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Subscribe to Writing Tips Via Email

by Mike Fleming, @Hiveword

In my previous post about changes to the Writer’s Knowledge Base (WKB) I mentioned that a future feature would be the possibility of receiving emails brimming with writing links on a daily or weekly basis. Well, that future is now!

As are probably well aware, every day Elizabeth tweets links to great articles on writing. Every Sunday you can get the week’s worth of links via her Twitterific blog post. You can also search for these articles or browse them by category on the WKB. And now, you can also have them delivered right to your inbox on a daily or weekly basis.

To get these emails you’ll need a free Hiveword account so that the system can remember your settings. If you are not familiar with Hiveword it hosts the WKB but also has other tools for writers such as a novel organizer and name generators. Once you are signed in, click the Writer’s Knowledge Base logo and then click Categorized Emails. Or, save a few steps and just click here when you are signed in. Continue reading Subscribe to Writing Tips Via Email

The Tell-tale Tweet

Photo shows a black and white card catalog.

by Mike Fleming, @Hiveword

Ah, mysteries. Who doesn’t love a good one?

Elizabeth does.

Have you noticed the mysterious codes in her recent tweets? This one, for example:

Or this one:

Whatever could they be? Continue reading The Tell-tale Tweet