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by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig

A weekly roundup of the best writing links from around the web.

Twitterific writing links are fed into the Writer’s Knowledge Base search engine (developed by writer and software engineer Mike Fleming) which has over 39,000 free articles on writing related topics. It’s the search engine for writers.

How to Write When Life Turns Upside Down: @RuthanneReid

On Making Comic Books For the Blind: @ingredient_x @lithub

How to Write a Novel in Six Months: @monicamclark

Tips for tightening up our writing: @inkylinks

Promoting a Sequel in a Book’s Back Matter: @DianaUrban @BookBub

Finding your Voice as a Horror Writer: @parttimescribe

Master Outlining and Tracking Tool for Novels: by Iulian Ionescu @FantasyScroll

Should Published Stories Be Set in Stone? @JamiGold

The importance of keeping our website updated for 2017: @AnneKnol1

An Evernote Guide for Writers: 5 Ways to Use it for All Your Projects: @jkwak

Creating Single-Author Box Sets: @MarcyKennedy

7 Point Story Structure [Resources]: @HunterEmkay

10 Easy Jokes for Your Dialogue: by Chris Winkle @mythcreants

Hadbawnik on Translating Virgil: ‘An Exercise in Failure’ @vestigiaflammae @DennisAbrams2

10 Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Author Ethics: @10MinNovelists

Problem Solve POV with Color: @NeelyKneely3628

How to Prepare for Author Appearances: @WhereWritersWin

Why Being (a Little) Selfish Might Be the Best Thing for Your Writing: @aliventures

Storyteller’s Rulebook: Tone Deafness is Consistently Funny: @CockeyedCaravan

A Simple Outline for Writing a Killer Book Blurb: @ink_and_quills

Twitterific Writing Links – by Elizabeth S. Craig, @elizabethscraig A weekly roundup of the best writing links …

Surviving Writing Slumps: by Elethwyn

How to Write about Something You Know Nothing About: @marthamconway @WomenWriters

7 Types of Writing Days: @NatePhilbrick

The Benefits of Free-Writing For Authors: @SukhiJutla

Now is the Time to Promote Your Amazon Affiliate Links Extra Hard: @nickdaws

6 Tips to Optimize Your Facebook Page: @Ben_CoSchedule

The Importance of Fiction: @KristineRusch

Making a Familiar Premise Fresh: @Kid_Lit

Tips on balancing pace with reader inclusion in a scene:

Sex, Drugs, and Bestsellers: The Legend of the Literary Brat Pack: @harpersbazaarus @imjasondiamond

50 YA Horror Novels: and @jimbomcleod

Writing Advice Examined: Should You Write What You Love To Read? @StephMorrill @GoTeenWriters

3 Tricks to Build Suspense and Engage Your Readers: @jeffelk

Beating writer’s block: @janetlaneauthor @RMFWriters

“Why I Decided to Stop Writing About My Children” : @ElizabethBastos @nytimesbooks

10 Things We Can Learn About Writing from ‘You’re the Worst’: @GiveMeYourTeeth

Thinking in Sequences: by Shawn Coyne

Pitch your book to holiday gift guides: @sandrabeckwith

Why you need cover blurbs: @sandrabeckwith

4 Pinterest Tips to Reach a Local Audience: @SMExaminer @ana_gotter

How Marketing Improves Writing: @Lindasclare

3 Ways to Hook Readers at the End of a Chapter: by Janine Mendenhall @NovelRocket

Dreaming of a Writing Career: 6 Things New Writers Can do NOW: @annerallen

So you want to write a comic book? @rgluckst @ReedsyHQ

A different approach to book promotion: @NinaAmir

5 Cases of Erroneous Usage: @writing_tips

5 Signs You Need to Shake Up Your Writing Routine: @colleen_m_story

On Balance vs. Burn-Out: By Bonnie Randall

How to Use Data Science To Create And Sell More Books: @ScholarlyFox @thecreativepenn #wkb63

