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by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

A weekly roundup of the best writing links from around the web.

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3 tips for newsletters: @austinkleon

What makes bad writing bad? @GuardianBooks  @tobylitt

6 Cases: How to Write Infrequent Phrases: @ZoeMMcCarthy

Top 10 fictional houses with personality: @TomEaston @GuardianBooks

Knife or Gun: Which is Better in Close Quarters? @benjaminsobieck @JChaseNovelist

Infusing Emotion into Every Scene and Chapter: @JordanDane               

11 Exercises That’ll Make Book Lovers Excited To Work Out:  @FarrahPenn @PBlackk

10 Popular Baby Names Invented by Authors: @CharlotteAhlin @bustle

Can text in different colors help you tackle the most difficult books? @timchester @mashable

The Hard Truth About Being a Professional Writer: @KristenLambTX

5 Things a Writer Learned Writing Her 1st Book: @KatWithSword

Tips for Increasing Conflict: @Eileenwriter

11 Writing And Drawing Tips From Brilliant Graphic Novelists | Bustle

On Superheroes and the Myths of American Power: @sallyrooney @thelithub

A Publisher on 2 Maddening Things Reviewers Say: by Agatho

Using The Audiobook Service ACX: @RamiUngarWriter

Types of Christian fiction:  @IolaGoulton

Music rights and streaming give insight into publishing’s subscription model:  a @AudiamMusic  @erinlcox

When (and How) to Tell Your Editor No: by Jessica West @K8Tilton

How to Write a Winning Book Proposal: @sarahsuch @publishingtalk

Uganda’s Newest Publishing House: @DennisAbrams2 @pubperspectives @nyanaKakoma

Crime Writers: Shoot to Kill or to Wound? Here’s the Answer: @LeeLofland

Observations and tips on taking a trad-published series to self-pub:

A Crowd-Driven Publisher: @erinlcox @adamgomolin  @pubperspectives

Master plots: vengeance: @HeatherJacksonW

Crime Writing: Can a Government Database Match a Gun to a Person? @benjaminsobieck

Car trouble as a catalyst in crime fiction: @mkinberg

10 Ways to Win with WordPress: @jonreed @publishingtalk

Awesome Story Stakes with Bill and Ted: @dougeboch

3 Cases of Missing Commas: @writing_tips

Indie Author Marketing: 5 Essentials For Profits: @angee

11 email mistakes: @pubcoach

Writing Scary Scenes: 6 Tips: @RayneHall

Master plots: out of the bottle: @RobinRWrites

How To Share Your Protagonist’s Deepest Feelings With Readers: @AngelaAckerman

On Screenwriting: 8 Things to Know Before Signing a Writing Contract: @dougeboch

Indie Publishing is the New B-Movies. Here’s Why That’s A Good Thing: @Adam_Cesare

10 Books to Read for Pride Month: by Cassidy Foust @thelithub

Actually, All Writers Steal: @RufiThorpe @thelithub

Crime writers: shotguns aren’t idiot-proof: @benjaminsobieck

6 Questions Writers Must Answer When Writing Urban Fantasy/Paranormal: @mishellbaker

Script Analysis: “The Silence of the Lambs”: Scene By Scene Breakdown: @GoIntoTheStory

How to write about food: by Andrew Webb @publishingtalk

10 tips to learn from a creative writing lecturer: @JuliaBell @publishingtalk

Ebooks in Mexico: slowed sales growth: @adamcritchley @pubperspectives

18 Speaking Tips to Rivet Your Audience: @ZoeMMcCarthy

Developing Themes In Your Stories: The Inciting Incident:  @SaraL_Writer

4 Lessons learned from super niche marketing:  @MarsDorian

How to Discover and Protect Your Most Creative Time for Writing: @jkwak

Bloodline: A Study in Creating Conflict & Tension in Fiction: @crisfreese

How to Use Distraction to Your Advantage: @Psych_Writer

Big Publishing is Not as Big Anymore: @asap_jonathon @flavorwire

The Latest from @authorearnings : More Data, More Profitable Authors: @Porter_Anderson

