10 Minute Marketing

10 Minute Marketing is a post from author Elizabeth Spann Craig.

by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

Sometimes there is so much promo-related stuff to do that it can seem overwhelming.

And, once we actually feel as if we get a handle on everything, that’s when something changes. There’ll be a new marketing approach or a new platform to use.

For me, it’s been helpful if I approach promo the same way I approach writing a book. It’s sort of like the saying:  how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

If I can make at least a little progress each day, I feel as if I’ve really accomplished something.

It might be most helpful to make a list of things you want to update or areas you may want to learn more about.

Some of these tasks you may want to break down into several days of projects. Breaking them down makes them even less intimidating to tackle. For example, if you were completely new to Goodreads: read for 10 minutes about the site, set up a login, create your profile, link to your books, sign up for a giveaway, etc.

Promo Tasks for 10 Free Minutes (or to Break Down into 10 Minute Increments)

Brainstorm blog post ideas
Plan out these posts on your editorial calendar
Make sure Amazon Author Central has all your books linked and your updated information
Work on a newsletter template for MailChimp
Write a status update for Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook
Clean up each Amazon book page 
See if your keywords need updating for online retailers
Make sure Goodreads links to all your books
Update your website copy (or at least one page)
Begin collecting information for your media kit
Review book sales and pricing and make any needed adjustments (a sale can be good promo and a good way to get reviews)
Add content to LinkedIn: evergreen blog posts, video URLs, a presentation to SlideShare, books: or update LinkedIn
Spend a few minutes learning something: website SEO, a new platform (BookTrack, ACX).
Backup your website. While you’re at it, backup your book, too.
Add a newsletter signup link to our email signature
Start a list of all your book metadata.
Update your back matter for the next book.
Set up Kindle Preview on your site or on LinkedIn
Start a list of all your ISBNs
Start a list of all your books’ Amazon Affiliate links
Study a promo-related blog post you bookmarked
Create an Amazon Author Central profile on international sites
Create a Gravitar for yourself for blog commenting

Have you got any ideas for short promo work? What have I missed?

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25 thoughts on “10 Minute Marketing

  1. Excellent points all. Right now, though, it’s a big scary list and I haven’t had enough coffee. I probably need to print this out and think about it later.

    Thanks for doing this, Elizabeth. If no one’s told you lately, you rock. =o)

  2. I really (really, really…) like that list, Elizabeth. A lot of those things are ‘behind the scenes’ things that people don’t think about – until they’re a problem (like checking for that Goodreads link). And none of them is hard to do. It’s just a matter, as you say, of breaking everything down into manageable pieces. And then doing it.

  3. Remember to add Christmas special graphic to website. LOL! (I put it out on Twitter and Facebook and completely forgot to add it to the DLP website until just now.)

    So many of those little detail things are easier to do in small increments.

  4. Hi Elizabeth – fantastic list … and then we can update as new things come along, or do annually as necessary … so helpful … cheers Hilary

  5. The slapping sound you might have heard this weekend was my palm-to-forehead after reading the suggestion about using Kindle Preview. Of course!

    Here is another one that’s helpful, in a sales kind of way. Visit http://www.bookwire.com/ and type in the ISBN or title of your book(s). The metadata there is what is in Books in Print. If data is missing, or wrong, fix it in your MyIdentifiers.com account. If you are traditionally published, ask your publisher to fix it.

    While there, click your cover or book title and check out the details, including the online stores that carry your book.

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