Slang, Jargon, Insider Lingo: 11 Ways to Make Dialogue Authentic: @RuthHarrisBooks #wkb29

Finding Your Way Into Your Story: @beccapuglisi #wkb8

Visual Marketing and 12 Image Creation Tools: @CaballoFrances #wkb74

Writing a Series: How Much Do We Need to Plan Ahead? @JamiGold #wkb15

Writing Sad Scenes: Why to Avoid Tears: @ryancaseybooks #wkb27

7 Tips for Avoiding Book Marketing Trends That No Longer Work: @Bookgal #wkb71

7 Remedies For Writer’s Apathy: @_GinnyCarter @BookBaby #wkb36

3 Tips to Help Increase Writing Output: @JodyHedlund #wkb39

3 Pillars of an Author Platform: @pronoun

How to Write a Book Trailer: and @ineswrites @pronoun

The Importance of Being Scared: on Fairy Tales and the Necessity of Fear: @brainpicker #wkb27

Denmark’s New Palatium: Curating Indie Books for Subscriptions: @Porter_Anderson #wkb64

You’ve Written it, now Own it: Understanding your Author role: @jayartale @yenooi @IndieAuthorALLI #wkb30

What’s New with Box Sets? @ChrisMarieGreen @pronoun #wkb6e

A genre glossary: @literaticat

Don’t plot, just play ‘Fortunately-Unfortunately’: @emma_darwin #wkb20

How to Deal with People’s Expectations when You Write a Book: @lornafaith

Genre Fiction Rules: @WritersRelief

Raising the story stakes to help readers connect with characters: @MichaelMammay #wkb18

On Writing: Go for the Long Vision: @patricegopo #wkb3c

Idioms: Literary Shorthand: @yanquiwoman #wkb2d

Working With Feedback On Your Writing: @andrewwille #wkb2b

Coping strategies as an element in crime fiction: @mkinberg

Why characters should change in every scene: @MichaelMammay #wkb2

On internal narrators: @emma_darwin #wkb11

Poland’s Legimi Expands Its Subscription Service to Germany: @jaroslawadamows @pubperspectives @malaczynski #wkb64

How To Use Twitter Cards & Twitter Ads To Boost Your Indie Author Business: @StonehamPress @IndieAuthorALLI #wkb71

Spotlight on War Poets: @My_poetic_side #wkb47

How to Choose Your Virtual Assistant: @EricaJMonroe @pronoun #wkb5d

Psychic Distance: what it is and how to use it: @emma_darwin #wkb2d

Tips for updating a Facebook Page:

The Publisher Who Rejected Jane Austen: @ShelleyDeWees @lithub #wkb67

12 Books to Read in Your 20s: @nytimesbooks #wkb3b

The Lost Virtue of Cursive: @markopp1 @NewYorker #wkb31

The Gone Girl With The Dragon Tattoo On The Train: by Emily St John Mandel @FiveThirtyEight #wkb3c

4 Ways to Use Experience to Fuel Your Writing: @Candacerobin #wkb32

A Punny Calendar Reimagines Authors As Animals for 2017: @gayonabudget @bustle #wkb31

Copyright Rules for Settings: @SusanSpann @RMFWriters #wkb5c

15 Tips to Boost Facebook Engagement for Indie Authors: @CaballoFrances #wkb71

5 Things Learned About a Writing Career While Running A Half-Marathon: @TeeMonster @ChuckWendig #wkb32

Rwanda’s Huza Press Founder on the Challenges of Her Market: @SharonW97 @louiseumutoni @DennisAbrams2 #wkb64

Tax Matters for Indie Authors: @kareninglis @IndieAuthorALLI #wkb88

Tips for a Great Book Description: @pronoun #wkb87

Can Social Media Really Sell Your Books? @CaballoFrances @JFbookman #wkb71

Planning Your Edit Like a Pro: @Rachel_Aaron #wkbb

5 Tips for Avoiding Convenience and Coincidence: @ceciliaedits #wkb11

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