narcissism of Snoopy: @TheAtlantic by Sarah Boxer

Tips for dealing with writing conference overwhelm: @CaraLopezLee

5 tips for a better author bio: @bryancohenbooks @IndieAuthorALLI

10 Great Novels of Exile and Dislocation: @patricia_engel @ElectricLit

Novel? Screenplay? Comic? How to Choose the Right Medium For Your Story:  @kpsmartypants @thelithub

The Eternal Loneliness of the Writer: by Adam Haslett @thelithub

Why A Poet Stopped Submitting To Lit Mags and Publishes to Wattpad: @MariahEWilson

How to Make Boring Story Parts Exciting: @RidethePen

Using Family Photos, Letters and Stories in a Book: Legal Ramifications: @HelenSedwick

Adding an emotional stance for characters: @Kid_Lit

Crime Fiction Writing: On the Job With New York Crime-Scene Cleaners: @TheAtlantic  @sairakh

Tips for writing a blind character: @snarkbat @ChuckWendig

Writing What You Really Think Will Make You a Better Writer: by Deena Nataf @WritetoDone

The IPA, the Arab World, and ‘Building Dialogue’: @Porter_Anderson @Bodour

The Point When Everything Changes: @stdennard

Why You Should Theme Your World: by Chris Winkle @mythcreants

Why is text-to-speech only an afterthought?  @jwikert

Tech Tools and Promo Tips for Writers:

Simple Tricks to Unstick Your Plot: Where Is Everyone? @stdennard

This year’s BEA: light attendance, ‘hard truths’ on publishing: @Porter_Anderson @jakonrath

6 Crucial Steps before you launch your #indieauthor book: @IndieAuthorALLI @bublishme

Blurb writing formula: @VictoriaMixon

6 Ways to Ruin Your Book Marketing Campaign: @selfpubreview

The Myth of the Average Reader: @cathyyardley

Emotion Takes Time: @p2p_editor

Teaching Writing with Mentor Texts: Reading Like a Writer: @BethMooreSchool

The Art of Captivating First Lines: @AJHumpage

How To Lead Readers to a Satisfying Ending: by Margo Dill

Writing Better Villains: by Vincent Langford @mythicscribes

4 Publisher Responses and Author Reactions: by Sarah Tipton @YAtopia_blog

Writing a Novel Within a Novel: @YonaMcDonough

Grow Your Author Business with a Learning Plan (video): @MichaelLaRonn

Download the Ultimate Free Collection of Book Marketing Examples: @DianaUrban

Writers staying in touch with their readers: @stephenwoodfin

Africa Has Always Been Sci-Fi:  @snamwali

How to Use Surprise to Build Suspense:  @janekcleland

Disability in Kid Lit: Scoliosis in Books: What’s Missing? by Emma Yeo

Crime Fiction Writers: Buried Alive: Escaping a Grave:  @SueColetta1

Copywriting is creative writing:  @bryancohenbooks @IndieAuthorALLI

Ghost-writers and their soul projects:  @Roz_Morris

Going From Being a Fan Fic Writer to a Published Author Before Turning 18:  @singsongash

Tips for Torturing Characters:  by James R. Preston

What it means being an African author on Amazon:  @DaWitKop

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