9 thoughts on “Top Time Savers for Book Production

  1. This is so useful, Elizabeth! It’s easy to forget things like metadata, but keeping these things in mind really does save time. And you’re right about covers. Something like that can jam up the works if you don’t think about it ahead of time.

  2. Sometimes my illustrator is too busy with real work or graphics for our church for a while, but I can usually pester him into starting sooner. LOL

    While I don’t do anything with metadata (I know, shame on me) I do keep track of ISBNs, keywords, back cover matter for authors with multiple books, etc.

  3. Great tips, Elizabeth!

    fyi, the two links at the start of the article aren’t linked:
    You can find the first post here (on social media), and the second post here (on saving time writing).

  4. Hi Elizabeth – so easy to not realise things don’t work … thank goodness for friendly bloggers and commenters letting us know.

    Thanks so much for these tips – I still laugh at things my mother often said when she was in those last years and unable to do anything … ‘oh darling do get on with things, do what you can do today …’ I used to go home and collapse in a heap. But I really would like to get on top of my life now … things intervene – but I can do it: I can!!

    Cheers – it’s really helpful to have such great tips and ideas … enjoy the weekend – Hilary

    1. Hilary–Sometimes we’ve got to take a big break before we start a lot of big projects. And having life changes can trigger that need! Don’t feel bad about the time it takes to rest and rejuvenate because we all need that, too! Hope you have a good weekend. :)

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