Save Time with Draft2Digital

by Jenny Bravo, @BlotsandPlotsD2D

Are you looking for a simple way to publish your e-book? Are you frustrated with formatting and want a better way? Draft2Digital is changing the game for self-published writers.

As a self-published writer myself, I struggled to navigate the technical side of publishing. I chose to format my book myself, and I grew very familiar with the regular sight of “upload error” when I attempted to publish my e-book.

Aside from Amazon, I eventually decided to give up trying in the other, more complicated uploading systems. Then, I discovered Draft2Digital.

Draft2Digital is a simple-to-use system that allows writers to upload their e-books for publication. Draft2Digital will then distribute your novel to the digital stores of your choice.

When I first discovered this system, it took me a total of ten minutes to finish submitting my book. After the hours I spent tweaking and formatting my book, I couldn’t believe how simple this process was.

Want to know how to save your time by using Draft2Digital? Here’s a step-by-step process for you.

Setting Up Your Account

Signing up for an account is a simple, straightforward process. It doesn’t require any money upfront on your part and allows you to explore the dashboard before you begin the publishing process.

Uploading Your Book

Draft2Digital is so user-friendly due to the fact that it doesn’t have a style guide or any special formatting requirements. They’ll even make the title page and copyright page for you.

The whole process is designed specifically for making a clean, approved epub file that will help you to reach your readers. All you need is your book content and your cover art. They’ll help you with the rest.

Additionally, if you have any questions, their customer support is there to answer them.

Choosing Where To Sell

With Draft2Digital, you have eight options for where to publish, including CreateSpace. This gives you one central hub to manage your sales, rather than several different dashboards to monitor.

You can assign your own ISBN to your e-book or Draft2Digital will assign one for you. There’s also the option to put your book available for preorder as a way to boost your sales.

Apart from CreateSpace, you can publish your book to popular channels like Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks and Scribd.

Selling Your Book

Personally, I used Draft2Digital as a way to distribute my permafree book. This way, I could reach an audience in every capacity possible.

When you choose your list price, keep in mind that Draft2Digital will keep about 10% of the retail price. They will pay you based on your payment method of choice: check, Paypal or direct deposit. Once your sales reach a certain threshold, you’ll receive your payout.

Once You’re Published

Congratulations! Once you submit your book, Draft2Digital will notify you when it’s published on each channel. From there, you can check into your dashboard at any time to see an up-to-date report of your sales.

If you have any changes to make, you can easily make them straight from your dashboard.

If you’re overwhelmed with your publishing options, take a second look at the Draft2Digital system. You’ll be amazed how simple it truly is.

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Jenny Bravo

Jenny Bravo is the author of three contemporary romance novels. Her award-winning website Blots & Plots encourages future writers and provides actionable tips to living a more creative life. To download your free starter kit for busy writers, visit today.


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17 thoughts on “Save Time with Draft2Digital

  1. Thanks for posting today, Jenny! I’ve enjoyed using Draft2Digital, too (and I’m a writer who also uses Smashwords). I like the fact that they pay more frequently than Smashwords and is easier to use. The two services are fairly competitive in the retailers they distribute to (sometimes D2D has an edge in delivering new retailers, but I think SW is now catching up).

  2. This is absolutely fascinating! I must confess, I’d never heard of Draft2Digital before (I know – embarrassing). But it sounds like a fascinating way to get one’s books out there. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Elizabeth … Jenny seems to have settled on a great idea – but I couldn’t get the site to open … and even via google – it didn’t function – strange but true!

    I’ll keep the post open and see what’s happening .. it’s not your link apparently .. cheers Hilary

    1. Diane–They definitely are. What I think I like most (besides their payment schedule) is the way that they pursue new retailers to distribute to, and are very interested in international opportunities.

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