Why You Should Ask Your Doctor If He Reads Fiction: @colleen_m_story

Why do mysteries trump romances in the UK? @pressfuturist @pubperspectives

Creating Your Author Brand: @carlaking  @BookBaby

4 Times an African Writer Rewrote a Western Classic and Nailed It: @brittlepaper

Finding the Courage to Write About Abuse: @KarenLeeAuthor  @WomenWriters

Neil Gaiman on His Favorite Horror Movie: @neilhimself @thelithub

Top 3 self-publishing mistakes and how to avoid them: @iamselfpub @publishingtalk

High Stakes: 6 Examples of Drug War Fiction Done Right: @adammaid @SignatureReads

5 of the Best Apps for Writers: @katekrake @writeturninfo

3 Components That Help You Create a Strong Story: @ZoeMMcCarthy

How Hemingway’s Bad Behavior Inspired a Generation:  @lesleymmblume @thelithub

14 Things All Writers Have Said (And What They Actually Meant): @CharlotteAhlin @bustle

Camp NaNoWriMo: Write a giveaway to build your mailing list: @NaNoWriMo @jayartale

How to Find a Niche Audience: @Philip_Overby  @mythicscribes

What Is Your Potential? @DanBlank  @WriterUnboxed

Flip Your Characters To Twist A Plot: @Writers_Write

Tips to Crafting a Successful Novel Series: @CSLakin

Know Your Novel’s Premise: @Lindasclare

Kinship plots: @robinrwrites

Fixing coincidences in our novel: @p2p_editor

In Search of Obscure Words for Even Rarer Feelings: by Tiffany Watt Smith @thelithub

How to create an on-trend book cover in 5 steps: by Sarah Juckes @publishingtalk

Teaching Shakespeare in a Maximum Security Prison: @MikitaBrottman @thelithub

The Most Poetic Cities in the World: @My_poetic_side

Character Development: Psychological Personality Types: @katekrake @writeturninfo

5 Techniques to Add Suspense to Your Story in Any Genre: @ZoeMMcCarthy

How to Quit Bad Scenes: @RufiThorpe @SignatureReads

How To Stay Motivated For A Project When It’s Not New Anymore: @misfitalexa

When My Authentic is Your Exotic:  @SoniahKamal @thelithub

Designing Your Author Brand: @Rachel_Aaron

Metamorphosis plots: @RobinRWrites

Become an Intuitive Writer: @JanalynVoigt

To the Unpublished Writer: You’re Doing Okay. @SeptCFawkes

Cluttered Writing Life: Causes & Cures: @JanalynVoigt

Why Authors Should Use Instagram: @LizandLisa

Make a Living as a Writer: A Simple Strategy That Works:  @hopeclark

How to Survive Co-writing: by dnuenighoff

6 Ways to Create Conflict and Get Your Protagonist in Trouble: @RuthanneReid

3 Strategies to Creating a Better (Fictional) World: @Rachel_Aaron

How To Turn Your Setting Into An Obstacle Course: @AngelaAckerman

Are You Planning Your Writing Career €¦ or Winging It? @aliventures

Passive Voice and How to Make It Active: @ProWritingAid

13 Things Writers Are Tired of Hearing: @CharlotteAhlin @bustle

Tennis featured in crime fiction: @mkinberg

The Danger of Responding to Reviews:

Twitter Fiction: What Is It? How to Write It. And Why You’d Ever Want To Try. @katekrake @writeturninfo

10 Fixes to Edit Unclear and Wordy Sentences: @ZoeMMcCarthy

Insecure Writer’s Support Group: What it Offers Writers: @TheIWSG

German Ebook Sales Up, Revenue Down: Have sales plateaued in Germany? by Ingrid Süßmann @pubperspectives

5 Free Online Resources All Writers Need To Be Using: @misfitalexa

5 Ways to Steal 30 Minutes of Reading Time: @DanaLeipold @DIYMFA

How to write sex scenes without cliché or embarrassment: @mitziszereto @publishingtalk

#MusicForWriters: Composer Lewis Pesacov: A 5,000-Year Love Story’s Moment In Eternity: @Porter_Anderson

Fallow Fields: An Argument for Letting Your Creativity Rest:

Against Clichés Against Clichés: A Manifesto: by Helen Betya Rubinstein @The_Millions

How To Make A Book Trailer: @AngelikaAuthor @womenwriters

Auditioning an editor:  @ColeHeartedGirl @RWANYC

Could We Just Lose the Adverb? @xlorentzen @nymag @vulture

The Importance of Your Author Photo: @Porter_Anderson @IngramSpark

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